50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A PRINT TOPI had a very eventful week last week. It was fun and also very challenging. I played in the Big Easy and ate waaaaay too much. I mean way too much. I am glad I took these pictures before I left home because I am not sure I can fit in my clothing right now. I am on a water diet. Lol! This is where you lock me in a closet and only run the water hose to me. Hahaha! Of course, that isn’t true but I am going to have to watch what I eat for a week or two.
50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A PRINT TOPDid you see my posts of Joe and I exploring New Orleans? If not, then go here and here. One of the most challenging things I juggled while on vacation was to participate in The Fierce 50 Campaign. It was a lot of information that we needed to share and it was a little harder being out of town. I really enjoyed meeting up with some of the other over 50 bloggers and I hope to be included in this group again next year.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A PRINT TOPWhat catches your eye first in this outfit? Is the violet cardigan or the printed shirt the star of the show? I would be hard pressed to come up with that answer because I think the two compliment each other so well. The print shirt is one that I bought this past fall at Old Navy. Here is how I styled it then, but I like now’s look better. This top is sold out but this one and this one are very similar.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A PRINT TOPI don’t have on very much jewelry today. The real reason is that I was in a rush and just forgot. Lol! I even had a couple of bracelets and a necklace laid out and still forgot to put them on. Lol! I did manage to put on the Angie earrings.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A PRINT TOPMy bracelet I have on is called the Wanda. I like that the bracelet is expandable and easily put on, I hate having to fasten a bracelet. I am just not the most coordinated person out there. Some mornings I just give up and stick the bracelet in my pocket until one of the girls at work can put it on for me. Haha There is only one week left in this month, so don’t forget that I am offering 15% off Plunder on orders over 50.00, I will send you a check for the discount.  Go to www.plunderdesign.com/party/tania1 to shop from Plunder.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A PRINT TOPNow for this gorgeous cardigan. I bought this last year around this time in Orlando, Florida. I spent several days at the Premier outlets in Orlando and this J.Crew cardigan was one of many purchases I made while I was there.

50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A PRINT TOPI think the dark color of the jeans helps to showcase the bright colors of the top and sweater. It creates a soothing palette. That sounds almost like I have a clue what I am talking about. Lol! These bootcut jeans are a pair of Vigoss that I bought at Maurices. I need to take another jean buying trip before long because it has been at least a year since I have bought any.

Because I was on the road I didn’t get to participate in this week’s Fashion Flash but Allison with Never Say Die Beauty hosted the group. Check out the post here.50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A PRINT TOPI am all the time telling you gurls about my love for Rodan and Fields. I truly would love to be able to give every one of you a sample because it is so amazing. I went 54 years without taking off my makeup or washing my face before bedtime but since I tried R & F that makes me cringe. I only wish I had found this earlier. I know these products are not for everyone and that is alright. What I really never talk about is the “business” behind R & F and I want to say just a few things about that. There are many reasons to join  R & F as a business partner. You will be able to purchase your products at cost. If I told you nothing else that should be enough. However, there is much more to the business than that. The community of consultants is very tight knit and encouraging. I was surprised at this because I thought everyone would be out for themselves. That is not the case, in fact, I can ask any of them to talk to someone for me and they would, I can ask questions and they will go out of their way to find out the answer, and I can count on them to have an encouraging word when things are not going like I want. I also have big plans to eventually retire and the extra income will really come in handy. If you have any questions about the business, I would love to talk to you. Email me at fiftyisnotold@gmail.com or I can set up a ZOOM call for us.

Part of my 2017 goals is to grow my subscriber list on the blog. The numbers are really starting to go up and I had decided that when I hit 5000 subscribers I will be having a giveaway. I’m not that far off, so if you are not a subscriber PLEASE take the time to sign. Also, if you would like to share my posts on Facebook or Twitter, I would appreciate that. It helps get my blog out to more people, and I am sure you just want to spread the entertaining sayings I have. Lol!The comment section is at the end of the post, so keep scrolling. I look forward to reading all the comments, they make my day.

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  1. Hi Tania,

    I love the colours, yes purple and those shades of blues go together beautifully. You look so relaxed. I agree that Rodan and Fields business opportunity is like working in a team, we learn from each other and we are happy to share and learn together. I would love to have a residual income and also help other ladies have wonderful healthy skin. We are worth looking after and should treat ourselves well, as we all work hard and try our best. Cheers, Tracey.

  2. The glorious colour of the cardigan caught my eye first, it really is gorgeous and the top is equally lovely. Super outfit. I too have over indulged lately and my waistband is telling me to go easy now!

  3. Wow those colours look amazing on you Tania – you should wear them more often!!!
    I saw your posts about your trip and they look like so much fun. This week I’m off to Milan Fashion Week so there’ll be lots of Fashion news on the blog!

    LOL Yvonne

  4. That shirt and the lovely purple cardigan are the perfect items to go with your jeans, Tania!!! You look great!!!!!!
    Have a great day!!!!!

  5. This is by far the best looking outfit on you for many a day…..the colors, the fit all make you sparkle and shine and compliment your coloring…..just sayin’ (you look great!!!!)

  6. Great colors on you. So glad you had a good time away with Joe. That’s what life is all about! Play when we can.

    I’ve been looking for new ways to wear prints and this was helpful. Have a great day!

  7. Sondra Koons Reply

    You look fabulous in that purple! Of course, that is one of my favorite colors too! Gurl, you are
    starting to really get me in trouble. I want everything you have but can’t afford it most of the time. I’m 75, we’re retired and living on a fixed income of sorts. I’m learning from you though, on how to style what I DO have and supplement here and there when I can! You’re such a delight and about the same age as my daughter, who is 53! She and I are best friends!

  8. Melanie W. Reply

    I LOVE this outfit!!!! Gorgeous colors! And it looks like you and Joe had a great time in New Orleans!! I hope to get there someday soon! Thanks for sharing your adventures. 🙂

  9. I want that shirt and cardigan!!! You look beautiful – the colors are most complementary with your complexion. 🙂

  10. You STILL look great in purple! Haha. And the combo with the shirt is so cute!

  11. I think this outfit is FANtastic. I love a print shirt covered up by something complementary so you only see a hint of the print (that’s some pretty fancy fashion rhyming right there, my friend). And I must say, you have great jeans legs! You look amazing. Water diet, my a**!


  12. Beautiful colors, I love that. I looked at R & F, and I am looking at the information sent. Hope you have a great day!

  13. Oh just love the colour of this outfit. it looks lovely on you.

  14. Eva Melville Reply

    Love the top and cardigan; it so looks like you purchased them together. I also like how the cuff is long enough to fold over cardigan sleeves. Casual but polished. Thank you for all your inspiring ideas.

  15. Cristina Downey Reply

    Tania, violet is your color! You look wonderful and a gorgeous outfit.

  16. You look terrific. I also like the earlier look…different time of year. love hearing from you
    each day.

  17. Gloria Randle Reply

    You look stunning in this outfit. Great colors. Gllad you had a great time.

  18. Joanne Scantlebury Reply

    Just saw this post,emails playing up.
    Purple is your colour, you look fabulous, slim and perfectly put together.

  19. Check you out lookin so fresh! I love it you look soo youthful and bright and light and lovely. Will copy your look…again😊

  20. I would like to copy that outfit exactly, please. And I would like it to look as good on me as it does on you. Please?

  21. Love this! It looks great on you and one that I think I could pull of as well!. I think I’m going to check out Old Navy. Thanks!

  22. Anne Elizabeth Reply

    Fabulous, my favourite colour, no doubt in my mind this outfit far outshines the other.

  23. Melinda Woodard Reply

    You are looking so thin! Whatever you are doing it looks great on you.

  24. Love love this outfit !! Any idea what color the cardigan is from j crew ?? Would love to Try and find that color – so enjoy your posts and your casual conversation style / I am ordering the last purple cold shoulder from kim at your little boutique and am gonna add pearls to my jewelry drawer !!

    • Tania Reply

      Michele, I am sorry, I don’t know the color name. I bought that cardigan over a year ago and I didn’t see the exact one on their site any longer. Kim is so wonderful to work with. I hope you love the top.

  25. This is a late reply, (I’m going through Pinterest photos), but had to write that you look great in this outfit. The jeans cut elongated your legs and the length of the top and sweater are also at an attractive length, giving your legs a long look, too. I think it’s called “the 2/3rds look”. Something along that line, where the bottom look is double the top. The colors are lovely, too.

  26. Nina Overton Reply

    YOu look stunning in this outfit!!! This is a great look on you! By far my favorite!!!!

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