50 IS NOT OLD | PLAID BLAZER FOR OFFICE APPARELDo you hear the clock ticking? Time is running out if you have not started your Christmas shopping. I like to shop local if possible. I also like buying from those who sell items from their home. Like me with my Plunder and Rodan and Fields, there is also the LuLaRoe ladies, Tupperware, Avon, Stella and Dot, Mary Kay, and much more. These ladies all support families and can use the commission. 50 IS NOT OLD | PLAID BLAZER FOR OFFICE APPARELI posted on my personal FaceBook page a list of different direct sales opportunities that are out there. I probably even forgot a few, but I was amazed at how many companies there are out there to work with. If you are friends with me and know someone who sells any of the items I mentioned feel free to tag them.50 IS NOT OLD | PLAID BLAZER FOR OFFICE APPARELThis entire outfit was designed around my jacket. I bought this blazer/jacket a week or so ago at Cato’s and I really wanted to wear it this morning. I like the silhouette of this jacket. It is a fitted style with a small peplum hem. This is now on sale for under ten dollars!!!50 IS NOT OLD | PLAID BLAZER FOR OFFICE APPARELI layered a couple of necklaces today. I never used to layer, I would only wear one necklace, but I really love the effect. I have always liked to wear long necklaces but I have never been that fond of short necklaces. I have been trying to add some to my jewelry stash. The short necklace is called the Markle and the longer necklace is called the Shelena. This is one of my favorite inspirational necklaces from Plunder. It says,”God is within her, she will not fail.”50 IS NOT OLD | PLAID BLAZER FOR OFFICE APPARELI have a pair of Old Navy black pixie pants on. Black does not photograph well and even though I tried to lighten the picture you still can not see any detail. Here is the link for the ankle length and the long length.50 IS NOT OLD | PLAID BLAZER FOR OFFICE APPARELYou can hardly see my pull on over the knee boots. The black on black just makes me look like I have really long legs. There is no break in the look. I don’t really like flat shoes or boots, I normally prefer at least a small heel. These boots are hard to wear because they are pulled on. It is hard to keep your pants down inside the boot while you pull them on. I take a pair of socks and pull them up over the pants before I put on the boots. I have seen some straps that you can buy to clip to your pant leg and run under your foot and clip to the other pant leg. It turns your pants into stirrup pants.50 IS NOT OLD | PLAID BLAZER FOR OFFICE APPAREL

Remember to check out your friends who are selling items for any Christmas present you might still need. My products are Plunder and Rodan and Fields but you can feel free to link in the comments to someone you know who are selling other items.

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I just learned that December 16th is Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. I want YOU to participate with me. I don’t want you to make an ugly sweater or embellish one that you own, I want you to pull one out of the closet and send me a picture of you wearing it. I won’t mention any names but come one gurls, this will be fun. A whole post of me and my readers wearing our Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Over the next couple of days please take a picture and email it to me at I have only gotten a couple of pictures, let’s go ladies, it is time to participate with me.

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  1. This is a beautiful outfit and so slimming. I don’t have a plaid blazer so will put in on my Santa list. Have a great day!

  2. Blazers and jackets can make an outfit. This one with the peplum detail is exceptional and the price was too!!!🤑🤑

    • I know. There are some issues going on with the blog. I have my computer savvy friend, Jenette, working on it. She should have it up and fixed in no time.

  3. I didn’t get the email either…I was worried something happened!!! Glad to see everything is ok with you and it looks to be a technical glitch. Great blazer!!!

  4. I didn’t receive your email, so searched you out! How committed is that? Also, how does the sizing on the Cato blazer run?

    • You gurl’s need to let me know if the email works tomorrow. I think she got everything up and running. The blazer runs true to size.

    • You gurl’s are so sweet. I hope everything is fixed for in the morning. I am just glad you could even see the blog post because it was not showing up on a lot of computers, phones, etc. Thankfully I think Jenette got it working again.

  5. Wow, stunning outfit! Love the purple tank, silver jewelry coordinated with the plaid blazer!!
    I’m trying to get a pic for ugly sweater day 😉