50 IS NOT OLD | LOOK FOR THE UNIQUE DETAILSJoe is watching clips from Talladega nights and he is laughing like a nut. That movie is so old, I have no clue where he even found some of the clips. The only thing I really remember about the movie was the scene where they were praying and he thanked the Lord for his, “red-hot, smoking wife.” I remember that part because Joe says that nightly. Hahahaha!!!!50 IS NOT OLD | LOOK FOR THE UNIQUE DETAILSI will give you a few minutes to stop laughing before I continue. I think it is good to start your morning with laughter. I like laughter morning, noon, and night. I love comedies but I don’t like stupid. I think there is a difference between funny and stupid although sometimes that line is very fine. That is like watching I Love Lucy, that is funny but sometimes it is borderline stupid. I am sitting here now trying to remember funny shows or movies that I have seen and I am drawing a blank. They must not have left an impression on me.
50 IS NOT OLD | LOOK FOR THE UNIQUE DETAILSIt was cold on Sunday when I wore this to church. I pulled out this vintage tweed coat and got ready to go out the door. Joe just stood and looked at me. I was like, “WHAT???” He said that he loved my coat. Joe NEVER likes any of my vintage items. He is always making fun of me and my vintage things. When he and I first met I would wear vintage necklaces all the time that were some of my grandmothers. These were the old kind that had plastic balls and about 4 or 5 strands in the choker style. He finally told me that, “only you and blue haired little ladies wear that stuff.” Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | LOOK FOR THE UNIQUE DETAILSThis is the first time that I have worn these earrings. The are over-the-top bling! These are called the Zorah and they are three large rhinestones. 50 IS NOT OLD | LOOK FOR THE UNIQUE DETAILSBecause the neck of the dress is very ornate I decided to not wear a necklace but I made up for it in earrings and bracelets. The single bracelet is called the Georgia. It is the perfect bracelet for proms, weddings, etc. I know I have seen pictures where all the bridesmaids wore this and since it is only 18.00 you can see why they can afford it. The three magnetic sparkly bracelets are so easy on and off. I like wearing them for that fact alone. The dark gray one was a special at Halloween and is no longer available. The red one is called the Candy and it’s a Valentine’s special now. Don’t whine when they are all gone and you didn’t get one. You can wear this for Valentine’s Day, heart awareness month, 4th of July, Christmas, and any day of the week that ends with day. Lol! The clear one is the Hugo and it goes with anything.

Today is the last day to signup for the Plunder January incentive. The normal signup kit is for 10 pieces of jewelry for 99.00 and through tonight you will receive and extra 3 pieces. 13 pieces of 99.00! If you want to sign up go to www.plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and hit the Become A Stylist button. If you need some more information then just message or email me.50 IS NOT OLD | LOOK FOR THE UNIQUE DETAILSI have carried this black GILI all winter long. I am a creature of habit and there are times when it takes an act of Congress to get me out of a trend. But I really, really like this purse and I love the tassel. I also like that it has a small strap on the inside where I can attach my keys. That makes them super easy to find.

50 IS NOT OLD | LOOK FOR THE UNIQUE DETAILSBecause I don’t have the coat buttoned up it looks lop-sided. When you button it all the way to the top the collar meets and goes around in a circle. 50 IS NOT OLD | LOOK FOR THE UNIQUE DETAILSHere is the brand of this coat and a close-up of the tweed material. It is variations on cream, browns, and gray.

50 IS NOT OLD | LOOK FOR THE UNIQUE DETAILSWhat do you think about this suedette dress? Is this not super cute? This was another one of those great end-of-year clearance outfits I bought at Belk’s last year. I didn’t pay much at all for this dress but the neckline made it a real show-stopper.

50 IS NOT OLD | LOOK FOR THE UNIQUE DETAILSIt is the end of the month and that always means it is time for a R & F deal. I actually have a couple things to throw at you. I am offering a 15% off any “PC” order that is placed. If you are not a PC and don’t want to become one then I will offer you a 10% savings.

If you noticed I put a small amount of sunless tanner on my legs Sunday morning before I left for church, but, I am out of my old product. I am going to try the Rodan and Fields foaming sunless tanner. I saw the girls out in Las Vegas using it and I have several of you gurls tell me that you either use it or knows someone who does. So, I am going to place a bulk order late tonight. If any of you would like to try a tube of this just email me. Tell me how many you want and what address to send it to. It will be 26.00 total and I will ship it to you when it comes in. You do not have to be a PC or a current customer to get this great deal.









Part of my 2017 goals is to grow my subscriber list on the blog. The numbers are really starting to go up and I had decided that when I hit 5000 subscribers I will be having a giveaway. I’m not that far off, so if you are not a subscriber PLEASE take the time to sign. Also, if you would like to share my posts on Facebook or Twitter, I would appreciate that. It helps get my blog out to more people, and I am sure you just want to spread the entertaining sayings I have. Lol!

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  1. I love that dress, it looks so classy but extremely wearable. The embellishments around the neck take the guesswork out of choosing a suitable necklace, very handy for me! I agree with Joe, that’s a lovely coat 💕

  2. Fantastic dress, looks very good on you! I would also love to see it with a long cardigan! And that coat is very elegant, I love tweed but it s not easy to find!

  3. Gorgeous dress. Suedette is so me. Smart without being smart. I don’t think Plunder is in the UK otherwise I’d be interested. I relate on the subscriber front. A regular interactive friendly audience is what I’m aiming to grow.

    • No, Plunder is only in the US right now, Anne. I wish they would ship outside the US but I guess that is a nightmare for a small company. I am steadily growing my list. I am right at 4000, only 1000 more to go before I reach my goal. Haha

  4. I really enjoy your blog. You look so youthful in the dress and boots, I am probably a little older than you, but you show all us gals over 50 that we can still cut a rug with fashion. Keep up the good work.

  5. First of all Tania, you always make me laugh and not only do I enjoy your fashion, I enjoy your stories 😊…..now on with your dress and coat. You look stunning. The detail on the dress is gorgeous. I like vintage myself so the coat is right up my alley. ~Lisa~

    • Thanks, Lisa. I sometimes feel like Seinfeld, I just talk about nothing. My everyday life, which is pretty bland. Lol!

  6. I love the dress and coat! You always look so well put together without looking like you’re trying too hard. I really like your style! It’s 4:30 a.m. in Arizona and I’m drinking coffee and reading your post. You’re part of my day, every day!

  7. I really like the dress and coat. You are always an inspiration. Not only your style but your overall attitude. You make me smile.

  8. Girl, you are looking like a smoking hot wife today! LOVE that dress on you! You look so skinny! And the coat is so beautiful. You are SO lucky to have a man who notices things you wear!

  9. You look adorable as always (you have a terrific figure!!) I love your husbands sense of humor…. him and my hubby would get along just fine!! HA! Laughing is the BEST!!

  10. I love the dress on you! Your posts have inspired me to buy a long cardigan in coral at a Lularoe party at my daughter’s house. Wore it today with black pants, black tee shirt, and beige leather short boots. Quite outside my comfort zone, but looked good!