50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO GET NOTICEDI bet you think I am going to tell you how to dress to get noticed, WRONG! It is funny to me that just as individuals have different personalities so do animals. I was sitting at my computer trying to think of something to talk about today but my mind was blank. I had just got through eating a large amount of food and I was trying to go to sleep. One of my Yorkies, Beckley, was whining. Beckley has perfected the art of whining. Most of the time when he is whining it is because he has lost his toy and it is under something. He does the old “Lassie” trick with, “Come on Timmy, the barn is on fire.” When his whining doesn’t produce the results he wants he then starts jumping on my leg.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO GET NOTICEDHe will not quit jumping on me until I finally get aggravated and get up to see what he wants. As you can see one of us is well trained. Lol! This scenario was playing out while I was trying to think so that really was getting on my last nerve. Finally, I jumped and said for him to show me what he wanted. I was fully expecting to have to get down on my hands and knees to ferret out whatever was hiding from him. Instead, he brought me to the rug in the kitchen and looked down. Laying on the rug out in the open was his ball. He just wanted me to play with him. AWWWWWW! I threw the ball a couple times for him but I had to be careful to make sure that Lucy Lu was nowhere around. Lucy Lu was never taught about toys and was evidently abused at some point in her life because if you throw something she yelps like she has been kicked. The third time I threw the ball my hand hit my leg as I was throwing and the ball ended up going in the wrong area. Luckily, Lucy was nowhere around but poor Beckley got konked in the head. It didn’t even seem to phase him but I noticed that after he got his ball he decided to go into the living room and lay down instead. I guess he played all he wanted. Hahaha!50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO GET NOTICEDI bought this Umgee top back in the fall but I am just now getting around to wearing it. It has long sleeves which are great for fall and winter but the material and the flowy shape of the top are not conducive to staying warm. The top moves around a lot and air can get to the skin quickly. So instead of wearing a camisole with the top like most people would, I just waited until it warmed up. Lol! There are a lot of colors going on in this outfit but because the print is small it is not overpowering. I think this top will look great with white pants so that will have to be my next look. I don’t know what they call this neckline but I see it now on a lot of tops.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO GET NOTICEDI don’t have on a lot of jewelry. The neckline and all the print of the top didn’t a necklace to enhance the look. The earrings I have on are called Lupe. These earrings match the Bonita necklace that I wore here. They are a material that is soft and maybe even a little fuzzy. I know that is a strange description but I am telling you this as a warning. I didn’t pay any attention to that fact and I put them on after I put on my makeup. I must have had some makeup on my fingers because I can see that the earring is now dingy. I am going to try to clean them but if they don’t come clean then I will need to order me another pair. This time I am going to spray Scotch Guard or something similar on them. The pearl bracelet was a Monday madness special BUT I saw a sneak preview of the upcoming Spring and Summer catalogs and I think this is in it!!! I can’t wait until all the new merchandise starts hitting in April ❤️ To place an order for any Plunder items please go to IS NOT OLD | HOW TO GET NOTICEDYou can only see a small portion of my purse but this thing is stuffed! I carry everything but the kitchen sink in my purse. Then because I need more things I carry a tote also. I think I might have issues. Lol! The funny thing is that my daughter refuses to carry a purse. She never has and swears she never will.😳50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO GET NOTICEDI know you have all seen my Michael Kors satchel. I know you have all seen my Old Navy Booties. I know you have all seen my Old Navy Rockstar jeans. I NEED to go shopping!!! How am I supposed to have a fashion blog without new fashion? I just came up with that argument and I think it sounds legit. I am going to try that out on Joe and see if it works. Lol!!!50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO GET NOTICEDAs I mentioned above, my jeans are skinny Rockstar by Old Navy. These were talls so every time I wear them I have to roll up the hem. Have you seen the new raw hem version?  I have a pair, not from Old Navy, that I wore down in New Orleans but I didn’t get a picture of them. I’ll try to wear them soon so you can make up your own mind about the trend.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO GET NOTICEDThere is some exciting news coming from Rodan and Fields. They will be officially launching in Australia come May 2017!!! That is HUGE. I know any of you who are from Australia can not even begin to understand but this is really an amazing opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new product launch. Especially when we are talking the magnitude of Rodan and Fields. For those of you who have decided to give this a try, I am so excited for you. Pre-enrollment is FREE and will continue through April. Contact me for more information.

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  1. Cute top sort to Boho chic! The neckline I think is called keyhole…who came up with that one, right? White pants will look great and tell Joe your subscribers are “demanding” new outfits! Happy Friday!

  2. My dog can tell time: she wakes me up at the same time every morning in order to eat! (Saturday and Sunday, as well!!) Will you please let us know when the Plunder Spring catalog is online? Have a wonderful Friday.

  3. Ok I follow you on Twitter and Facebook. Love your style!
    That shirt looks lovely! And the rolled up jeans with the booties are too cute!
    Im like you, I need a tote for all my stuff. I keep a small purse inside my tote to grab when I need to run into the store and dont feel like carrying my life around. Ha.
    Come visit me sometime !

    • Sheryl, the pair I got are short. They only strike me at the ankle so it is awkward for me right now to style them. I’ll try when I can wear sandals later.

  4. I love this outfit! Can’t wait to see your raw hem jeans! I’m liking them, just not going to pay over $100 for a pair. Have a Fantabulous Friday!

    • Thanks, Gina! You don’t have to pay that much for the jeans. I am sure you can find them almost everywhere. The one’s I linked to are from Old Navy and they are 1/2 that amount. I would even wait until they go on sale and buy them then.

  5. Love the top and the bag, where do people put all their stuff if they don’t carry a bag?!!! Love the dog story reminded me of our lovely collie who died just over a year ago, we look after my daughter’s 2 dogs but they are not the type to play ball, so I miss that.

  6. Tania I love that top! You are right in that there are so many necklines like that and trying them on they feel like they fall off my very narrow shoulders and just aren’t comfortable. But…I love how the “choker” connects and keeps it up where it is suppose to be. Where did you find this top? Would love to see if I could find one like it as I also like the length of it. Thank you.

    • I bought this in a boutique but the zinger tops have several made in this style. Follow the links in the post or just type Ungee in Google

  7. This is an unrelated question, and I apologize if I have missed it on your blog, but you have the most amazing hair! I wonder what products you use, and how do you get so much body into it.

    • Welcome to my blog, Nancy! I don’t use any products in my hair. I only use Pureology 4 shampoo and Conditioner. I use Big Sexy Hairspray. I just have A LOT of hair. Lol!

  8. Tania, I think that you are so glamorous and you have become such an inspiration to me! I look forward to seeing what you are going to be wearing next, I love your style! Thank you, Tania!

      • Ha-ha, back! Humor definitely keeps one young! I will be 57 next month and you give me the inspiration to live the next half of my life in style! I want to start a blog too-can you tell me how to do it?! Thank you again!

  9. Tania,I really love this shirt and I agree the white will look great with it, the jeans do also. I have to laugh, thinking they have gone back to the rolled legs or as you called “raw hem”!! The past is coming back, tell Joe with all the fashion changes you need new clothes, LOL!! I received the micro abrasion, I will be trying this in the next 2 days, and will let you know how it does. Thanks