50 IS NOT OLD | BLOGGING FOR 18 MONTHSHappy Monday everyone!!! I am excited about today because it marks my 18th month anniversary. It is so hard to believe that 18 months have gone by since I spent one whole weekend out on my front porch watching youtube videos and Googling how-to posts. There is still a slew of things I need to learn but I am happy with how far I have come. I will be announcing a giveaway at the end so don’t forget to read EVERY SINGLE WORD of my post. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | BLOGGING FOR 18 MONTHSBlogging is not easy, it looks easy but it is not. I look back at some of my earliest posts and laugh at the writing AND at the outfits. Honestly, when I first started I thought I had to look and dress like another blogger or like something you would see on the streets of New York. It wasn’t me! The outfits just didn’t “gel”; they lacked something. I thought that to have a blog about fashion I needed to wear something that was “out there” something that the normal person would not be wearing. True fashion gurus are always on the cutting edge and I finally came to the conclusion that I was not a fashion guru. I am me and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. So I went to dressing like I always did. My shoes probably will match my outfit or purse and I hardly ever will wear the checks and plaids and circles all together look. I occasionally have other bloggers message me for advice and the first thing I say is, “Be Yourself!!!” If people follow you then fine, and if not that is fine too. But the ones who do will be following you because of who you are not the pretend person you are creating. I channel Popeye, “I yam what I yam.”50 IS NOT OLD | BLOGGING FOR 18 MONTHSThis is one of those outfits that looked better in person than it does in pictures. I swear it did! I got several compliments through the day. It is an oversize top and it is meant to be big. I think I liked it because it is not showing my winter pudge. Lol! I could even eat a hamburger at lunch instead of a salad, I didn’t, but I could have. Haha!50 IS NOT OLD | BLOGGING FOR 18 MONTHSI don’t wear this Plunder set often and I am not sure why. I love these Margaret earrings and the matching necklace, Rosalie. These are set in gold tone with tiny pearls and blue sapphires. There are also some pale pink accents in the pieces. These are in the Art Deco style which I love. Both of the bangle bracelets were specials that are no longer available. I am crossing my fingers that some might come out in the new Spring and Summer catalogs. I just learned that Plunder does a March Madness event. They do not tell you when it is happening, so it is a surprise. I am told that they do specials and bundles. I am trying to figure out the best way to let everyone be aware of these “surprises” so that you can have an opportunity to make a purchase before they sell out. I am putting my thinking cap on and will see what I can come up with. For now, you can go to www.plunderdesign.com/party/tania3 to place any order you might have. I will be continuing with the 15% off any total purchase of $50.00 excluding shipping and taxes during March. I am going to try to start writing those refund checks every Monday for the week prior through Sunday so I can keep up with the purchases. It gets confusing with Plunder and Rodan and Fields refund checks going out all the time. I am not the most organized person. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | BLOGGING FOR 18 MONTHSI know some of you have mentioned lanyards before and this one, Noah, is my favorite. There are several of the necklaces, the Andrea and even the Jane could be used as lanyards. I added my bling pendant from Monarch Inspirations to my necklace. You could add the Allison or any pendant or charm you want. My pearl bracelet was a Monday madness purchase but I am almost positive that I saw it in the upcoming catalog. 50 IS NOT OLD | BLOGGING FOR 18 MONTHS I got a new purse the other day! I walked out of the overstock store because I was trying not to buy another purse. The deep teal color finally got the best of me. They were having a 25% off sale so I couldn’t resist. It was a good deal, or it would have been, if I had actually “needed” another purse. I am going to have to start purging some of my items because I am running our of space. Wait, I can just take over one of the kids old bedrooms. Lol! Nevermind and the whole purging thing. This particular Dooney & Bourke purse has zipper extenders on both ends of the purse. You can zip them closed or if you are like me and having a purse that is filled to the max, then you unzip them.

50 IS NOT OLD | BLOGGING FOR 18 MONTHSI have a pair of skinny Old Navy Rockstar jeans on. I was not thrilled with the shoe choice but I couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear. Shoes are my downfall in any outfit. I have never been a “shoe” person and I never seem to have the right shoe I want to wear. I like these Marc Fisher low cut boots but a different shoe would have looked better. I think it needed something more fun or something more spring and summer looking. These boots just seem to bring the outfit down 🙁 How do think these shoes would have looked?50 IS NOT OLD | BLOGGING FOR 18 MONTHSI really like this top. I know it is oversized and big looking but I still like this top. I love the details at the neckline and the cutouts on the sleeve. It has the “it” factor I am always looking for. Some of you say that when you go shopping a little Tania is on your shoulder talking to you. This top would be something I would be telling you had unique details. Lol! This top is by Umgee is lined also so you don’t have to worry about being able to see through it. 50 IS NOT OLD | BLOGGING FOR 18 MONTHS

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  1. Congratulations on your 18 month blogiverssary! Wow, where did all that time go!

  2. Well if you say this outfit looks better in person than on the photo then it must be seriously amazing as I think it looks lovely on the photo. My blog has been going just over 2 years now and I agree with everything you’re saying…maybe you’re one step ahead though as I never watched youtube videos for “how to” – never to late though right 😉

    Have a nice little post up today about spring shopping for every shape;-) http://funkyforty.com/successful-spring-shopping-tips-every-shape/

    LOL Yvonne

  3. Joanne Scantlebury's Reply

    Hey Tania. I love the top, and I think the bright pumps you had on in the other post with the palazzo pants would have looked fabulous. I don’t have much idea when it comes to shoes, but I do like those pumps.😊😊😊😊

  4. Mutton_style Reply

    You do not being ‘typica’l so well. That’s your appeal. Congratulations.

  5. Congrats on the 18 months, Tania!!!! Nearly 5000 followers!!!!! – that’s wonderful!!!!
    I LOVE that top you’re wearing!!!! Stunning and great detail at the neck and on the sleeves!!!! The earrings and the matching necklace is FABULOUS!!!! I really love this outfit!!! I’m with you on finding it difficult to sometimes have my shoes go with my outfit!!!!! 🙁 I think a shoe in the same colour as your jeans would have worked best, but then, who has got shoes in that colour!!!!! LOL!!!!! That’s a great new bag!!!!
    What happened to your nail???? Oops!!! LOL!!!!!!
    Have a great day!!!!!

  6. I love everything about your outfit. I would give it a 10. I always show my friends your blog. Several also follow you. You are on my pinterest board to show Stitch Fix what inspires me. I also share you with my Facebook friends. My husband calls you…my friend Tania. It always gives me a chuckle. Thanks for 18 months of inspiration and fun! I hope there will be many more to come!!! I will continue to share your to my world!😚

  7. Congratulations Tania!!!! I agree with you 100% to “be yourself”. If you are not, it will obviously show. You look great. I like your outfit and navy is always a classic color. ~Lisa~

  8. Robin Anders Reply

    Tania, I love your outfit! Can’t imagine it looking better in person. I have been following you god about a year now and really enjoy each post. Congratulations on your 18 month anniversary.

  9. Laura A Faurote Reply

    I am a BIG Dooney & Bourke fan! and I love seeing all your bags! that is what I look at first! Beautiful choice today! LOVE that blue!!! I have seen that style and wasn’t sure I liked the folds….but it looks dynamite on you!!! thanks for all you do!

  10. Congratulations on your 18th month anniversary! I discovered you a year ago and have been enjoying your blog and trying to switch up my outfits. You have me hooked on Old Navy Pixie pants. Seeing you model them frequently and looking adorable in them, finally made me try them and I like them. Also, one of my favorite things of yours are your purses! I think you and I have the same taste in pursesand I am very picky! If you ever decide to purge because you have too many, just post them on your blog and I know they would sell like hot cakes! Keep up the great work!

  11. Tania, If you are running out of closet space, consider selling to us. It would probably be quite an undertaking creating a “store”, but you have faithful followers who would support you!

  12. Happy 18 months! I have been with you for about a year and you still write my favorite blog! I love your style- both fashion and writing! Keep up the good work- you are appreciated!!

  13. Congrats on your 18 months blogging. I love your blog. Keep up the great work. Also I am not a shoe person either and this is also my downfall to my outfit. I don’t like buying shoes because I am afraid they are always going to hurt my feet when I really start wearing them.

  14. Well done, Tania, to have grown this much in under two years!!! You’ve been one of those ladies I follow religiously, even if I don’t always comment, and I’ve had nothing but fun and a lot of chuckles reading your posts. Really looking forward to more xoxo

  15. Thanks for working hard for 18 months entertaining your followers. Your outfit looks wonderful.

  16. Glenda Braun Reply

    Congratulations. Can’t believe it is 18months.
    I like the outfit but agree about the shoes. I too am not a good shoe person. I guess because I have a hard time finding shoes to fit.

  17. Happy Monday and 18 months!! I really do love the outfit especially the top. You look so thin

  18. Love thew top!! I had a bad experience with DB, so now steer clear of that brand…one of the sides started to “cave in” after about 3 months from purchase., and would not stay in the original position, so made it very hard to get things in and out of the bag. Since I had not carried it every day, I sent it back to VB to be either replaced or refunded. They told me that this was “normal” wear, and sent it back. =(
    Maybe something animal print for shoes????? Congrats on 18 months!!!

  19. Wow! I am impresses with what you have done in 18 months!

    Shared through Facebook, Instagram, and Pintrest.

    Have a great week!

  20. Patti Collins Reply

    Congrats!! 18 months is awesome!! Love the top and purse, I’m not a shoe person either, but usually wear ballet flats with skinny jeans. Probably would wear my light grey or camel color (like your purse straps) flats with this outfit. But again, I’m not great with shoes. haha Enjoy your day!

  21. I love this look. I love how you make the simplest outfits look fabulous! Congrats on your blogerversary. Keep inspiring us with Tania Style!

  22. Michle Machala Reply

    Happy anniversary. I am a loyal fan. I was wondering if you could incorporate some tips for us pear shaped ladies. I shared your blog on FB, Instragram, Pinterest, and by word of mouth! Have a blessed day!

  23. Hi Tania, I follow your blog daily and you are doing a great job. Congrats on your anniversary.

  24. Angie Whitley Reply

    Hi Tania! I love reading your blogs and I shared with 3 friends this weekend about your website and told them they really needed to start following you! When I tell people about something I heard or saw, I too will say ‘my friend Tania said…’ I hear from you more than I hear from my old friends so that puts you at the top of the list! Congratulations on your anniversary and keep it up! A friend turned me on to IT cosmetics and their mascara but I’d love to try Lash Boost!!

  25. Congratulations! I have be reading your blog almost since the beginning. And, what I love about your blog is that you are you and not trying to be someone else. I don’t always want to copy every outfit that you wear, although I always think you look nice, but you are fun to read about. I enjoy hearing about your family. I live in Warren county Tn close to Cookeville, I went to MTSU though lol. So I love that you are connected here in this area. I don’t think that the average person is looking for someone who is trying to emulate high fashion, I think they want to see someone who wears things that they really could wear. I think you are doing a great job and continue to be yourself. I start my day with you everyday.

  26. Congrats Tania!!! I love your Blog. I shared it and will continue to. 🙂

  27. Cheryl Records Reply

    Congratulations on your 18 month Blogiversary! I love reading your blog every day and am happy to help increase your readership. I liked the post on facebook, I tweeted the link, and I endorsed it on Google+.
    Love the outfit you have on today! And I love all the Plunder jewelry you’ve been modeling. I just got the Maddie necklace and a bracelet and earring set that I am absolutely in love with! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  28. I’m sharing through Facebook, Pinterest, and messenger. I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing your style. Thanks for all the work you do to get this out to us.

  29. congratulations ! Gosh you do look slim in that outfit., have you lost weight?.

  30. Fashion Diva … please keep inspiring us ! I have already copied quite a few of your ideas .
    I am a gal that changes shoes and bags with my outfits . My closets are filled . Your closets must be huge !
    Love the blue outfit . So pretty . Comfortable.
    Is the leather trim on the purse a shade of cognac ?
    If so , how do you think cognac flats would look ? I wear mine with my jeans and like the color combination . Purse and shoes in cognac are a classic neutral .
    Happy to have found your blog !

  31. Maxine Bower Reply

    Congratulations on the eighteen months,Gurl. You know I love your blog! Now that’s my kind of top…love the details and the jewelry!!! I was most disappointed… my RF sample was crushed…used what I could. I’ll try again sometime. Have a great week and I’ll be sharing.💃

    • Tania Reply

      Maxine, no problem, I’ll send you another one.😊

  32. Congrats on 18 months! Your colorful style has inspired me to step out of my gray/black comfort zone and put more color in my wardrobe! I love Rodan & Fields but have yet to try the Lash Boost everyone is buzzing about.

  33. Susan Stancliff Reply

    Congratulations Tania! Your blog is my email highlight of the day! I love your style and your wit. You are not just a blogger you are everyones best friend! I know you are using the lash boost but what kind of mascara are you using? your lashes are FAB!!

  34. aquamarinastyle Reply

    Love your honesty about your blogging journey. I started mine about four months ago and have had the same struggles! It really is MUCH harder than it looks. My tech learning curve has been incredible, and like you say, I still have MUCH to learn. Nowhere near 5000 followers!!! haha! Congratulations on your success.

  35. Love the top buf you are right about the booties. A cute little pair of flats might look better. You still look absolutely beautiful no matter what you wear. I think the light of our Lord really shines through you. Blessings!

  36. Dana Buckingham Reply

    Congratulations on your 18 month anniversary! I love this top but I’m so short I’m sure it would come down to my knees! I guess I could wear it as a dress though – Ha!

  37. Denise Fletcher Reply

    Shared to instagram, Facebook & added to my Pinterest board. Love your blog!

  38. Patti Karshis Reply

    Happy Anniversary Tania! I shared on FB, Instagram and Pinterest!! 😊

  39. Hi Tania-
    I would like to purchase the Jane necklace. Please remind me of your party link. Thanks – Jennifer

  40. Hi Tania! I absolutely love all of the Umgee tops you’ve been wearing! They have a unique quality about them that makes them stand out. Where can I find Umgee online to purchase? I don’t know of anyone around me that sells this brand. On another note, your skin and eyelashes are incredible!!! When I get some bills paid down, I may have to splurge on R&F because you’re killing me!!!!! I pin your outfits all the time and people are constantly re-pinning them from my board so does this mean I can be entered to with the Eyelash Boost? I hope so ’cause I need it! Have a great week!

  41. Nancy Finney Reply

    Tania, I like seeing your jewelry combos. I’m a hard core bracelet girl and enjoy seeing the variety you have. I’m 55 and decided I wanted to lose weight and just look cuter. It’s working. At church yesterday had on a cute navy gold zip front shirt, great scarf, khaki pants and flats. Great pearls and other jewels. Oh and my darling new Dooney bag. My 28yr old daughter did a double take. “Mom! You look great!” Tania, you give me great ideas! Thanks!!

  42. Jill Stanwick Reply

    I follow you because you are yourself! So many blogs post only designer clothes and you are so real and humble. Also I like that you take your own photos on your own porch. It all makes you relatable. Keep up the hard work!

  43. Congratulations Tania! You work so hard and it shows! Your blog is so many things. Mostly It’s sweet, funny, and inspiring. I am in agreement with the previous comment…I LOVE that you take your pictures on your front porch. I’ve been wanting to comment about that for a while now. It’s just so much more real. If I wanted a photo shoot I’d read a fashion magazine and I definitely do NOT want to be doing that at this point in my life. I really don’t like the overly posed, overly photo shopped, photo shoot trend found on many blogs. I know that’s the trend right now but it’s just not something I like at all. I love that you keep it real. Thank you and again…Congratulations!

  44. Ileana Tufano Reply

    Congrats on your 18 months and a great web page! I found on Pintrest and I’m so glad I did. I love your style and your humor. Hope you have many more years as a blogger. In reply to your question about the shoes I would have used a shoe that matched the leather trim of the purse, preferably a cage booty style or open toe booty.

  45. Happy Anniversary! The outfit looked great in the pictures. And yes the shoe from your older post would have looked great with it. Not that there was anything wring with the ankle boots, but I know what you mean.

  46. Ok I shared your blog in Facebook, saved a new pin to my fashion page and saved a few pins to my hairstyles page. Hoping I win something! And love today’s look.

  47. Hi! Just found your blog and I love it! So, I have at least 5 jewelry items in my cart – how do I get 15% off?

    • Tania Reply

      Hi, Melissia. The discount is from ME, not Plunder. I write the discount check and mail it to you. Your address is in with the order. I am thrilled that you like Plunder. It is pretty special.

  48. Teresa Maze Reply

    Congratulations!!! I shared on Facebook, Pinterest and word of mouth!!! I would love to try the free Lash Boost … lol

  49. Congratulations on 18 months of blogging!!! Your “real” outfits are always fabulous. And I love the little stories you throw into your posts…

    And I absolutely love this tunic! Looking fabulous!

  50. I have just discovered your blog and I can’t seem to leave it! It is addictive and I am enjoying every minute. I found you on Pinterest and then found your blog. Thanks again….Lovin’ it in Florida!!

  51. Charlcy Green Reply

    You are so hard on yourself, girlfriend! You always look fabulous! I SO appreciate your candor & honesty & being “one of us” who doesn’t always think we have it together! I love how you often pick shoes that are a fun different color & wear them to highlight an outfit, same as you do w/a purse! I love your style & have copied it so many times! You rock, Tania!

  52. Charlcy Green Reply

    PS I have a top very similar & I always wear it w/leggings & knee high boots! How about trying colorful high wedges?

  53. Lisa Covey Reply

    Hi Tania, Discovered your blog on Pinterest and love the way you put yourself out there for all to comment. Very brave and very helpful! I have already started shopping my closet and current jewelry for new looks! All the Umgee tops are so cute and this color makes you glow (or maybe that is the R&F regimen kicking in). Also, this outfit would look cute with those navy wedge sandals you have when it is warmer!

  54. Laura Scott Reply

    I loved the shoes you linked from a previous outfit. Also I’m interested in R and F. I’ll message you. ❤️ Love your Instagram and follow your looks.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Laura, for taking the time to leave a comment. I am so thankful that you follow the blog. I’ll email you about R+F.

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