50 IS NOT OLD | CASTING THE FIRST STONEWe sure have become a rock throwing society. You would think from all the stones being lobbed back and forth at one another that we had never made mistakes ourselves. Let me start by saying I have made plenty of mistakes and unfortunately I expect I will make plenty more.

Have you ever done something so very stupid that you can’t believe you did that? Have you ever said anything that as soon as the words left your mouth you were instantly regretting that decision? I have been in the middle of a story before and it dawned on me that a part of the story that was going to “hurt” the person I was talking to. An example would be to be talking about someone who is short and then realize that the person you are talking to has a complex about their height. Maybe it is a weight issue, lack of hair, or even death. I have stuck my foot in my mouth PLENTY of times that I wish I could have taken back.

What about others? We have all witnessed mistakes that other people made. Did you laugh or snicker? Did you immediately run and tell your best friend what you just heard or saw? Again, I have been guilty. Let’s say that someone you don’t like did something really stupid, did you get some satisfaction? How about the person who has wronged you previously and they make a huge mistake. I have been known to say, “looks like Karma just smacked them in the face.” Other favorite sayings are: “they deserved that,” “couldn’t have happened to a nicer person,” “what comes around goes around,” and many other sayings about payback.

scha·den·freu·de  is defined as pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune. When I looked up in the Urban Dictionary here are some of the examples given:

Watching a vegetarian being told she just ate chicken

Being on the elevator when somebody shouts “Hold the door!”

Straight-A students getting Bs

Waking doormen from their naps

Watching tourists reading maps

Football players getting tackled

CEOs getting shackled

Watching actors never reach the ending of their oscar speech!

Let’s face it, we all make mistakes, but do we all show compassion for those that just made the mistake? The Lord said to love thy neighbor as yourself and let anyone of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her. Reach out to those who are hurting, mortified, and embarrassed. Help those up who just dropped the ball. Show compassion and love instead of finding glee and satisfaction. And hope that when the time comes when you are the one that is wishing for a “do-over” that you will find compassion and love is what comes back at you. Karma can also be a good thing.
Have a Blessed Day!

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  1. Thank you for these Sunday posts Tania, they always hit the spot. Have a blessed day.

  2. You read my mind!!! While making my coffee this morning I was thinking of an exchange I had at a party THREE YEARS AGO and asking myself “Why did I say that?”. I am glad that I am getting wiser with age and these things don’t happen as often, now I have to let go of my mistakes.

  3. great inspiration for the start of a new week! thanks for taking the time to post this!

  4. Vicki Newberry Reply

    Wonderful Post. I really enjoyed it 🙏🏼🙏🏼 So very true!

  5. How funny, or rather, serendipitous that I always end up here on your blog, on Sundays, Tania 🙂 I think someone up there wants me to read your Sunday thoughts, and I’m glad I never not listen to that inner voice. If I had to throw a pebble for every time I thought or said something mean like that, I’m quite certainly I could very easily fill an entire ocean with pebbles. I’m REALLY hoping to work on that part of my personality this year but I shan’t lie, it’s easier to fall back into old habits. I really am trying though, especially as Eve (my 18 year old) is the one who points it out when I do it, and that makes me feel this tiny. As always, my friend, I enjoyed your soul-nudging thoughts xoxo

  6. robjodiefilogomo Reply

    Very apropos, Tania. Because hopefully we all can think about this and be more open to those around us.

  7. Susan in Charlotte Reply

    The most positive thing about making an error is to be able to admit it. Unfortunately pride and arrogance often block the ability to do that.

  8. Joanne Scantlebury Reply

    Thanks once again Tania for a inspiring Sunday message.
    I need to stop and think for a few moments before I open my mouth.
    Hope you had a lovely Sunday.🙂🙂🙂

  9. Such a lot to think about, Tania!!!! We all need to sometimes just think about what we want to say and rather keep quiet when it’s not said with love!!!!
    Have a great week!!!

  10. Charlcy Green Reply

    What an amazing post that has nothing to do with fashion! I’m so proud of you for sharing your faith! We all needed to hear that!

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