50 IS NOT OLD | PURPLE AND TURQUOISE It is that time again, the time when time flies, at least for one hour. I am sure all of you are already aware that time moves forward tonight but I don’t mind telling you again. I love saying, “Spring Forward,” I just like saying anything with the word spring in it. We are experiencing a cold spell and I am missing my warm weather. It just killed my soul to have to wear this outfit today, I am wanting to start wearing my open toed shoes and short sleeves. At least it is going to still be daylight when I leave work in the afternoons. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | PURPLE AND TURQUOISEI cannot imagine how it feels to live in the northern parts of Alaska when the sun doesn’t shine for long periods of time. Even where my daughter lives in southern Alaska they experience a shortened period of sunlight. When she first moved there we bought her a light that she was supposed to sit in front of to help with the missing sunlight. I doubt if she ever did use it but at least we tried. I know she does take vitamin D also because of the lack of sunlight. She could just move home to Virginia and sit out on the patio and save all that money on vitamins. Haha! I would even let her cut the grass for some extra “sun” time. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | PURPLE AND TURQUOISEBright purple is how I would describe this top. It is certainly vibrant! Susan Graver describes it as liquid knit 3/4 sleeve in dark grape. I think those descriptions are about the same, don’t you? Haha! I admit, she is right about the liquid knit part. This top just flows and it is very comfortable on. I looked on the website and it comes in a huge variety of colors.50 IS NOT OLD | PURPLE AND TURQUOISEI love turquoise with purple. I think the blue just “pops” off of the purple. The earrings were a pair that came with a Plunder Posse set. I loved the earrings but I wasn’t crazy about the necklace so I gave that away. The Bless Your Heart necklace is called Ada50 IS NOT OLD | PURPLE AND TURQUOISEThis looks like I couldn’t decide which bracelet to wear so I just wore them all. Yep, that is what I did. lol! I am loving these bling magnetic bangles. I would never have thought I would like them. I swear a year ago I would not have liked these so this just goes to show you that your taste changes along with your attitude. I have always loved these boho bangles. I heard that they are retiring so I am really happy that I finally was able to buy all of them. I am a collector, I couldn’t not buy them all. The same thing is happening with the bling bangles. Lol! I think I might like finally have all of them. I still don’t have the Kelby Lou (what a name) but that is on my wish list now. EVERY purchase over $50.00 (excluding tax and shipping) will be getting a 15% off discount check from me. This month there may also be a few giveaways splattered throughout the month. In fact, I am having a giveaway on my personal FaceBook page so be sure to enter. It is Joe’s birthday month and I feel like celebrating!!! To place an order simply go to www.plunderdesign.com/party/tania350 IS NOT OLD | PURPLE AND TURQUOISEThis dramatic cardigan is old. I have had it for a couple of years. Here is where I wore this cardigan with sequins, yep, I said sequins.

50 IS NOT OLD | PURPLE AND TURQUOISEI am going to be placing a bulk order for some Rodan + Fields this weekend. I am running a special of the Multi-Function Eye Cream. If anyone would like to try this product this would be a perfect time. It is normally 62.00 but I am selling it for 55.00 plus tax. I will pay the shipping. This is your opportunity to try Rodan + Fields number 1 selling eye cream, aka “eye crack.” LOL! Email me if you are interested.

My Energizer Bunny friend and I will be holding our weekly ZOOM call on Sunday at 8:00 pm EST. This is an opportunity call for those interested in looking at what Rodan + Fields can do for you. Do you want to purchase the products at cost, do you want to check into how the business works, or if you just want to call and hang out with us for 20 to 30 minutes you sure can. ZOOM is a free app that you download onto your device. Hit the Join A Meeting button and type in this number: 736 578 7052 You will get a microdermabrasion paste packet just for listening!50 IS NOT OLD | PURPLE AND TURQUOISEI thought I would show you my lashes before we do the Lash Boost giveaway!!! There were tons of comments, thank you all so much. The winner is……………………..Lisa Covey!!! You’ll be batting your eyelashes at me in not time. Watch for an email from me. 😊

I am getting closer and closer to hitting the email subscribers 5000 mark!!! Once we hit the magic number I will be having a giveaway! I am going broke with giveaways!

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  1. Hi have to say I like the cardigan better with this top. So bright and vibrant really brings all the colors together.

  2. I love this look! The color if the top is gorgeous! You look fabulous!

    Send us (Arizona) some cooler weather! It’s going to be in the high 80’s today! I’m not ready for summer! UGH!

    • Amy, that is a Dooney & Bourke purse. I bought it at any overstock store but it came from QVC. You might try to find one similar to it there.

  3. I love the purple top. I did n’t realise that you changed the clocks in America, I thought it was only here in England ,that we did that because it was started in war time.!!

  4. Love these colors together. I have a Peacock shirt and sweater in those same colors, it’s gorgeous.. And just love all the your bangles, I got my 2nd order in of Plunder – Rosalie& Remi – and it matched the outfit, perfectly Now I need the earrings – Margaret, I didn’t see them the 1st. LOL !! Thanks for sharing ~ 😉

  5. I flipped over where you had worn the cardigan with sequins. You look younger than the picture where you just bought the sequin top! Gorgeous!

  6. Cute outfit! Can you tell me anything about the long necklace you’re wearing? Is it a Plunder item? BTW I was in AZ for spring break last week enjoying the heat, now back in MN with fresh snow. Wishing for spring for sure!!