50 IS NOT OLD | THE FIERCE 50 CAMPAIGNToday marks the launch of the first annual Fierce 50 Campaign. As women over 50, we are coming together in a supportive collaborative community to honor and celebrate one another and to share with the world what it means to be a woman at midlife and beyond. Through this collaboration, each woman has developed a unique bond with their blog partners, opening their hearts and sharing their stories.In building authentic connections and relationships, we are forming a community of women who have within them over half a century of life experience and wisdom to share. We are joining together as one to begin shifting a worldwide perception of this demographic. We are here to show the world how powerful we are together and that we are only truly just beginning.

Today is the 50th day of the year and the idea behind The Fierce 50 Campaign was to unite 50 bloggers who are over 50 to celebrate this time in our lives. Since then our numbers have grown to well over 50 bloggers, and since if would be almost impossible to highlight every blogger on each of our posts, we instead are paired with one blogger.Today I am paired with Nina Bandoni from Sharing A Journey. A quick telephone call to Nina showed me that even though we had never met we have a lot in common. Besides our age, we are both extremely busy ladies. Nina volunteers in her community and has even served as a City Commissioner! Like a lot of women our age, Nina is having to come to grips with the “empty nest” since her daughter is leaving for college.Nina is personable and open to “Sharing” her journey through the ups and downs of finding yourself alone after 25 years of marriage. Reinventing your life takes courage. I was inspired by her story and that she dared to dream of a different life for herself. I started reading her stories and then I started watching her videos on YouTube. Her fashion videos are fabulous but she also has some on makeup and beauty. After talking with Nina about her videos I came away with a new found interest in doing videos myself.Inspiration. Nina inspired me to step outside my comfort zone and spread my wings into an area that I am not comfortable in and I gave her tips for growing her blog and Instagram. I look forward to a friendship with Nina that will hopefully continue to grow. Make sure you check out Nina’s blog and YouTube channel and be sure to tell her that Tania spoke highly of her.50 IS NOT OLD | THE FIERCE 50 CAMPAIGNIsn’t this the cutest illustration of Nina and myself? The talented Beth Briggs was kind enough to do illustrations for us. We supplied her with a photo and she was able to create this wonderful concept.
Noted sports journalist and an over 50 woman, Hannah Storm participated in a phone interview.50 IS NOT OLD | THE FIERCE 50 CAMPAIGNIf you have enjoyed reading this blog post and learning more about The Fierce 50 Campaign, please visit this page http://catherinegraceo.com/fierce-50-campaign/ to see an archive where you will find each of the women that are participating in The Fierce 50 along with their blog posts. If you or someone you know is interested in either joining or supporting the movement, please contact info@catherinegraceo.com for more information. We have lots more planned for this year and beyond so, stay tuned everyone.

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    • Tania Reply

      Me too, Linda. When I agreed to be a part of this campaign I didn’t realize that the 50th day of the year was a Sunday.

  1. Looks like you are enjoying your time in New Orleans. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. I love this post. Midlife has so many challenges and it also has wonderful opportunities. It heartening to see a group of women come together in a positive and inspiring way to support each other. I believe whenever we lift up each other, we are also uplifting God. Enjoy your time in New Orleans!

  3. Kathryn Hemstead Reply

    I love this idea and it is so long over due. To find like minded women in the 50 and over age bracket is so exciting. I would love to see a list of the 50+ bloggers as I find it so challenging to find bloggers in my age range. If you don’t have the entire list possibly you could give us a link to where we might find it. Thank you for all you do!

    • Tania Reply

      Kathryn, I agree that this is long overdue. There is a link in the post at the very end. It will take you to Catherine Graco’s page. Everyone is listed there.

      • Kathryn Hemstead Reply

        I guess it pays to read a little further. Thank you for the quick reply. I’ve already had some fun looking at the some of the women’s pages.

  4. Tania, you are a fantastic rep for the Fierce 50. This campaign is a brilliant idea and I certainly hope that it gets the notice that it deserves. I enjoyed reading about Nina and I’m looking forward to reading all of the other posts.


  5. Trying to find energy to be my stylish self at a few weeks shy of 51. Towing along my 2 ten-year-old boys and my almost 4-year-old daughter. Fashion was so much easier when there were no kids in tow. I need to feel good about me and this series is just the inspiration I need this week.

  6. There are so many amazing woman on the Fierce 50 campaign, I didn’t know where to start first, or should I say 3rd. Loving your blogs Tania, and Nina Bandoni, I think this is great and I
    can’t wait to try and absorb, all the information from all these fabulous 50’s !!! Thank you for sharing this!!!

  7. 1010parkplace Reply

    This is my first time to your site but it won’t be my last. I’m a fellow Fierce 50 Campaign member and look forward to also reading what Nina has written about you! Brenda

  8. Hi Tania, I have signed up to the fierce fifty campaign so thank you for advertising it. Also I have replicated your look in the red jacket and jeans in my latest blog. I hope that you don’t mind. I have linked to this post of yours to publise the campaign in what small way that I can.

    • Tania Reply

      You looked great in your red jacket and jeans!!! I hope you enjoy being part of the Fierce 50.

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