50 IS NOT OLD | COLORFUL DRESS FOR SPRINGIf you are like me, your mouth dropped open when you saw this dress. I’ll give you a few minutes to compose yourself before I go on. Insert the music from Jeopardy here. 🎶🎶🎶 Alright, now that I have your attention, let me tell you about this colorful dress that is perfect for Spring.50 IS NOT OLD | COLORFUL DRESS FOR SPRINGI was contacted by Erin at Purple Poppy and she asked me if I saw anything on her website that I thought you gurls would like. Remember the last item I got c/o Purple Poppy? The problem was not finding something I liked, the problem was just picking “ONE” thing I liked. Lol! I picked several things out but as soon as I spied this Barbara Gerwit Palm Dress in pink and lime I knew this was the choice. It was so colorful and Springy and I thought it would be perfect for Easter.
50 IS NOT OLD | COLORFUL DRESS FOR SPRINGI don’t know about your neck of the woods but around here you never know what the weather is going to be like at Easter. I always try to buy a dress that will come with a jacket or cardigan or one that looks good if you add one. I am glad I took this little white sweater with me to San Diego because I needed it with the dress. 50 IS NOT OLD | COLORFUL DRESS FOR SPRINGThe v-neck opening keeps the look from looking stuffy and the white embroidery is really on trend. If you notice, embroidered items are extremely “hot” right now. You know how you feel when you wear something that you like? I just felt pretty in this dress! It might have been the colors or the style but whatever it was, I liked it!50 IS NOT OLD | COLORFUL DRESS FOR SPRINGNot only did I like it but others did too. I got SEVERAL compliments when I wore this dress to the conference. People actually stopped me in the hallway, in one of the classrooms, and in the hotel lobby and asked me about the dress. Haha! This was me going down the escalator backward so that my sister could get the picture. I was afraid I was going to get to the bottom and it throw me out onto the floor. That would have been a sight.50 IS NOT OLD | COLORFUL DRESS FOR SPRINGNote to self……when having a picture taken from the rear, do not pull the dress forward with your hands. Some areas do not need to be enhanced! Lol!!! You can see the length is consistent all the way around and not a high-low style.50 IS NOT OLD | COLORFUL DRESS FOR SPRINGErin was concerned that the dress might run small so she shipped me two sizes just in case. For extra help in judging what size you should order, I am 5’6″ tall and I normally wear a 12 in a dress or a size large. She sent me a large and an extra-large but the large fit perfectly.50 IS NOT OLD | COLORFUL DRESS FOR SPRINGIt doesn’t matter if you choose to wear a sweater or not this dress looks fabulous. It will be one that you will get tons of wear from and lots and lots of compliments. Just sit down for a minute and start making a list of where you can wear this. Church, lunch or dinner, out shopping, on vacation or on a cruise, and wouldn’t this be adorable to wear to Disney Land?

Erin graciously offered a discount to my readers. So at checkout, you will use the code tania for a 10% discount. Also, there is free shipping on orders over 100.00.



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  1. What a beautiful Easter dress! The colors in the dress are perfect for Spring. I like the dress with or without the sweater.

    • Tania Reply

      That was my first thought too, Linda! Perfect for Easter!

  2. Hi Tania. Love this dress! I’m fairly new to your blog and I enjoy reading your post every day. We have the same taste in clothing and I love how you style each outfit. You always look fantastic. It’s been fun seeing all your pics from San Diego this week. I’m heading there soon myself to see my son who is a second lieutenant at Marine base Camp Pendleton. Have a safe trip back home.

    • Tania Reply

      It is a beautiful place, Pam. I know you will have a wonderful time there especially since you will be visiting with your son.

  3. Beautiful Tania!!!! The colors are so refreshing to see. It reminds me of all the Easter egg colors. Have a great weekend. ~Lisa~

    • Tania Reply

      I am soooo ready for the bright colors of spring and summer!!!

  4. Cute dress! I thought it was a Lilly Pulitzer. This is a bit more affordable. Nice choice.

    • Tania Reply

      I agree, Regina! It does have the same look but one that I can actually afford. 😉

  5. Malu Vascones Reply

    Totally agree with all the comments above, looking soooo pretty!!!

  6. Beautiful dress. I also thought it was a Lily Pulitzer as well. I like the idea off adding a cardigan.

  7. Laurei Wilson Reply

    Would love to get the dress for my sister’s birthday, but the price is a little steep. Do you have any discounts available in conjunction with the Purple Poppy?

    • Tania Reply

      Laurei, use the code “Tania” for a 10% discount.


  9. Oh I thought at first it was a pricy Lily Pulitzer! I love it ❤

  10. Cute! It’s sure not feeling like spring here in Las Vegas anymore! Went from 77 yesterday to 47 and have up to 80 mph gusts of wind! 😩 I even had to break down and turn the heat on again!

  11. Rhonda Johnson Reply

    Love your stories and your style!!! I am 51 and struggle with what to wear!!! Thanks for your inspiration!!!

  12. I am a housewife from the uk and I’m almost 60 I love all your posts you always look amazing ! An inspiration for women of a certain age everywhere x

  13. I’m always late reading my emails. You look gorgeous in this dress, Tania! The colors are perfect for Spring, and Summer! I honestly thought it was a Lilly Pulitzer! I’m going to have to check out this dress, and the website!

  14. Hello, this is my first time leaving a reply. I love your colorful dress! I am afraid to wear colorful clothes because I think they make me look too big! I clicked on the Purple Plum and found out that the store is in Mashpee, MA. That is where my son and his family live so for sure I will be going to the Purple Plum when I visit. I live in Kirtland, OH, just east of Cleveland. I am a speech language pathologist and I work in a district near my home. I am very blessed because I love my job. I really enjoy your blog and I look forward to reading it when I return from work each day. It is hard to find practical yet professional clothes for my job. Some days I am crawling on the floor! Thanks for your inspiration.

  15. Very cute! I love the colors! When I get your blog, I feel like I am getting an email from a friend. 😀

  16. Oh my gosh; I just knew you were showing us something from Lilly Pulitzer! Very cute. Do you have the details on the cardigan? I like the detailing on the front.

  17. the dress and you look fabulous the print couldn’t look any Spring e er the arm holes look like it is a good fit,which is major, for some of us women,look at your posts every morning. Thanks for being there.

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