Hi, Gurls! I’m sorry to have to break it to you, but Tania is not blogging today. She called me late last night to ask me to post for her because she and Sandy were LOST. I would have felt bad for her except that she’d called me hours early using Facetime to show me all of the great shoes they were buying.

I thought I’d use the space today to share three things about Tania that you might not know.

tanbaby-218x3001. She’s good at anything she does. It’s true..she paints, she’s crafty, she can decorate and cook AND manage a business, plus she BLOGS.  She’s a great mom, loves her parents, showers the nieces and nephews with gifts, and is a top-notch Mother-in-law, and a super grandmother. She’s also athletic. You could throw her into Dale Hollow Lake right now with a ski-rope and a piece of plywood and she’d be turning circles and jumping waves backwards before you could get on your sunscreen. A lesser person might find that annoying.


  1. She REALLY likes Christmas. It’s her favorite holiday. As kids, we had a fake Christmas tree with a plastic pipe running up the back and connected to an angel. Snow would fall from beneath her dress, land in the cardboard tree skirt and head back up for hours of snowy fun. Tania now has one in her collection. And I do mean COLLECTION..she has approximately 75. Little ones, big ones, white, green, aluminum..and they get decorated. With handmade bows. When we draw names at Christmas, everyone wants her to get theirs! She has no control when it comes to Christmas and we like it.


  1. She’s always been fashionable, and that was HARD in the 70s. I remember when she brought this photo home from school. I thought she was as beautiful as one of Charlie’s Angels! As pretty as she is, she’s never had a pretty-girl attitude.

Our family tends to be on the sarcastic side, we tease each other a lot, but the truth is I’ve always looked up to my big sister.


If you’ve read the blog, you can see why. Thanks for coming to hang out with her each day. I’m so glad she has you gurls in her life!

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  1. Ok this is cute!! I have to know where were they lost and buying great shoes???

    • Tania Reply

      Angela, what my sister didn’t tell everyone was that I was shopping for THEM! I bought 5 pair of shoes for them, and none for me…..

  2. Sweet post! Hope those two don’t stay lost too long. Tania is amazing, and i’m so glad i “found” her. are a good sister, thank you for posting!

  3. What a lovely post, you can tell from the way Tania speaks about you that she is super proud of you too!

  4. Love this post! Sisters are the best – wouldn’t trade mine for all the world’s riches!!

  5. I love this post!! Thank you for sharing about your big sister!! I love following her blog….she is absolutely beautiful and I can tell that she is pretty special!!!

  6. Please tell Tania, it is okay to miss a day, you are lovely sisters to each other.

    You did really well. Kind wishes Tracey

  7. You are such a sweet sister. I am from East Tn. and know where Dale Hollow is at. I love hearing things that Tania and you did when you were kids and even know how great you both are. I love Tania blog, I look forward to it everyday. Thanks for telling us some more information about your sister. I just love it.

    • Tania Reply

      Dale Hollow is the most beautiful lake. It’s water is crystal clear!

  8. Tracey Royston Reply

    I always wanted a sister! I am blessed with one Brother, but no Sissy. This was a super sweet Post! Tania enjoy your break with your bestie!

  9. Hahaha! Thanks sis for the laughs and insider info!! 😆😂❤️

  10. What a sweet little sister! We all know Tania is crazy proud of you. I raise my coffee cup to all of our baby sisters this morning!☕️ Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Tania Reply

      I love her with all my heart, Mindy. BUT, don’t tell her I said so. Lol!

  11. Sometimes getting lost is a wonderful thing. Makes me wonder what she is up to? LOL!
    Thanks little sister for such a good job.

    • Tania Reply

      I wasn’t lost, Kathy. We just were running late due to shopping! Hahaha

        • Tania Reply

          Hahaha! This is mine and Sandy’s motto. You are never lost as long as you have gas!

  12. Charming post..how nice to meet you after hearing all the nice things Tania has said about you. You are right about the pretty girl thing. She is a beautiful woman, but does not generate the jealous nerve that many blessed with good looks do.She comes across as down to earth , genuine and the kind of woman we would all like to have as a best friend.

    • Tania Reply

      How sweet, Carole!!! Thank you so much for all the compliments. I really feel like I now have friends all over the United States and even abroad. It is such a wonderful feeling.

  13. Awesome post! What was it about the 70’s and “tree” poses! Gotta love it!

  14. Tania, I just recently started to follow you and I love your style. I have never been much of a jewelry wearer though I do own a few pieces. Yesterday I wore a nice necklace to compliment my outfit and have never received so many compliments. It had to be the necklace as this is an outfit I have worn many times. I run with a group of girls that are very into jewelry, one even owns her own shop, and a couple work for her and the rest shop her, I am the odd ball of the group. Thanks so much for showing me the way.

    • Tania Reply

      I love this story, Lisa. Compliments are such a nice thing:)

  15. Melesa Garrison Reply

    I hope Tania is having a great time, buying shoes or whatever. You are so sweet to make this post. Tania was a doll when she was younger, and of course she still is just beautiful and seems so down to earth. Thanks for sharing sweet things about your sister. I’m sure you are just as sweet!

  16. Edit Jeremias Reply

    You are so lucky to have each other. The love and mutual respect is obvious between the two of you.

  17. You forgot one: she has an awesome sister who has her back!😊 Thanks for taking over today.

  18. That was such a great read! How lovely that you two are so close.

  19. This is one of my favorite posts ever! Have a wonderful weekend. Any extra shoes…send my way, size 8. LOL

    It is Baylor University Homecoming this weekend (the oldest collegiate homecoming) and we have a massive tailgate planned. Sic ’em, Bears!

  20. Ruth Robbins Reply

    Ah yes — the gauze blouses with fabric colors — and then you top that off with bell bottoms and those ridiculously high platform shoes! HAHA! I loved the 70’s 🙂 You must be about my age too — I am a class of 1979’er and am 55. Also loved the cardigan sweaters, scarves, silky shirts, and saddleback jeans. And lets not forget earth shoes! But hey — the music was GREAT!

    • Tania Reply

      I was 1978, we are right there together Ruth. Do you remember the Lemon Frog clothing from SEARS? I loved that line! Hahaha

      • Ruth Robbins Reply

        Yes! I got a groovy pair of plaid trousers from them in 7th grade LOL! My mom worked for JCP so I always got most of my clothes there with her discount — good times 🙂

  21. 78!! That’s when I graduated too. You must have been at TTU when I was there. I also enjoyed reading this post.

  22. That last picture, wow, I had to look twice to make sure it wasn’t me. I have one just exactly like that. Same pose and all. My hair was just like yours too. 🙂 Great post!

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