50 IS NOT OLD | ATTITUDE AND CONFIDENCEAge is an attitude. That has been my mantra since I started this blog. It is easy to fall into the old and frumpy trap once you reach a certain age. I had a friend whose mother-in-law dropped by her work one day and I thought the woman was at least 10 to 15 years older than she was. She dressed old, her posture was old, and she just looked like she didn’t care. In other words, her attitude was old. Why is it that some people just give up? Since you are reading this, I know that “you” have not given up, I know that “you” want to be the best that you can be. I am not the Army, but I want all of us to at least TRY, to at least CARE, and to at least have some ATTITUDE and CONFIDENCE.50 IS NOT OLD | ATTITUDE AND CONFIDENCETake today for example, do you notice anything different? It doesn’t look like a huge difference in the pictures but in person, my hair looked remarkably different. I decided not to part my hair on the side like I normally do and instead to keep the hair parted more toward the middle. The bangs were worn straight across my forehead. I kept thinking that this style looked like someone I had seen before but I couldn’t place who. Joe came through and immediately said that my hair looked like Leslie Stahl from 60 minutes. 😆 Yep, I had to admit that he was right. Lol! It really doesn’t matter if it looked good or not, what mattered was that I tried something new. I stepped outside my comfort zone, that little safe and tried area that we all have, and it was fun! I had attitude! I had confidence! 50 IS NOT OLD | ATTITUDE AND CONFIDENCEI have on a little sassy velvet cropped blazer from Cato Fashions. Cato calls this the “Socialite Blazer” and they paired it with a sequin tank top. This is the cutest little jacket, it reminds me of the victorian jackets from long ago. It has four tiny little buttons that are incredibly had to fasten and just as hard to unfasten. It looks great buttoned or worn open which is how I wore it most of the day. I don’t normally wear a blazer buttoned, it just feels too “stuffy” for me. The jacket is on sale for 21.99 and this would look great at a New Year’s Eve party.50 IS NOT OLD | ATTITUDE AND CONFIDENCEI wore my favorite silver earrings from Plunder, the Mason. These little beauties are only 10.00. I keep a couple of these on hand to have as gifts for emergencies. They feel and look expensive, only you will know they are not. Haha50 IS NOT OLD | ATTITUDE AND CONFIDENCEThe long necklace is the Joey and the short necklace is the Annie. I wish you could see the sparkle of these necklaces, they really looked good with the blazer. Speaking of sparkle, I have on three very sparkly bracelets also. The Hugo, the Gage, and the Kylie. I ordered the Ezra bracelet on Monday and I received it on Wednesday. WOW! Plunder must have really been working overtime to get everything out for people to have by Christmas.50 IS NOT OLD | ATTITUDE AND CONFIDENCEI will admit that I really love this purse. ❤️ It has an attitude all by itself. It is by GILI and I bought it at the overstock outlet in town. The style and the long tassel is what I love.

50 IS NOT OLD | ATTITUDE AND CONFIDENCEMy silver gray crinkle camisole is from Maurices. They have the best camisoles around. Can you see what screams attitude and confidence is this picture? Could it be the bright red booties? LOL! The Claudia bootie by Bellini add a little sass to this outfit. These booties are the perfect color red, they have a 3 1/2 inch heel, zipper accents, and are micro suede material. I wore them last year (here) with a similar outfit, I liked my hair better in the older picture.

50 IS NOT OLD | ATTITUDE AND CONFIDENCEI’ll tell you a little secret. This blog has helped my confidence tremendously. I always had attitude, but not confidence. Putting myself out “there” has not been easy. Letting strangers (now you are more like friends) tell me what they thought about my outfit has not been easy. Appearing without makeup and with wet hair has not been easy. But I have learned a lot about myself in the process. I have learned to trust my instinct. I have learned to not be afraid of trying something new. I have learned that I am stronger than I thought. I have learned that I can’t please everybody. I have learned to be comfortable in my own skin. And thanks to Rodan and Fields, my skin now “glows!” Lol! Who knows, I may just appear without makeup again……

What have you learned from this blog? Please don’t say, “What Not To Wear!” Hahaha!

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  1. Tania you are spot on as usual. When I think back to my grandmother’s (and maybe even my mother’s) generation, I would have been considered ‘past it’ at almost 55, instead of which I’m buying patterned leggings, suede booties, boyfriend jeans and goodness knows what else! The thing I’ve learned from your blog is how to incorporate all of these things into my wardrobe with (hopefully) good taste. We don’t have to look like teenagers but we can still have fun!! Have a wonderful Christmas x

    • Susan Stancliff Reply

      Caroline, I feel exactly the way you do! Tania has made it so easy to explore different things. I love this blog and recommend it to all of my friends!

      • Susan, I used to think the secret to looking young was good genes, now I realise it’s good JEANS!

  2. Maria Butler Reply

    Dear Tania, I am learning to wear color more with neutrals, coordinate clothes better, use variety of accessories to change a ‘go to’ outfit. You are inspiring and awesome. I have enjoyed viewing your blogs over the last few months of joining. Happy Holidays! Maria

  3. Love the outfit on you, Tania. I am not comfortable with a short blazer and a longer top, but now that I’ve seen how nice it looks on you I’m going to give it a try! Middle part looks great! Very much like the stylish Ms. Stahl.

  4. Lyn McGrath Reply

    OMG, that is so me! I retired and turned frumpy and I’m trying to “unfrump” by reading your blog!

  5. I like the new hair style and enjoy waking up and reading your blog. Thank you for all you do.

  6. You look good, girl! I LOVE your hair parted that way. The R&F is working. What have I learned form your blog? I’ve learned to be more bold in my choices of clothing. I was one of those people that thought I had to dress a certain way after age 50. You have opened my eyes! You are a true insipration and I thank you for being so honest & sharing your life. May God pour out his most wonderful blessings on you and your family!

  7. Tania, I love your blog! I look forward to seeing your outfits everyday. I am 57 and feel just like you. I love to wear cute clothes and you help me put them together? Thank you for being there?

  8. You look great and your confidence and attitude shines through! I have always had attitude and been somewhat confident but you have definitely helped build mine! The ultimate goal is to always be true to myself. Thanks for sharing yourself with us and have a wonderful Christmas and every happiness in the new year!

  9. Hello Tania, I’ve learned from following your blog to look at my clothes from a different angle and to try mixing it up a bit. Ensuring to go that one step further by adding costume jewellery to complete an outfit even if my day it due to be full of chores. Wishing you and all your family a very happy Christmas from the UK.

  10. Brenda Adams Reply

    Love this look today. You remind me of Jennifer Aniston with your subtle hair change. Especially love the red booties. Enjoy your Friday.

  11. Tania, I have learned that fashion can be fun at any age. Its how you wear it. I am wearing the exact same jewelry to work to day I love it!! I have been very pleased with the things you share and the things I buy at
    your recommendation. Thank you for building my confidence and attitude as I watch you express yours. I feel like I have a friend talking to me each time I read your blog. I wish you and your family all the joy this Christmas will bring to you and the future of the new year.

  12. You look fabulous – I love the simplicity of your clothing pieces and how your accessories take the look to another level. There is nothing like a great handbag – I have a Dooney & Bourke that wears like iron but is so stylish and carries my life elegantly. Love the boots!

  13. Nancy Sudlow Reply

    Love the whole outfit, esp The booties!! Always want to try something a little different and seeing what you are putting together sure helps me! Your hair looks great!

  14. Stepping out of our comfort zone is always difficult but SO worth it. It’s just putting that baby toe out….

    Your blog has encouraged me to do just that. I started earlier this year with a few LOGO pieces and now adore the line. They are a big change for me.

    As I near 60, I try to avoid frumpy with your inspiration. I tend to wear clothes on the baggy size to avoid displaying the tummy bulge that is impossible to get rid of as my weight fluctuates. Perhaps that is a good resolution for next year…. to wear my actual size and not go up one, as I continue a journey with Weight Watchers.

    Have a wonderful holiday. You certainly bless me each morning with your wit and wisdom when I sip morning coffee.

  15. Tania you have been such a positive influence on me this year! Thank you bunches! BTW – you still need to come to Pigeon Forge and meet me for a shopping trip! I wish you and your family the very best of Christmas!

  16. This outfit and your writing are some of your best ever!! Keep it up lady, you are killin it! 😍

  17. My 90 year old grandmother still “puts on her face” every day and does not leave the room at her assisted living facility without putting on a cute outfit complete with her accessories. I hope I will always want to look nice for myself most of all. It just makes me more motivated when I feel confident about the way I look. Merry Christmas!

    • Melesa Garrison Reply

      Sassafrass! That’s what I call my granddaughters when they are dressed up so very cute (all the time) So as long as you know, that’s a compliment! I love the red boots for an extra punch of cuteness!

  18. Merry Christmas Tania,
    I discovered your blog a month ago and I just enjoy you so much! I agree with you about age and confidence. I was an awkward child, shy and not confident at all. As I’ve aged I’ve grown so much. Our styles are very similar and like you I love a bargain and shop in many places. Thank you for putting yourself “out there”.

  19. Tania, you look gorgeous!!!!! I have learned to start each day with a happy heart ❤️ and some style!!!!!😎

  20. Your hair looks great like that. Very stylish. Amazing how one little change can give a whole new look. Love it.

  21. WOW!! You look amazing 🙂 love your hair that way, and you rock that outfit. Thanks for giving those of us that are over 50 (in my case over 55, a little lol) the courage to step out of the box.
    Hope you and all of your loved ones have a merry and blessed Christmas.

  22. I love your attitude. I love seeing positive women. Im 62, and loving every minute of it.

  23. a vanderven Reply

    That is the first thing I saw your hair was different an d you look sassy, wonderful. love it

  24. Good morning Tania! Love today’s blog!! Absolutely love your hair this way! I thought you had gotten it cut differently! Love the outfit!! I’m wearing my red boots today because you inspired me!!
    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!!

  25. One of the things your blog is teaching me is to shop in my own closet and pull together an outfit with what I have. I wish I could wear some of your sassy boots, but I have very large calves. I have purchased 2 pair of boots, but they just bunch up and look ??? , I don’t know, frumpy. You’ve helped me look into my closet differently, and pull together some cute outfits. Thank you! Merry Christmas to your family.

  26. Konda Nietfeld Reply

    Tania, This is my favorite outfit so far. I love what it says about your attitude. I have been using your ideas and ideas from a couple of other older woman blogs and just received the best compliment from a friend. ” You are really doing a good job at disguising your figure flaws” Which of course is my midsection. I couldn’t have been more pleased. After all at 66, I do have some flaws, but am learning so much.
    Thank you for what you do. Merry Christmas

  27. Stephanie Gaylor Reply

    Love waking up to read your blog every morning. I’ve had trouble transitioning from dressing up every morning to go to work 2 casual wear in retirement. I’ve been trying to step up my casual wear and not fall into sweatshirts and jeans everyday. By the way some of my favorite posts are your mistakes. I often put on an outfit and know that something is off but have trouble analyzing what exactly is wrong I have learnt so much from your talking through the mistakes in your outfits. Maybe you should stop admitting they are mistakes and start calling them teaching blogs. Haha. Like everything else in life it’s all about presentation

  28. First thing I noticed was your hair, it looks great that way! I appreciate your blog so much. You typically wear bright colors that I love and you constantly are showing me new ways to mix things up. I found your blog when you joined Cyndi Spivey and JoLynne Shane for a post quite awhile ago. It is a treat to read what you have to say each morning as I have a cup of tea. Merry Christmas to you!

  29. part Hendrix Reply

    I love reading your blog everyday!! Love this outfit.Merry Christmas!!

  30. I love your hair like that and your outfit is fabulous! I want that little velvet blazer but we don’t have a CATO anywhere near us, boo! One last thing…you look super skinny in these photos. Merry Christmas!

  31. Jackie Davis Reply

    I like your new hair style. I also love Maurices cami but they are a little thin. Do u wear any other kind of cami under them?

  32. My grandma ALWAYS dressed. She put polish on her nails, had her hair done, wore make up and nice clothes and always had on jewelry. Even her unmentionables were from the nicest department store in town! Even at 65 when she was sick, she STILL put color on her lips. I strive to be like her! My family always called me “little Hazel” (her name) She was my favorite.

  33. I love the color of your hair! I first found you on Pinterest when I was searching for hairstyles and dressing over 50! I have never colored my hair. ( I’m a strawberry blond) after reading your blog now for almost a year, I’ve felt empowered to make choices out of my comfort zone. I have an appointment in January to try some highlights! Woohoo! Wish me luck. I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and glorious new full of hope Happy New Year!God Bless!

  34. I really love this outfit !!! It rocks! one aspect I love is that you wore skinny jeans with ankle booties without rolling your jeans up to show bare skin! This makes your legs look so long and lean! I know you are taller anyway but I am not! I am 5’3″ and I have skinny jeans and booties but do you know how many times i’ve put them on, stood in front of a full length mirror and said (awkkgh! no way) well it was because I keep being told you have to roll the jeans! yes, it looks cute on the young long legged skinny girls but on me it looks, well, ridiculous!!! makes my legs appear too short and cut off at the ankle. Not every thing that’s in-style fits every body and I’m going to rock my
    skinny jeans with out cuffing and my ankle boots!!
    I love your blog!! keep giving us ideas and helping us learn to dress our bodies the best way for us!

  35. Your hair is great like this. Nice change option :-). Wishing you a Blesed Christmas. I read your blog every day and it always give me an idea or two and most certainly makes me smile.

  36. Susan Stancliff Reply

    Tania, you look fantastic! I love your hair!! I love your blog. You have shown me so many ways to change outfits up and using accessories. Keep it coming in 2017! Merry Christmas to you and your family. Have a wonderful time!

  37. Tania you really are an inspiration! It truly isn’t about age but about confidence! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!!

  38. Tania, I love your outfit today and I LOVE your hair parted in the middle like that!! Merry Christmas!

  39. Beautiful lady you rock!! Great hair and sassy look. You have taught me not to worry about what people think. Just because I’m 64 I refuse to wear dowdy clothing.

  40. Amen sister! I totally agree with you. Never give up. Always try to look your best.

  41. You look terrific! I noticed the hair even before the picture had totally loaded. Love it. You always look good. I enjoy hearing from you each day. Merry Christmas to you & your family.

  42. Elizabeth Kay Pinder Reply

    Hi dear, May I ask what size is the jacket you are wearing? I am interested in getting one, but I’ve never purchased from Cato before. How do the sizes run? Your whole outfit is darling! Thanks so much — I enjoy reading your blog daily:) I’m in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, a little east of Marietta.

    • Tania Reply

      I think I know where that is. My sister lives in Acworth. My jacket is a large. They usually run pretty true to size.

  43. Hi Tania, I found your blog thru Pinterest a month ago when I was looking for inspiration to get un-frumpified. I am 55, 5 feet nothing, with over 50 pounds to lose, and work from home, so no reason to dress up. But I started putting on makeup and tried to pull together outfits just to go to the grocery store, and it is kind of inspiring. I have made statement necklaces my “thing,” and I seem to get compliments whenever I wear one. I am always hot so I can’t wear long sleeves even in the winter, but I love today’s look with the lacy cami peeking out of the jacket. Maybe I could translate this look and wear a cami with a short-sleeve sweater. Those red boots are killing it! You’re an inspiration, please keep it up!

  44. Tania, love your outfit today and the new hair part. I immediately noticed something was different about your hair but thought it was a new cut. I change my part fairly regularly; it does make a difference!

    I’m 67 but have always (thankfully) taken good care of my skin so look, according to others, much younger. I also love fashion and, even though I don’t work outside the home, will wear a “nice” outfit when I leave the house.

    We should all pay as close attention to our appearance in our later years as we did in our younger years. It does inspire confidence and who doesn’t enjoy a compliment now and then? In addition to keeping our skin glowing, it is just as important to keep our hair in healthy condition. I see so many 50+ women with dry hair, lifeless hair. Posture, exercise, healthy diet, keeping current on trends, current events, etc….remain interesting and interested; all so important in how others perceive us. I think there’s nothing more fun than meeting a senior who I find interested in life, learning new things, etc. I hope I’m that person as I approach my 70’s and beyond.

  45. I love this outfit!! That camomile is really pretty and looks great paired with your blazer!

  46. The hair looks good – I like it! (Either way). Joe cracks me up – I always laugh at his ‘comments’. Outfit good, though I would prefer black booties, if it were me. Merry Christmas to you and yours, and Happy New Year!

  47. I like your hair this way! I love to try new looks. Some work, some don’t. I have learned you have to be happy with yourself first. I believe you are trying to help others with your blog, and I say you have succeeded. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  48. Amy S From TN Reply

    Your hair looks so nice!!! As it always does. I love your blog and it always makes me smile as well as your great wit personality. You style is so nice & professional. Thanks for taking part of your day to share & make mine a great way to start. I always read you blog as I am drinking my A.M. coffee and about to head out the door to school. (I am a high school teacher). Have a wonderful Christmas and wishing you the very best for the New Year.

  49. I just love your attitude and style! I will be 40 next year and completely understand what you mean about age being an attitude.. I love clothes and fashion, but sometimes feel like giving up. Thanks to your blog, I have hope,lol… thank you.I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas..

  50. Doreen Bednarski Reply

    Well, I’m a day late and a dollar short. It is Christmas and busy, busy, busy like everyone! I hope you get this reply. Keep the bangs, they have a very youthful and soft look. Great! Outfit is outstanding. Especially the longer necklace. Give me those red boots! Merry Christmas!

  51. Your humor cracks me up! You’re beautiful, inside and out. Have a wonderful, merry Christmas.

  52. Beautiful outfit Tania!! Since reading your blog I decided to look into the store Cato that you mention frequently. There is a small store in the next over from us, only 6 miles away. Their clothes are beautiful, and I have purchased several outfits. Thanks for letting us know about this great ladies store. Merry Christmas to you and yours and happy new year🎉🎉🎉

  53. I love this outfit!

    The thing that I’ve learned that I use the most is that necklaces and bracelets can be layered. This has really updated my look! Thanks for showing me that.

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