Sunday, March 12, 2017

Nothing is ever what it appears. There is always a layer of illusion to almost everything. We all strive so hard to put our best foot forward and to never, ever let anyone see the flaws that we all have.

I was talking this week to one of my friends about this very thing. Have you noticed how social media has changed the way we view people? I love seeing everyone’s pictures of their children but have you noticed that the pictures we normally get to see are the ones where they are clean, dressed, and looking like angels? We very seldom see them covered in mud, running through the house stark naked, or rolling on the ground fighting with their sibling. Which one of those pictures do you think would be the most accurate picture? While both pictures are true I bet one happens more than the other.

How about traveling and vacations? I love seeing people on vacation and having a wonderful time. I get to experience places that I have never been through their pictures. But what we don’t see is all the other 50 weeks of the year when they are working their butts off to make enough money to go on those vacations. We don’t see the work, the tiredness, the sacrifices. We see wonder and joy and happiness. Sometimes we see all those things thru green eyes of jealousy. Why can’t I go there, why don’t I make enough money, why can’t I be happy?

I know of a family that looks to have it all. They seem to have a great marriage, they seem to have a lot of money, they seem to travel a lot, and they seem like the “All-American family.” Because I know this family well, I also know they have had their troubles and trials. I know they struggle with some extended family members. My point is that EVERYBODY has problems. EVERYBODY has things in their life that they would rather not broadcast on social media.

I love social media, I think it is a wonderful avenue to keep us all involved with each other. I feel like I know people that I have never met just by being friends with them on FaceBook. But we all need to remember that this is “the best foot forward” part of someone’s life. No one is perfect and no one is always happy.

The next time you find you eyes glazing over with the “green-eyed” monster just remember that you are only seeing a layer, not the whole onion.

Have A Blessed Day!

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  • Heather
    March 12, 2017

    What a great reminder! Thank you!

  • Amy
    March 12, 2017

    absolutely true!!! with myself included!

  • Becky
    March 12, 2017

    Well said!! Love your blog & your style 🙂

  • Susan
    March 12, 2017

    Spot on !

  • Anita
    March 12, 2017

    Amen sister!

  • Lisa
    March 12, 2017

    Amen!!!! I am so guilty of being envious. I have heard that when you are envious, you are counting someone else’s blessings instead of yours. As always Tania, thank you and I needed this reminder. ~Lisa~

  • Cathy
    March 12, 2017

    So very true! Thank you

  • Cristina
    March 12, 2017

    Spot on! Have a blessed Sunday!

  • Kathy Curran- Goral
    March 12, 2017

    I have a friend who limits facebook because it makes her sad. I guess sometimes it makes me sad too even though I know you speak the truth. Pretty sure no one looks at my pictures and wishes they were me but I might start to post an occasional “out take” just to make my circle feel a little better about their own situation, lol!

  • Ellen
    March 12, 2017

    Love this post!

  • gingercat3
    March 12, 2017

    Thanks, Tania! I needed to hear this today.

  • Kathy
    March 12, 2017

    Excellent. I think our generation understands this more than the generation of our children. It worries me a little.

    • Rebecca
      March 13, 2017

      I totally agree Kathy.

  • Erin
    March 12, 2017

    Amen, Sister! Couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂

  • Carolyn C
    March 12, 2017

    So very true Tania.

  • Cheryl Roy
    March 12, 2017

    So very true… thank you for reminding me !

  • Bernie McIntyre
    March 12, 2017

    So true Tania and definitely one to remember ☺

  • Susen
    March 12, 2017

    You are so right 🌺

  • NickiM
    March 12, 2017

    Well said Tania its so True thanks for the reminder

  • Loryl
    March 12, 2017

    Another great thought provoking Sunday post!☀️

  • Denise pagan
    March 12, 2017

    I think this is the main reason I avoided fb and Instagram for so many years. It seemed alll so hypocritical to me. No body likes there dirty laundry on social media. Not that you should either, but I think it’s note worthy to be more cautious of what we share . Oddly enough I love you dear lady. God bless you! Great article!

  • Lori
    March 12, 2017

    Perfect post. Thank you for the great reminder!

  • Valerie
    March 12, 2017

    Thank you for your words of wisdom!

  • Christine Lomasney
    March 12, 2017

    This was perfect! Thanks~

  • Cindy
    March 12, 2017

    Great post! A very good reminder!

  • Jeanne
    March 12, 2017

    Awesome reminder, Tania! We don’t always know what happens behind closed doors. TY! Have a blessed day and week!!

  • notsogranderanchSha
    March 13, 2017

    So true! I have a friend from high school who leads a very exciting life. She travels all over the world for work and pleasure. One time a friend commented on Facebook about how glamorous her life was, and I loved her reply? She said, ” Well, I only post the good stuff.” I always remember that when looking at FB!

  • Sandi
    March 13, 2017

    This is a great post – I actually took a leave from Facebook because it was looking a little like “Fake”Book – thanks for the reminder that no one and nothing is perfect no matter what it looks like.
    Take Care!

  • Charlcy Green
    March 13, 2017

    Your wisdom is only equalled by your inner beauty, sense of humor and rock in style girl! What a wonderful reminder to keep our eyes on Jesus and not other people’s lives! And I do struggle with that when I look at everyone around me who is happily married and has a best friend and partner to do life with, while for 20 yrs I’ve been praying for that. So thank you!

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