December 2016



50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT ARE YOUR GOALSI don’t really like resolutions. I have made plenty of them in the past but I couldn’t recall very many of them now. The reason I can’t recall them is because I probably didn’t stick with them. Who hasn’t made the resolution to lose weight or get in shape? If you are skinny and in great shape maybe that resolution is not for you. How about the resolution to save money or go to church more? This year I am NOT making any resolutions! Instead, I am making goals.

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50 IS NOT OLD | NEW YEAR'S EVE OUTFITThis year is slowly coming to an end. This is a time of year when we look back and reflect on what we have done. As always there are highs and lows, good times and bad, and plenty of lessons that were learned. We can now look forward with high expectations of the coming new year. I can remember sitting by my radio and listening to the countdown of the year’s top hits. 

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50 IS NOT OLD | CAN A SWEATSHIRT BE STYLISHI am finally back in Virginia and I am still on the worn out side. It is so much fun to visit with family but it is so nice to crawl into your own bed at night. When I go home to visit I sleep in the upstairs sunroom which is 3 walls of windows. I love looking out over the town below (they live on a mountain) and seeing all the lights as I go to sleep. I love waking up and watching the sunrise in the mornings. Joe and I were talking one morning that the skies looked like cotton candy. You have to realize where we live deep down in the mountains you do not see the sun until it has already risen.

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50 IS NOT OLD | A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGSI know all of you think my blog has been a little off this week. Some of you might even think my blog is a little off “most” weeks. Haha! I wanted to spend a little time with my family which I don’t get to visit with a lot so I haven’t been taking photos of my outfits. It is a little difficult to have a fashion blog without pictures but I am somehow managing. Today, I am going over a few of my favorite outfits from December and telling you what I like about each one.

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You have to be following the craziest fashion blog on the internet. You know that, right? What other blog has a stinkbug in the title? Lol! I want to introduce you to my crazy world and that includes stink bugs. Most of you have heard me talk about my granddaughter, Emersyn. Emersyn is three years old and she has developed a healthy dislike of bugs. She screams anytime she sees a bug, an ant, or a spider. She immediately wants to be picked up and wants me to kill whatever she has spotted.

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50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT IS YOUR WHYToday I am traveling, so I wanted to write the blog ahead of time. I am not great at writing ahead which can be a problem when you travel. I want to be able to spend time with the family so for the next few days the blog might seem a little off or different. I am not sure what I will be posting, or even how long the post will be, but I know you gurls will understand. I am going to talk to you about opportunities, how to get them and how to recognize them.

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Merry Christmas! For Unto Us A Child Is Born. Today is the day that we celebrate the birth of Jesus. It doesn’t matter if this is the “actual” date, it is about celebrating the fact that he was born. He took a human form and was born in a humble setting.

I have been giving a little thought to this. Jesus, the Savior, and Lord of the Universe was born in a stable. I began thinking about this from a mother’s point of view. We all want the best for our children. Would you have wanted your child to have been born in a stable? Would you have wanted your child to be ridiculed and crucified? Mary, did you know?

Mary might not have known all that was to come when she gave birth to Jesus but God knew. God knew that He was sending His one and only son to earth and He knew what the outcome was going to be. He Knew! I wore my By The Book bracelet the other day that had John 3:16 charms attached. I have recited this verse so many times that I have somehow let the meaning and the power of the verse leave me. But it starts out with, “For God so loved the world” He loved us so much! Here comes the hard part, “that he gave his only begotten son.” Who do you love so much that you would sacrifice your child for? I can not even begin to comprehend that amount of love. I can not even begin to comprehend the sacrifice that was made. Now for the wonderful part, “that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life!” Believe, trust, and have everlasting life.

I have always wondered about Abraham, when he took his only son, Isaac, to give as a sacrifice to the Lord. He trusted that the Lord was going to provide. He trusted when the Lord told him to sacrifice Isaac. He trusted! This has been a powerful illustration of complete trust. I don’t know if I would have passed. I don’t know if I could have taken my child knowing “he” was to be the sacrifice. I just don’t know.

But I do know that Jesus was God’s sacrifice. He was born and He was crucified so that we might have everlasting life. I know that the Lord loved us enough to sacrifice His son. I know that today I celebrate His birth. Merry Christmas everyone!

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50 IS NOT OLD | THE DAY BEFORE THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMASIt’s the day before the night before Christmas, and I am busy, busy, busy being good. That is the words to one of my very favorite Christmas songs. Most people would say White Christmas, Silent Night, or even Jingle Bells, but not me. As a child, my sister and I listened to one album over and over and over. I can still sing you every song that was on that album.

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50 IS NOT OLD | ATTITUDE AND CONFIDENCEAge is an attitude. That has been my mantra since I started this blog. It is easy to fall into the old and frumpy trap once you reach a certain age. I had a friend whose mother-in-law dropped by her work one day and I thought the woman was at least 10 to 15 years older than she was. She dressed old, her posture was old, and she just looked like she didn’t care. In other words, her attitude was old. Why is it that some people just give up? Since you are reading this, I know that “you” have not given up, I know that “you” want to be the best that you can be. I am not the Army, but I want all of us to at least TRY, to at least CARE, and to at least have some ATTITUDE and CONFIDENCE.

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50 IS NOT OLD | REAL AND HONESTWhen I first started this blog I never envisioned that anyone would ever find it much less actually follow me. I really thought in the back of my mind that it would serve as a lookbook. I would be able to take pictures of my outfits and rate them on how well I liked them. I would have a visual reference for outfits I wanted to replicate and for “those” others that would never see the light of day again.

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