50 IS NOT OLD | HIGH/LOW DRESS FOR FALLOMG! My sister is the absolute best! Can you believe how sweet she was to me? I never knew she felt that way, I always thought she was pretty special too. Except for the time when she told everyone on the school bus that I wore “days of the week” underwear. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | HIGH/LOW DRESS FOR FALLAnother thing she forgot to mention in her post yesterday, I was out shopping for shoes for her and Mom. I didn’t buy ANY for me, but I bought 5 pairs for those two to fight over. Lol! Rachel, my niece, claimed one pair and refuse to let anyone even look at them. Haha50 IS NOT OLD | HIGH/LOW DRESS FOR FALLHow do you like this canvas purse? I love the colors, they are perfect for fall. The really perfect part about this tote is that it will fold over for a different look. This tote was sent to me by Eva Trends. The tote comes is three different colors, but I loved this red color. Eva Trends is the same company that sent me the cutest Fall wrap.
50 IS NOT OLD | HIGH/LOW DRESS FOR FALLI have on a Plunder Design jewelry set that I have worn and worn. I love the colors in the set, and I also like the small amount of bling. The necklace is called the Dalia. Here and here are the some of the times I wore this set. The bracelet is the Cecelia, and the earrings are the Dotty. To pace an order from me, you have to type in www.plunderdesign.com/party/taniastephens
50 IS NOT OLD | HIGH/LOW DRESS FOR FALLHere is the tote carried by the small handle, instead of the strap. I really like a canvas purse. They are durable and sturdy, and this will look great with jeans and corduroy pants.50 IS NOT OLD | HIGH/LOW DRESS FOR FALLLet me tell you about this dress. I received this from Eva Trends a couple weeks ago, but I put off wearing it till the weather turned cooler. If you are from a cooler climate, you need to pay attention. This dress is made from a really thick material. It is perfect for cooler days and nights. The high/low dress is really on trend and the pocket detail takes is to another level. The dress comes with a cowl neck that is not attached. It was still a little warm, so I chose not to wear the cowl neck today. The model on the website wore this dress with tights, and that will be how I will wear it the next time also, it was just too hot today.50 IS NOT OLD | HIGH/LOW DRESS FOR FALLI will show you a few pictures from the fashion show next week, stay tuned. I also have picked up a lot of new/used clothing this weekend. We went to an Estate Sale, and the woman was my size and my taste. I am heading back tomorrow when everything is 50% off. Mom has already threatened me if I am late for the fashion show, she knows me too well.

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  1. Doreen Bednarski Reply

    Did you have the dress altered? I went to the website thinking I may order it, but it is HUGE on the model. It doesn’t even look like the same dress. 😕 What size do you have? It said the model was wearing a small. I love this dress on you and with the purse it is a great combination.

    • Tania Reply

      Doreen, they took my measurements and ordered the dress from that. They are great to work with.

    • Tania you’re looking amazing. I’ve noticed in recent posts that your skin is glowing, luminous, just beautiful. i hope you won’t take this the wrong way but I checked out 2015 October post and you look younger today. I think I’m going to check out that line of beauty products you’ve mentioned. Can’t hurt, might help 🙂

      • Tania Reply

        Kathryn, I had never noticed until I started getting comments. When a change happens over a period of time, it is sometimes hard to notice. If I wasn’t taking pictures daily, it might not have been as noticeable. I really am enjoying the products, I have gotten obsessed with them.

  2. Super outfit but you’re making me feel cold with your bare legs, the temperature has dropped dramatically here in the UK 😂 Your hair is especially lovely.

    • Tania Reply

      I know, Caroline. I should have worn tights, but I haven’t gotten them out of a tote I put them in. Lol!

  3. Rebecca Purdie Reply

    Good morning!
    It is cool here in Greensboro NC.
    This dress looks so good on you. I’ve not a fan of the high low items but you wear it well. I’m out and about trying to find me some new fall clothes.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. When I was younger I wanted day of the week underwear sooooo much. Never got them.

  5. robjodiefilogomo Reply

    I love that you and your sister get along so well—-as an only child I was always asking my mom for a sibling—but it never happened–:)
    I’m glad to see you wearing your ankle boots with a dress—we did the exact same thing this week on the blog, and I think it spunky!!

  6. This dress is very pretty and looks great on you! The high-low is great with the “bend and snap” (channeling Legally Blonde) of real life requirements. What isn’t so great about the high-low hem is that it shows the dress lining/fabric backside which is not so attractive. Why aren’t the manufacturer lining these dresses like they line jackets? How much prettier if when viewed from the front or when walking, the dress flashed a subdued matching lining or a contrasting lining.

    • Tania Reply

      My sister and I actually commented the same thing. I think a dark navy would have looked nice, but I do love the dress. It is really warm!

  7. Michèle Ouellet Reply

    Your sister is great and so are you, it runs in the family 😉

    • Tania Reply

      My friend just signed up to sell LuLaRoe. I can’t wait to buy a couple of the dresses. I am loving the ones I have bought from Old Navy.

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