50 IS NOT OLD | LACE DETAILSWe are all creatures of habit and they can be hard to change. I laugh about my hairstyle all the time. I will take a picture to my hairstylists and tell her that I want the cut in the picture. She cuts my hair and styles it like the picture and I just love the look. THEN, I go home and wash my hair and style it exactly like my old style. I am not sure why I think the result would be different because it’s not. I end up looking the same way and nothing like the picture I gave her. Lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | LACE DETAILSMy sister went to get her hair cut and colored last Saturday. The minute she walked in the door the lady began to tell her that the color was all wrong for her. She went on to tell her that she was wearing colors that we not flattering to her. All this coming from someone she had never met before. Lol! The lady whipped out some swatches and began to tell my sister that she thought she was a summer and show her the color range she needed to be buying. My poor sister HATED almost all the colors. Finally, the lady told her she could wear navy and gray. The funny thing is, I have been trying to get my sister out of black, black, and black for years and she pays me NO attention. A complete stranger tells her that and she goes shopping to buy new clothes. What is wrong with that picture? Doesn’t she know I have a fashion blog? Doesn’t she know that when she goes shopping she is supposed to say “WWTW? Lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | LACE DETAILSI just had to show you these earrings. They are too cute! They were part of a Plunder Posse set and I fell in love with them. They are way larger than anything I would have picked out for myself but since they were part of the set I received, I decided to try them on. It appears I was guilty of not stepping outside my comfort zone too. Tip for all of you out there, give it a try and if you don’t like it then you can take it off. Haha! If you are wondering what the “Posse” is, it is a subscription service for a monthly surprise. The cost is $25.00 and that includes shipping and tax and will include 1 to 3 pieces. You can unsubscribe any month when you do not like that month’s items and then just re-subscribe the next month.50 IS NOT OLD | LACE DETAILSTurquoise was the choice for the day. Turquoise has been my choice for months now, I am addicted. Lol! I just love the bright pop of blue, it makes me happy. The Loudene cross necklace is perfect! I like the length and the style because it is great for a casual outfit or when I wear it to church. The turquoise cuff was a special but I can’t remember when, and I added the Tiffany pendant. On my other arm, I have on several bracelets. The pink one is Broedrick, the middle one is the Eunice, and the bottom one was the Gage which is now sold out. I have to laugh at this picture because I was trying an experiment last night. I decided to see if my Reverse Accelerator Lightning would work on my age spots on my hands. I scrubbed and added the products which took off my faux tan. Ooops, I forgot to reapply my tan to my hands. Lol!!! At least you can see how well my tanner works, I am always trying to find the silver lining.50 IS NOT OLD | LACE DETAILSWhat do you all think about this top? Truthfully, I am undecided. I loved the top in the store because of all the lace details. The hemline is GORGEOUS!!! But I have worn this before and I deleted all the pictures because I looked like a Cow in them. I decided to give it another shot today and I am still not loving the results. However, I got several compliments on the top. Do you think they were just being nice? My problem with the top is that I think the arms at the top look too tight and then the bell sleeve starts and also the puckers at the bust makes you look big in this area. You would think that because I am not large in that area I would like that, but I don’t. It is probably going to go on the not going to wear again shelf. (I do have on a camisole under this)

50 IS NOT OLD | LACE DETAILSToday’s jeans are skinny jeans because they were clean. Lol! I wasn’t feeling like boots or heels (gasp) so I went with this cute ballet cheetah print slipper instead. This pair is a year or so old but this print is still very much in style. Mine are by Isaac Mizrahi and they are really comfortable.

50 IS NOT OLD | LACE DETAILSI have shared with you gurls my love of color and also my love of Plunder jewelry and Rodan and Fields.I know a lot of you have expressed interest in Rodan and Fields but are holding off because of the price. I was right there with you so I COMPLETLY understand. What if I told you there was a way that you could purchase the products for yourself at cost, you could own your own company, and you could decide it or when you wanted to sell the products? There is, and the best thing is that it only will cost you $45.00!!! Here is the downside, though, there are no products in that cost. The $45.00 will only give you the ability to purchase the products.

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  1. I like the lace top and the details. I don’t think the top itself is unflattering, I think it’s the color. I think if it were a darker color or even white, that you might like it more. Just my opinion…🤔

  2. I do the very same thing when it comes to a new “do”. It drives my daughter crazy. She tells me to wear the new “do” for a few days to get use to it! Nope, I don’t! I’m definitely a creature of habit!

    I like the top. It looks good on you. The flats look cute and comfy!

  3. I have to admit Tania, I don’t think this is the most flattering top you’ve worn. The hem detailing is gorgeous but yes, it’s the sleeves. Sorry. That’s what I would be telling one of my girlfriends if they asked for an honest opinion.

    • Caroline, I don’t care for the top either. Lol! I almost didn’t put it on the blog but I think that I need to show things like this occasionally. Everyone has their mishaps. By me showing mine I make everyone else aware of what to be on the lookout for.

  4. Tania,
    I agree. This top is not the most flattering I have seen you in since following you for a short period of time. Sorry…
    I do love the shoes! I also have the plunder necklace you are wearing! As stated in another comment “That’s what I would be telling one of my girlfriends if they asked”

    • Lori, since you are a new follower, I will tell you that I occasionally put a “what not to wear” post up. No one is perfect and we all have our fashion mishaps, I just show everyone on the internet. Hahaha

  5. I do not like the color of top on you Tania. I think a shade of pink, purple or blue would be a better choice of color if those were available. I like the lace or crochet detail though. Have a great weekend. ~Lisa~

  6. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I love the hemline of the shirt. The color seems to blend in with your skin and hair coloring so does not have that POP! we are used to seeing in your outfits. Enjoy your posts so much – have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Happy St. Patrick Day! I have been enjoying your posts for a couple of weeks now. Curious of who takes your pictures or if you set a timer and do it yourself. I wanted to say whoever does – does a very good job!

  8. I really like the top on you. The blue jeans and turquoise jewelry give the colour contrast you need to wear this colour. I’d keep it! Btw, you’ve given me new ideas on how to wear turquoise I hadn’t thought of. Helps me get out of my comfort zone!

  9. Tania, l feel the same as the other ladies above the top is cute in every way but….. Since I feel like you are my girlfriend, this color is so….. Not for you. Jewelry is great my favorite as well. You don’t have many misses, but this one’s not for you. Love your blog and I think your a sweet sassy, lady and wish you lived closer to Louisiana so we could get together and shop and enjoy each other’s company. But this will have to do:-)(+_+)

    • Donna, I agree wholeheartedly. My Energizer Bunny Friend always says that it would destroy her for someone to pick apart her outfit. I tell her that it doesn’t bother me when I already know there is a problem. I am glad you gurls feel comfortable enough to tell the truth, we are friends.

  10. Top o’ the morning to you Tania and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!🍀☘️🍀 You look great as always having said that two things I think would make this top perfect. Being white and the lace at the bottom of the sleeves overwhelms. Would cut most of it off and just saw back the edge with the points. The rest is fine and it fits you. Be well!

  11. Happy St. Paddy’s Day, Tania! I actually love your top & it’s color & uniqueness, especially with the blue jewelry accents. I am similar coloring to you and I’ll be copying this idea from you!

  12. Hmmmm …going to be honest again, Tania, and say that something is just not right for me, with this top!!!!!! I think if it didn’t have the lace in the middle, but only at the bottom and the top, it might have been better – maybe there’s just too much going on on this top!!!! The colour of the lace at the shoulders is also bothering me. But looking at it again, I think it looks OK, but it’s not the best I’ve seen you wearing!!!!! Love the simple Cross necklace and the earrings!!!!
    Have a great day!!!!

  13. haha Tania I think you hit the nail on the head for most people – isn’t it so that we normally don’t listen to those close to us – or not so much and then when a complete stranger says something we believe them – I know I do it all the time much to the despair of my poor hubby – eek.

    LOL Yvonne

  14. I love the top! I like the boho feel. I think that I would love it more in a different color. Love the lace and the hem. Love the jewelry also.

  15. This made me laugh….2 days ago I took your picture to my hair stylist and asked her to cut my hair like your’s. She said “no problem.” She immediately started snipping away and it looks nothing like your cut!! Lol. I think you were on the right track adding the turquoise to this style and color top. But, I don’t think the cut is correct through the bodice or sleeves and it is an odd color. I think a lot of skin colors would struggle to pull it off. I’m wondering if wearing a pop of color in a tank or cami underneath might help? Maybe in teal or turqoise?

  16. I am the same way with my hair. I go with all these amazing pictures and come out looking the same. Lol
    I have to agree on the top. It is probably the first thing you have worn that I really don’t like, color or style. It is not you but the top. Sorry.

  17. I think you’ve already heard from several other gals what ‘we’ think of the top so I won’t even go there. I’m sure we’ve ALL regretted buying certain pieces of clothing over the years then never wearing them again for all of the reason’s mentioned. Just give it away, NOW, and don’t look back. One clothing mistake is NOT the end of the world. Haha. Love your blog AND you!

  18. You’re too funny! We’re such creatures of habit with our hair! I do the same thing! Ha! I never would have thought to put turquoise with that color. It really makes the outfit pop…great idea! Love the lacey detail and the whole outfit together looks great. I think you took an interesting, detail-filled top and pulled off a great outfit that’s really attractive. That’s the point. You’re not just wearing your shirt…you pulled in other items to show us how to pull in things to make it work. Job well done!!!

  19. I’m a new follower and love your style! I like this top, but the only part that bothers me is the yellow-ish detail up at the top. It seems unnecessary with everything else going on. You look fabulous though as always! I’d love to see a post with an idea for professional wear. I work at a VERY stuffy company that requires we dress up and I have trouble coming up with new ideas of what to wear. I’m not a stuffy person and I have worked in casual environments for years, so this is hard for me!

  20. Good Morning! I love that top , as it is beautiful but I do agree , it has a couple problems. First the color is wrong for you . I would dye it a rich blue or even do a tye dye tea stain . But the unfixable part is the lack of space between the shoulder and the collar . I think that is what leads the the issues you have with the chest area . Take it to the cleaners and see if they can stretch that area or look for a DYI fix – I would hate to never wear that top again !!
    Love your bloggin , sista ,

  21. I love the top but not a fan of the sleeves I would either take the sleeves in or cut the off and make the top a short sleeve.

  22. Not liking the top at all. There’s too much going on and the colour is not good on you. Even in a different colour it’s way too busy, Not something I would wear.

  23. When I saw your picture pop up this morning I thought “she looks amazing!” I absolutely love that top and you are crazy girl if you don’t wear it again! I will gladly take it off of your hands! LOL! And I can see the new layers in your hair and it looks amazing as always!

  24. Tania. Our sisters never listen to us. I have given my sister lots of fashion advice and all kinds of stuff. She doesn’t listen im the oldest so i know what i am talking about

  25. Tania, is this your new do? It looks great as always. I am the same I take pictures to my stylist and it still comes out the same. I think the way the sleeves are made is what seems tight at the top. And the color is a little off. We all have a miss every now and then.

  26. Funny, when I first pulled up the blog I totally loved the whole outfit! The earings look like they were made to match the shirt, and the peach color of the shirt is really in this Spring. After reading and then looking at every detail, yes I could see some things that I might not like. But sometimes it’s best not to pick it apart. Overall, I like it! 🙂
    Oh, and the new do….yep, I do the same thing. Always revert back to the same style! hahaha

  27. Hi Tania. I have been told that I am a winter and I do like those colors. I like this top a lot except for the color of the lace on the bodice. I would probably like the top better overall if it was a different color. My hairdresser is awesome! She’s the one who gave me a new style that I love and she taught me how to style it so I can continue to wear it that way.

  28. You might not have styled your hair like the picture but you look beautiful!! and I am in love with this outfit!!!

  29. I think the top color is not a great color on you (although it might look better in person than how it comes across on the computer screen). Unless they’re elbow length, not a fan of the bell sleeves, (unless you keep your arms down all the time), they always end up looking ‘messy’ because they clump and slide up and down the arm. I’ve never been a big fan of bell sleeves. I also find I can’t seem to prepare meals in them because the sleeves drag through everything. One of those styles I hope is a passing fancy. You did right with the proportion, skinny jeans under a larger top and ballet flat. That all looks great!!!

  30. WWTW, lol, you made me laugh! Tania, you are certainly in my head now. I was on vacation a couple weeks ago. Just so happened they had outlet malls at a town nearby. My husband wanted to go to one particular store and I was just going to stay at the hotel by the pool. Honestly, you and the blog popped in my mind and I thought “Oh, why not go see what they have, I bet Tania would.” Ended up getting 2 jackets that will work great for travel. I think I spent $20 total. I guess that is a good thing, right?😀 Happy St Patrick’s Day!☘

  31. I will be totally honest with you because you have helped me out so much. The only thing I see on this blouse that is bugging you is that is does seem a bit snug on the upper arm area other than that there is no problem . It is gorgeous !
    So this time I would have to disagree with you. You look marvelous

  32. I think it’s a pretty top and the turquoise looks great with it. But it is just not “your” color. I couldn’t wear it either. Would be a washout with my skin tone. Love your style tho !

  33. So many opinions !!!
    Darling top on darling you . Keep it !
    I would only change one thing with this outfit – the earrings . I think the large gold filigree disc competes with the lace on the top . I’d choose a smaller turquoise earring .
    Love the shoes . I’ve been looking for something similar …
    You look wonderful !

  34. I like the top it’s very cute, I also think its the color. If it were a different color I think you would like it better. But its’ still very pretty on you.

  35. I like the shirt, I like the style, but I agree – it is not as flattering on you as others you have had shown. “this would be, a comfortable look”, like my husband says when he doesn’t like something or thinks it looks “frumpy or unflattering”. And no I am not saying that of you, it just looks nice and comfortable. I think a darker color would be better. Just my opinion. Love the jewelry as always. Have a great night.

  36. I think the outfit is darling. I really liked how the muted shade worked so well with the turquoise. I never noticed anything wrong with the top until you mentioned it. You look very nice to me.

  37. I laughed when you said you try a new do and when you go home and style it yourself it’s the same as always. My daughter is my stylist and I lucky because I couldn’t afford her otherwise! LOL So you know she does my hair and it looks fabulous. Then when I try the same old hair style just comes back! I guess our hands only work 1 way! And I love the lace details on the hem of the top but not crazy about it otherwise. The color doesn’t do your skin justice.

  38. Being a bit of a home dressmaker I would myself chop off part of the sleeve just below the first band of lace. This would give a more slimming effect on the sleeve and solve the problem. Shame to waste such a gorgeous shirt!