Monday, December 26, 2016

50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT IS YOUR WHYToday I am traveling, so I wanted to write the blog ahead of time. I am not great at writing ahead which can be a problem when you travel. I want to be able to spend time with the family so for the next few days the blog might seem a little off or different. I am not sure what I will be posting, or even how long the post will be, but I know you gurls will understand. I am going to talk to you about opportunities, how to get them and how to recognize them.50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT IS YOUR WHYI started the blog on September 6th of 2015. It was not an earth-shattering moment, in fact, it was really quite and went unnoticed by most people. I had told my sister, who is my rock and confidant, but no one else. Not Joe, not my mother, not my BFF’s, not my children, no one! The internet world was not impressed. Lol! In fact, I doubt if anyone even saw the post. I posted daily in September and at the end of the month, I think I had around 2000 page views. What was my why? Why did I even “want” to start a blog? I knew nothing about blogging, I am not a very good writer or storyteller, I am not trained in fashion, and I shop online or at stores like Cato’s and Old Navy. If you look at most “successful” bloggers you will not see any of those attributes.  My why was this, I wanted to start a blog and have a pictorial history of my outfits for reference. I wanted to start a blog and have products delivered to me by the truckloads by companies. I wanted to start a blog and make lots of money so that I could retire one day and work from anywhere in the world with just my computer.50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT IS YOUR WHYYou know what? This blogging is harder than it looks. Lol! The pictorial history was easy, I just took a picture of my outfit every day. The rest of it was not so easy. There was no one beating down my door wanting to advertise with me and I don’t think anyone was throwing “goodies” my way. What money? I didn’t even have any idea how to make money. It took months and months before I started to understand the blogging world and even then it was not a money maker. If you are thinking about starting a blog to make money, think again. Blogging needs to be a labor of love and it needs to get in your blood. Money from advertising and links is not going to let you retire, at least it is not for me.50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT IS YOUR WHYBUT, you never know about opportunities. Opportunities have a way of presenting themselves without you even being aware. This blog has done that and I am going to show you how.

I had a lady ask me on Thursday of last week, “exactly how do you make money on a blog?” It is a great question, so I am going to tell you what works for me. I “occasionally” write a sponsored post. Those are when you get paid to write about a product. They do not tell me what to write, and the words and situations are all from my own experience. I only pick products that I like because it would be horrible to have to say that you really didn’t like the product. If that ever happened, I think I would just send the product back and tell them that the deal was off. Secondly, I can make money through affiliate links. The way that works is that you can get paid a small (like 4%) percentage off of a product that I link to and you purchase. OR, I can use a different service that gives you like 2 cents for every time you click on a product. I link to thrifty products so you don’t make much money with a purchase and it takes a whole lot of clicks at 2 cents a click to make any money. Hahaha This would probably be why so many bloggers end up quitting. It takes several hours to edit the pictures and then to come up with content for a blog post.50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT IS YOUR WHYBut the middle of last year changed some things for me. June was a strange month for me. I had many ups and downs in that month. In June, I signed up to sell Plunder. I bought a necklace off of a lady’s neck and fell in love right then. I had no idea I could make any money with the jewelry, I just knew that I loved it. I ordered the kit and ordered the additional kit. The “deal” at that time was you buy the $99.00 kit and they would let you buy the additional kit for $20.00 instead of the normal $99.00. When I posted that deal, I had several of you ladies sign up under me. I had no idea what that meant, but it meant I now had a team. I was not a very good leader since I had just started out myself, but we have muddled our way through and are doing pretty well. The blog opened up that opportunity because I wear the jewelry and link to the items I am wearing. I make commission off of the purchases (at a much higher rate than the clothing people want to give.)50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT IS YOUR WHYThe next opportunity also came because of a fluke. I had been reading about Rodan and Fields on Facebook and I wanted to try the products but I was reluctant. One, I NEVER washed my face, and I mean NEVER!!! I had never taken my makeup off before I went to bed, not ever. I had tried to get in the habit and had bought every product known to mankind, but I could never stick to the routine because I never saw any difference. And secondly, the stuff was not cheap. I hated to pay a lot for something that would go in the linen closet with all the other products I never use. But one day one of my friends (who was not a consultant) posted about how much she loved the products. She even showed a before and after picture. I called that afternoon to my Energizer Bunny friend and told her I wanted to order the Reverse Regimen. I really thought I would be throwing away my money but instead, I was hooked. When it came time to reorder (I made mine last for an extra month) I called my friend again and asked how much the discount was if I signed up as a consultant. I knew that if I signed up I could get two of the regimens and since I was wanting to try the Redefine regimen also, this would be a perfect time. She gave me the details and I signed up that day. That was also in June. I NEVER intended to sell the products. That is what is funny about opportunities, you don’t always recognize them. This opportunity had to smack me around, it was not something that I nurtured. Instead, it was you gurls that nurtured the opportunity. You started making the remarks about my skin. I paid no attention at first but then the remarks and comments kept coming. I started trying to figure out what I had done different and the answer was nothing. Same makeup, same camera, same lighting. Then it finally dawned on me that I had been using Rodan and Fields since the end of February. I am not a smart person!!!

I then posted a video of my face routine and started developing some customers. I was just happy to be getting my products at cost and helping other ladies get wonderful looking skin. My goal was to make enough to pay for my products and the monthly web cost of 24.95. With such “lofty” goals how could I fail? lol!

Are you recognizing your opportunities? What is your why? What led you to this blog? Is your opportunity only to dress better or does it go deeper than that? Is this about confidence? Is this about dressing for a job? Is this about your marriage? Why did I decide to start posting on Sundays? Is this something you are needing?

What about monetary opportunities? Can you see yourself (or your daughter or granddaughters) taking advantage of the opportunity to “partner” with me? You would be joining with me on a journey that could be life changing. I am interested in taking on new business partners. I am interested in seeing where these opportunities can take me. SO, I am willing to help you join with me.

Joining Plunder is 99.00. That is not a huge amount of money for starting your own business but I want to make it even easier. If you join Plunder under me, I will offer to pay half of your kit back to you. If you are interested, then email me for the details at fiftyisnotold@gmail.com

Joining Rodan and Fields has three levels you can join at. If you join me in my business with at least the 395.00 kit, I will also offer to reimburse you half of your kit back to you. You could start a business and only have 200.00 invested, email me for the details at fiftyisnotold@gmail.com

Opportunities come in different forms and sometimes they come when we aren’t even looking. I can tell you honestly that I am so glad I decided to blindly follow my instincts, even though I had no idea where it was taking me. I can’t wait to see where it is taking me next. Come join me.

Anytime you would like to share my posts on Facebook or Twitter, I would appreciate that. It helps get my blog out to more people, and I am sure you just want to spread the entertaining sayings I have. Lol!

The comment section is at the end of the post, so keep scrolling. I look forward to reading all the comments, they make my day.

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12 Responses
  • Yvonne
    December 26, 2016

    Wow Tania, loving your story Tania. I have been blogging for two years now. My why is definitely to make a difference to the 40+ woman in this world. I too haven been travelling the past 2 days and Christmas is a time when I reflect and prepare the strategy for the year ahead. But to be honest – blogging is a profession where you simply have to grab the spontaneous opportunities as they arise.

    You are adorable Tania – hope you’re having a great Christmas!

    xx Yvonne

    • Tania
      December 26, 2016

      Blogging has been very interesting. Opportunities are hard to recognize sometimes. I am amazed at things that have transpired when I had no idea was even a possibility.

  • Nancy
    December 26, 2016

    Loved to read this Tania!

  • Tracey
    December 26, 2016

    Hi Tania,

    I read with great interest your reason for blogging. My reason to follow your blog was because being in my mid fifties, I wanted to look fashionable, feel better and do the best I can. You have covered lots of ideas and I try to shop well. I even prepare myself for photos, the way I stand, you guided me. I sort my wardrobe for seasons, and even opportunities have come via you. So I am grateful. It is always interesting and makes us ladies feel better when we dress with confidence and we feel good within. Many thanks, for giving us some tips and inspiration.

    • Tania
      December 26, 2016

      Tracey, I am still learning about taking photos. I have been playing with another picture taking series. I am truly excited about your opportunity in Australia with Rodan and Fields!!!

  • Donna
    December 26, 2016

    Sometimes life presents opportunities and you need to be open to those chances in life……👩‍💻👩‍💻👩‍💻

  • Julie
    December 26, 2016

    Love reading your blogging story. I found your blog from Pinterest when I searched on “Fashion for women over 50” and there you were. I love your style, your sassy attitude, and I read everything you write, every day. I feel that we could be friends if we didn’t live so far apart. Have a Blessed New Year!!

  • Sue
    December 26, 2016

    I love your blog, your sass and style! You’ve been very helpful in the past with a jewelry order and I’ve learned to step out and have confidence in trying new looks. Because of you, I discovered swing dresses! Have a very blessed 2017.

    • Tania
      December 26, 2016

      Sue, swing dresses are the BEST!!! It is great that you are trying new things 🙂

  • Diana J
    December 26, 2016

    Have just recently found your blog have a similar style but not always brave enough to wear some fashions. Looking forward to reading your blog and starting 2017 with new confidence! Thank you!
    Happy new year!!

  • Mutton_style
    December 27, 2016

    hi Tania, my blog is not nearly as professional as yours. I write two. My Anna one is fun and about 50 something life. My style one is younger ie 8 months old and my reasons, well there are so many out there for young people that I wanted to add something for the mature woman but it be honest. Nothing more honest than poses in slippers, hah. Mine is also UK focused.

  • Jackie Davis
    December 27, 2016

    I love your blog and look forward to it each day. Interesting how it all came together and I am so glad it did! You seem so down to earth and every girls best friend.

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