50 IS NOT OLD | CHANNELING MARILYN MONROEI never knew that much about Marilyn Monroe because she died when I was only two years old. That seems crazy to think it has been that long since she passed away. I knew she was pretty, a sex symbol, and had a tragic death at an early age. You see her face everywhere still in all kinds of advertising, like the t-shirt I am wearing today. But when I was looking up her autobiography I was amazed at some of her quotes.50 IS NOT OLD | CHANNELING MARILYN MONROEShe was never portrayed as being “smart.” But, I love her quotes and it looks to me like she might have been smarter than I thought. She said, “Just because you fail once, doesn’t mean you’re gonna fail at everything. Keep trying, hold on, and always, always, always believe in yourself, because if you don’t, then who will” and she said, “We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets.” I never knew that she was more than a pretty face. This just goes to show me that I am guilty of judging by appearance. That makes me wonder what people who meet me, see me on the internet, or pass me on the street think about me. I probably would rather not know. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | CHANNELING MARILYN MONROEI bought this Marilyn Monroe t-shirt last year at Walmart. I think I only paid 5.00 for the shirt and I have worn it several times. It always makes me happy when I wear this shirt even though I don’t know why. I don’t wear a lot of t-shirts so the ones I wear have to mean something to me.

50 IS NOT OLD | CHANNELING MARILYN MONROEIt was really windy today and I had a hard time keeping my hair out of my eyes. Lol! At least you can see my earrings, even if you can’t order them. Haha! I am just going to keep wearing them, and making you jealous so that the next time I tell you there is a limited supply of something you will listen. Lol! These were only 10.00 but here is the good news, the Melody Ann, Jess Mo, and Doris are like these, they are just different colors. The three single rhinestone bracelets are some of my favorites, but I bet you already knew that. The clear one is called the Hugo, the red one (a special until it is sold out) is called the Candy, and the black one is called Ezra and it is no longer available. There is only one week left in this month, so don’t forget that I am offering 15% off Plunder on orders over 50.00, I will send you a check for the discount.  Go to to shop from Plunder.
50 IS NOT OLD | CHANNELING MARILYN MONROEThe large three-row rhinestone bracelet is sold out but maybe it will come out in the new spring catalog which is coming in April. The skinny jeans just seemed to be the right choice for this look. I added a Marc Fisher pair of boots that remind me of motorcycle boots to the outfit. I guess I was thinking along the lines of, “A Rebel Without A Cause.” I bought these black leather boots when they had a half-price sale and I didn’t even try them on. I buy a lot of Marc Fisher shoes and boots so I just assumed that I would be able to wear them. You know what they say about assuming 🙁 Anyway, I had heard a trick about stretching a leather shoe so I gave it a try. I filled a ziplock baggy half way with water and then inserted it down into the toe area, that was where is was too tight. I then put them in the freezer and left them for about a week. Actually, I forgot they were there until I opened the freezer for something. Lol! I let them sit and thaw out and tried them on the next day and they fit much better. They were still a little tight but after I wore them that day they now fit perfectly.

50 IS NOT OLD | CHANNELING MARILYN MONROEI love this motorcycle jacket. It has leather panels but the sleeves are sweater material. Having the sleeves out of the sweater material is not as confining as a full leather jacket. I was surprised that the panels were leather because they were so soft and pliable. This moto jacket is by Louis Dell’Olio and I like it way better than my “real” motorcycle jacket for wearing around town. If I go riding, then the real one will be what I choose. 50 IS NOT OLD | CHANNELING MARILYN MONROEThere are nights when my computer drives me crazy and last night was one of them. I had the hardest time getting it to do what I wanted it to do. I am so thankful that I finally broke down and ordered a new laptop computer. It is supposed to come today and I am crossing my fingers that it does. The learning curve associated with a new computer, the different software, the different buttons, etc. will take me a while to get used to but I am willing to take the challenge. The one I have been working on was a hand-me-down from my daughter and it is at least 8 years old. In the world of computers that is ancient. Lol! You know how well we over 50-year-olds do wth new technology. Wish me luck!!!

I want to thank those of you who commented that you wanted the R & F sample packs and I will be emailing you soon, it has just been crazy busy and I haven’t had time to do the emails. I want to do them all at once so that I don’t leave anyone out. I also wanted to remind everyone that the Rodan & Fields “Lash Boost Bundle Deal” will be ending soon. This is a 20% discount on the purchase of a regimen of your choice and a Lash Boost bundle. If you signup as a Preferred Customer (or already are one) then you will receive another 10% discount. The enrollment fee to become a Preferred Customer is 19.95 and I will reimburse that back to you PLUS I will send you a mini eye cream. This is a pretty sweet deal! Don’t let the ship sail without you. I saw this on FaceBook today and thought it was really cute.50 IS NOT OLD | CHANNELING MARILYN MONROE

Part of my 2017 goals is to grow my subscriber list on the blog. The numbers are really starting to go up and I had decided that when I hit 5000 subscribers I will be having a giveaway. I’m not that far off, so if you are not a subscriber PLEASE take the time to sign. Also, if you would like to share my posts on Facebook or Twitter, I would appreciate that. It helps get my blog out to more people, and I am sure you just want to spread the entertaining sayings I have. Lol!The comment section is at the end of the post, so keep scrolling. I look forward to reading all the comments, they make my day.

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  1. Loving the rock chick look Tania! My moons ago we used to put a potato into our shoe to stretch it, I can’t for the life of me remember if it worked though 😂

    • Caroline, I have never heard of a potato stretching a shoe. Goodness, if I forgot that can’t you just see all the sprouts coming from the shoe? LOL!!!

    • I started laughing when I read this. It sounds like the compliments that Joe will give me. Lol! I always say, “did you have to put the for your age in that?” Hahahaha

      • LOL!!! i meant that with a sincere heart….I showed my husband your pic and he doesn’t think you look “your age”….notice I didn’t put “for”. ~Lisa~

      • Tania…I’m losing it 🙁

        I meant to say that my husband said you DID NOT look your age !!!

        I am going to stop commenting before I dig a deeper hole. ~Lisa~

  2. Tania, absolutely LOVE this look😉 “Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.” M.M.

    • I know you are asking Tania, but I just have to say, that if you love the t-shirt and feel good in it, go ahead and wear it and enjoy it! If you feel good in it, your confidence will show and you will look great.

  3. Love this outfit very cute ! I have a Audrey hepburn shirt this wud be an excellent way to style it thanks for idea your lashes look great!

  4. I’ve read a couple of biographies on Marilyn Monroe and my take on it is that she was intelligent but emotionally immature. And, I think that immaturity came from the way she was treated most of her life. It’s sad b/c she had more talent than anyone ever gave her credit for. (I know…I’m nerdy…I read a lot.)

    Love the outfit. I think it’s “badass,” and sometimes that’s what we need to be. I’d wear it in a heartbeat.


  5. So Love Your Marilyn Monroe Shirt!! My sister Marilyn was named after Marilyn Monroe & I was named after Deborah Kerr(Mom put Kay in there ’cause she thought folks would make fun of me with Kerr as my middle name) Ha Ha Ha…….I gave my Sister 2 Pretty Marilyn Monroes Shirts for Christmas……..You are Lookin’ Great!!

  6. I have looked at those shirts before and thought no way am I going to wear a “Marilyn” t-shirt. But you are rocking it with your motorcycle jacket and boots. I need to have your fashion sense and
    not be “afraid” to wear things, since I had gotten from a “younger person”, something I was wearing was not for my age.. Hhmmm! I looked good in it and that is all that matters.. LOL And I love
    that cartoon, tooo cute.. Thanks, glad I found your site!!

  7. Hi, I was 10 when she died. My Dad was crazy about her – and I remember going to our Southern Baptist Church the Sunday after she died and hearing the preacher say God rest her soul in Hell. I was shocked-because my Dad thought she was so pretty. I’ve gotten over the hell fire and damnation and still have my faith…….don’t want to be judged on that. However, you have been able to rock the sexy and the classy together. You never disappoint. I love the outfit and the nod to Marilyn!