50 IS NOT OLD | PAINT THE TOWN REDI have one of the best jobs there is. I get to play dress-up, take pictures, and talk to all you beautiful ladies. If that was all there was to this job, that would be enough, but there are even more perks. One of the best perks is when a company like Metrostyle contacts me and wants me to do a post.50 IS NOT OLD | PAINT THE TOWN REDYou may remember Metrostyle from this post back in November when I styled a gorgeous Winter White Long Coat. I love that coat and I was thrilled when Metrostyle contacted me again. I immediately thought about the coat and knew I wanted a dress to wear with the coat. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I want to be ready to “paint the town red.”50 IS NOT OLD | PAINT THE TOWN REDThe minute I laid eyes on this Lace Cold Shoulderd Dress I knew it was the one. I love lace in a dress, I just think it looks so elegant. The lace pattern looks almost like flowers. The dress HAS a nude lining that might get you some double takes. The neckline and the sleeves are open though so a little skin shows through. 50 IS NOT OLD | PAINT THE TOWN REDThe cold shoulder detail adds a little sexiness to the dress which is PERFECT for Valentine’s Day. Who doesn’t want to look sexy? Even though you have a cold should detail, there is plenty of coverage for wearing your normal bra. I hate having to wear strapless bras, they are such a nusance.
50 IS NOT OLD | PAINT THE TOWN REDIn my opinion, if you want an elegant look, the hemline needs to be longer like it is here. As you can see the lining ends about 3 inches before the hem so you do not have to worry about the lining showing at the bottom. The hem hits be just below my knee.50 IS NOT OLD | PAINT THE TOWN REDWhen I ordered the dress I was afraid it might not fit me. I am the largest around my middle section so I had some concerns. I even ordered two sizes just to make sure that I would find one that fits. I normally wear a large or a size 10-12 in a dress. I ordered a large and an extra large because I don’t like anything to fit me too tight. The large fits perfect, in fact, I probably could have worn a medium. 50 IS NOT OLD | PAINT THE TOWN REDDid we even talk about the price? You won’t believe how affordable this dress is and it is even on sale. Quality, affordable, and perfect for a night out on the town. If you want to add some Va-Va-Voom to your Valentine’s Day then head on over to Metrostyle. Your sweetheart will love it.❤️


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  1. Ooh la la! That dress has a French feel about it and I can imagine how good it will look with that fantastic coat. I’m with you on the strapless bras, I have to keep pulling them up and readjusting and I’m not even big busted 😕

  2. Love love love you in that dress!!! I’m not a dress gal but you look great. BTW Victoria’s Secret has an amazing bra that doesn’t need constant yanking

  3. Oh just beautiful Tania! Love the nude under black lace. Thank you for the size info also. I hate to order my normal size and it turns out too big or too tight. Perfect Classy Valentines dress.😊❤

  4. All set for Valentines! So perfect for under your coat. You gave me a laugh with paint the town red! I needed that. I’ve had the flu. Not fun. But you have brighten my day as always!!

  5. I love this dress on you! It would be perfect for an event I have coming up. I don’t see it on the vendors’ website. I thought that was the idea – to showcase their stuff so we could buy It! Boo-hoo!

  6. Thank You for your great blog! I ordered the dress! I cant wait to wear it! My husband and I are going to Las Vegas for our 29th (!) Anniversary on Valentines Day and this dress is perfect!!

  7. Oh, you look gorgeous! Love the dress and I especially love the cold shoulder look. It is feminine and very sexy but doesn’t show too much! You look fabulous!

  8. This is a great look on you – very sexy! I looked back at last Valentines post to see what you wore last year. That red sweater dress was a hit too! Love the bright colors on you.

  9. You look great in this outfit, Tania! It’s the perfect length and the lace is so feminine. I’m not wild about the cold shoulder trend because my shoulders would get cold – Ha! But this is very pretty!

  10. Tania, Funny how you used VaVaVoom in your description, because that’s what I thought when I first saw the dress! You wear it so well! Lucky Joe to have you on his arm Valentine’s Day! I was also concerned about sizing for Metrostyle, and you addressed that as well! The dress is gorgeous, and styled well, who wouldn’t want to check out what else they have to offer? Thank you and Metrostyle!

  11. OOH LA LA! You look stunning in this outfit! Very sexy! And I love the red necklace too! Happy Valentine’s date!

  12. WOW! You look great! That dress looks like something I could and would wear. I too, wish I had an event to wear it!

  13. I love how your outfits are polished but not stuffy. You mentioned Southwest Virginia and a QVC outlet store. I was wondering the location of that store. I just discovered your blog and am receiving email. Thanks!

  14. For sure ready to paint the town red, Tania!!!!! What a stylish and elegant dress and I love the smart shoes and the small handbag!!!! I think the hemline is perfect – I find that if you wear your hemline longer and it sits somewhere on your calve, which is much wider than at the knee, it makes your legs look much heavier than what they are. If I want to go longer than knee length I find that taking it down to the ancle works best, but I definitely prefer it on my knee (love to show a bit of leg!!!! LOL!!!!!)