February 2017



50 IS NOT OLD | WINDSHIELD AND THE BUGRemember yesterday’s blog post? Remember me singing, “I Feel Good?” Well, forget that!!! Funny how the best part of your day can be before 9:00 am. I was still singing yesterday morning as I went to work but it didn’t take long before the day started taking its toll. 

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50 IS NOT OLD | A CRISP LOOKHappy Monday everyone! I am so fired up and ready for the week to start. There is nothing on the agenda and I don’t have any plans but I am excited. I can’t put my finger on the feeling but I just feel like I am busting with excitement. Man, I need to go buy a lottery ticket or something. Are you gurls planning me a surprise party or did every one of you sign up to be a business partner with me? What is going on????

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Joe and I hardly ever watch the television. Unless there is a big ballgame on or unless Emersyn is over visiting (we must watch her shows) then we never even go into the living room. The other day Joe was bored with the computer so he went into the living room and sat down to watch TV. That lasted for about 15 minutes because he couldn’t find anything he wanted to watch but he left the TV on. Some time later I walked through the room to take the dogs out to potty and there was this show on called, Real Time With Bill Maher.

According to Wikipedia, Maher is highly critical of all religion and views it as highly destructive. He has been described, or self-identified, variously as an agnostic, atheist, and apatheist, while objecting to having his views defined by a single label. In his 2008 feature film Religulous, he refers to himself as agnostic. 

As I walked through the room he was having a religious discussion with someone, I didn’t watch long enough to see who, and Mr. Maher was basically telling the man that he believed in “fairy tales.” The man defended his religious position and then I took the dogs out.

I have had that on my mind off and on throughout the week. I’ll never forget a sermon that my preacher, Mike Rife, gave one Sunday many, many years ago. He talked about people who didn’t believe in God. He said that you can talk and try to persuade people to turn to the Lord but you can’t MAKE them believe. He ended up saying that he told his friend this, “If I am wrong then the worst thing that can happen to me is that I lived a good life trying to do what is right by the Lord, by myself, and by other people. But, what if you’re wrong? Then you have condemned yourself to an eternity in Hell.” I’m sure I paraphrased that some because it has been a really long time ago. I might have forgotten the exact words but I’ll never forget the meaning.

I feel sorry for Mr. Maher and those like him. I feel sorry that they don’t have a relationship with our Father. I am praying for him because what if he is wrong?

Have a Blessed Day!



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50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO WEAR BRIGHT COLORSWhat a gorgeous day we had Friday!!! The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and it was at least 75 degrees outside. Of course, I was stuck inside working all day long but I could at least “see” out the window. It was so nice that we even opened the door of the store and let the fresh air come inside. I remember thinking at some point that this must be what it is like to live farther down south. I think I could get used to having a mild winter if it would just snow around Christmas. Lol! BTW, my tree is still up in the living room. 🎄 😂 😳

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50 IS NOT OLD | THE STARS ARE ALL IN LINEDo you ever have one of those days where it just seems like all the stars have lined up perfectly for you? I had one of those days yesterday! Everything I touched, did or looked at just seemed to fill me with happiness and joy. Those days don’t come around often, someone told me they are as rare as “hen’s teeth.” I had never heard that saying before but I am thinking that hens must not have teeth. Lol!

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50 IS NOT OLD | YARD SALE FINDSI want to say that I am thrilled that I got in a new computer!!! I am doing my happy dance because I have been looking and looking for a new computer. I knew that I wanted to get a Mac laptop but that was as much as I knew. I looked at the brand new Mac laptop but it didn’t come with a SD card slot or any USB slots and with the blog I really needed those items. You can buy an adapter but I didn’t want that hassle. 

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50 IS NOT OLD | CHANNELING MARILYN MONROEI never knew that much about Marilyn Monroe because she died when I was only two years old. That seems crazy to think it has been that long since she passed away. I knew she was pretty, a sex symbol, and had a tragic death at an early age. You see her face everywhere still in all kinds of advertising, like the t-shirt I am wearing today. But when I was looking up her autobiography I was amazed at some of her quotes.

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50 IS NOT OLD | SKINNY PANTS AND BOOTIESYou gurls were so nice yesterday! I feel downright dowdy today after all of your kind comments about yesterday’s look. I will say that I did love those colors in the cardigan and top. But, you can’t go through life wearing the same color, unless you’re my friends Marlene who always wears purple. I wonder if she listens to Prince and if her favorite song is “Purple Rain?” Lol!

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50 IS NOT OLD | HOW TO STYLE A PRINT TOPI had a very eventful week last week. It was fun and also very challenging. I played in the Big Easy and ate waaaaay too much. I mean way too much. I am glad I took these pictures before I left home because I am not sure I can fit in my clothing right now. I am on a water diet. Lol! This is where you lock me in a closet and only run the water hose to me. Hahaha! Of course, that isn’t true but I am going to have to watch what I eat for a week or two.

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50 IS NOT OLD | THE FIERCE 50 CAMPAIGNToday marks the launch of the first annual Fierce 50 Campaign. As women over 50, we are coming together in a supportive collaborative community to honor and celebrate one another and to share with the world what it means to be a woman at midlife and beyond. Through this collaboration, each woman has developed a unique bond with their blog partners, opening their hearts and sharing their stories.In building authentic connections and relationships, we are forming a community of women who have within them over half a century of life experience and wisdom to share. We are joining together as one to begin shifting a worldwide perception of this demographic. We are here to show the world how powerful we are together and that we are only truly just beginning.

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