You have to be following the craziest fashion blog on the internet. You know that, right? What other blog has a stinkbug in the title? Lol! I want to introduce you to my crazy world and that includes stink bugs. Most of you have heard me talk about my granddaughter, Emersyn. Emersyn is three years old and she has developed a healthy dislike of bugs. She screams anytime she sees a bug, an ant, or a spider. She immediately wants to be picked up and wants me to kill whatever she has spotted.Emersyn came over to visit with me the other day. She was running between me, in the living room, and Pa, in the computer room. As she ran into the kitchen, she stopped dead in her tracks and screamed, “Nee Nee, there is a bug in here!” I knew what was coming next but I didn’t want to kill the bug. This stink bug had been flying around my light in the dining room and for some odd reason I had just left it alone. Emersyn was having none of that. I walked into the room and said, “That is George, he is my pet bug.” She looked at me for a minute and then looked back at the bug flying around the light and you could see her struggling. Finally, she decided that George could live.

Joe and I would see “George” flying around occasionally and just laugh and go on. But one day I noticed that I hadn’t seen George in a day or two. I mentioned to Joe that I had missed him and Joe said he found him on the outside of the door. (here is the funny part) Joe grabbed the bug an threw it INSIDE the house! He was afraid he might have hurt him because we still had not seen him.

On Christmas Eve, Joe wanted to take some food to one of his friends and he wanted me to get him a bowl with a lid to put the food in. I got into my cabinet with the lids and bowls and quickly got frustrated because I couldn’t find a matching set. Finally I grabbed out a huge handful of lids and pulled them out. I heard something fall onto the floor and I looked and saw a stinkbug. I yelled at Joe that I had found George!!! No wonder he hadn’t been flying around, he had been stuck in the cabinet. In about 30 minutes George was up and flying around the light again.

Yes, we are a strange couple. Hahaha! I’ll tell our about our “pet” mockingbird at another time. Lol!

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    • Tania Reply

      I am not a particular fan of bugs, but I really dislike wasps and spiders!!!

  1. Oh you made me smile. I understand completely. I call myself the Spider Whisperer because I never hurt spiders (or any bug really) and either let them be or place them safely outside!!

    • Tania Reply

      I normally put them outside. But I really can’t stand spiders, they are the worst for me.

    • Tania Reply

      Cindy commented an article on the bugs. They have only recently been appearing in my neck of the woods.

    • Tania Reply

      Debbie, I cannot unsubscribe for you just like I cannot subscribe for you. You have that option on the email that is sent out to you each morning. I see George pushed you over the edge.

  2. Glenda Braun Reply

    A smile this morning from you. Thank you much. You are too funny.

  3. George is lucky, I would have gotten rid of him the first time he appeared.

    • Tania Reply

      Normally I would have put him out too. I have no idea why George got to stay. Hahaha

  4. No one wants to smash a stink bug! That would be a mistake. Funny you should mention a pet mockingbird. My grandmother had a mockingbird that would sit in a tree outside her kitchen window. His name was Dickie. He would just sit and talk to her. Funny thing, I never thought of it as strange. Grandmom was so good with animals. She loved them all.

    • Tania Reply

      Our Mockingbird was named Loud Mouth. He would always perch in the same spot and would not shut up. Joe even has a video of him doing a dance. Lol!

  5. Melesa Garrison Reply

    Many years ago when my oldest was a tiny little girl, we were housing a Granddaddy long legs. He lived with us for quite a while. He stayed on one of my big plants and he had a name as well, but can’t remember what it was. Was Debbie serious? Oh well, different strokes for different folks. Hope you had a good Christmas. Ours will continue with our kids in Texas this weekend.

    • Tania Reply

      I am glad to see that I am not so “strange” after all. There are several of you gurls who have odd pets. Lol! I have finally learned in this blogging process that there is no way I can please everybody. At first, I got my feelings hurt when someone would ask to unsubscribe but now I just tell them how and think that it is their loss. Lol!

  6. We had a family lizard once. We lived in Southern California and one day a decent-sized harmless lizard (9 or 10 inches long) walked in and took up residence behind the couch. My efforts to find him and encourage him to leave didn’t work, and he kept other pests away, so we decided that as long as he didn’t damage anything or hurt us, he could stay. Every now and then, we’d see him walk across the room, but otherwise he remained hidden. I suspect he went outside quite a bit, because I never found any “evidence” of his long tenure.

    One day, my mother’s sister announced a visit, all the way from Germany. We had the house spotless and ready, but despite turning the place inside out couldn’t find the lizard. We were worried that she’d see him and either be frightened, or think we were crazy. My German wasn’t quite up to explaining him! But we couldn’t find Lizard, and just hoped he’d stay hidden. He did not make an appearance while Aunt Erika and her husband were with us, but as soon as they left he reappeared, as if nothing had happened.

    I think Mr. Lizard lived with us almost two years. We still talk about him, and this was twenty years ago.

    • Tania Reply

      I love this story! If you are kind to animals, you will more than likely be kind to people. Although, I have never been a lizard fan. Lol!

  7. Susan Stancliff Reply

    You have the best blog out there! Its because you feel like one of us, ordinary women who shop at ordinary stores and do our best to make ourselves presentable! I read several other blogs but I know yours has the most response of your readers. Everyone loves you Tania! Even stinkbugs!!

    • Tania Reply

      Awww, thanks, Susan. I love my readers and I hope that shows!

  8. I’m dying over here in Texas! ROFL It’s a country girl thing, or something I hate bugs. But I can totally see myself doing something like this. On a “similar” note, my husband feeds the squirrels and “lovingly” speaks to them, calling them “Nut Breath.” So embarrassing to our daughter, so he does it more.

    • If you are a crazy blogger then I am right there with you. Its the unexpected we get from you. Just pure Tania. Don’t ever change. Never know what you will share of yourself with us.

  9. Kim Neihart Reply

    I sent you an email about Tuesday’s blog.
    Here’s to a terrific 2017😊

  10. Guess what Tania? I also had a stink bug living in the house. I just couldn’t put him outside in the cold so I let him fly around the house and hang out wherever he wanted. Me and my husband decided he looked like the Watto character from Star Wars The Phantom Menace when he flew around. Pretty hilarious!

  11. It’s as though you are writing about me and my husband. I have been known to leave stink bugs inside (so they would not get cold… etc. I have even looked up what they like to eat! My husband however thinks that’s going a bit too far. 😊

    • Tania Reply

      Linda, I know what you mean. Joe and looked up what they eat also. Hahaha!

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