50 IS NOT OLD | BREAST CANCER AWARENESSHi everyone, it is time for Fashion Flash! I am brand new to this group, and I am super excited to be joining all these great bloggers every Monday. A wide variety of subjects will be covered because we all cover different subjects. This week Deborah Chase with No Nonsense Beauty Blog will be hosting. Deborah is from New York, and she is a very accomplished author. Be sure to check out all the great bloggers who will be coming to you each Monday.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The GFWC Grundy Woman’s Club that I am a member of has participated in a “Ladies Night Out” event for several years. The last two years, we have hosted the event. Food and admission are free to all, and there are vendors who set up and sell all different kinds of items. 50 IS NOT OLD | BREAST CANCER AWARENESSThe woman’s club started the “Bras For A Cause” as a fundraiser for the Relay For Life. We charge $10.00 to enter a decorated bra, and then everyone can vote for their favorite by putting money in a cup in front of the bra. These bras can be pretty, funny, or serious. Here are some of my favorites.50 IS NOT OLD | BREAST CANCER AWARENESS50 IS NOT OLD | BREAST CANCER AWARENESS50 IS NOT OLD | BREAST CANCER AWARENESS50 IS NOT OLD | BREAST CANCER AWARENESS50 IS NOT OLD | BREAST CANCER AWARENESS50 IS NOT OLD | BREAST CANCER AWARENESSWe have some very talented ladies in our town. 50 IS NOT OLD | BREAST CANCER AWARENESSA past member of the woman’s club contacted me about a book she has written. Susan worked at one of the local banks in town and was the wife of the pastor of Vansant Baptist Church. This book chronicles her story of her diagnosis, treatments, and her reliance on God.
50 IS NOT OLD | BREAST CANCER AWARENESSI wore this outfit one day while I was in Las Vegas. I tried it on before I left to make sure everything looked okay together, so I took a few pictures. This is just the cutest top. I bought it at a local boutique in town. It is by La Reine. I wasn’t sure how I was going to like the cropped style, but I love it. I wore a pair of high-waisted pants with the top because no one wants to see my flabby, pasty-white stomach.

50 IS NOT OLD | BREAST CANCER AWARENESSI hardly ever carry any of my vintage purses, but I thought you might like to see this one. It is a silver basketweave metal purse with a lucite handle and a dark gray lucite top. I bought this from the ladies who will be having a vintage fashion show in Marietta, Georgia this coming weekend. You never know what will be in the show.50 IS NOT OLD | BREAST CANCER AWARENESSI fell in love with these python print shoes by G.I.L.I. I bought them right before I left at the outlet store in town. I really, really like these shoes. The print is stunning and I love how the straps go at a diagonal and have a single stud closure. They are extremely easy to put on and take off.

50 IS NOT OLD | BREAST CANCER AWARENESSThe lace and the bell sleeve really make this top stand out. I also like how the top just flows about your body, that way there is no visible lumps and bumps. The navy pants, I know they look black here, are some that I have worn over and over. I love this pair because they are pulled on. They have just enough stretch to make them fit well, but they are not too tight.

50 IS NOT OLD | BREAST CANCER AWARENESSI can’t believe the response that I have had to the Rodan and Fields multi-function eye cream giveaway. Either you gurls love to give a shout out to your town, or you are really wanting to try out Rodan and Fields. Either way, I LOVED all the responses. There were 362 responses, so I asked Siri to pick a random number between 1 and 362. I then counted to that number, and the winner of the eye cream is Sara Dubman from Appleton, WI!!!! You are one very lucky lady!

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  1. My sister in law Cheryl Perniciaro is a survivor. However, my brother’s first wife, Ginny died from breast cancer. My pastors wife Ginger Odor is now battling breast cancer.

    • Tania Reply

      I am sorry Mariana that your life have been touched by this disease. I said a prayer for all those you listed.

  2. I think the Hello Titty bra was my favorite. What a fun way to support such a worthy cause. As for your outfit, it’s fabulous. Those shoes are killer and the bell sleeves are so cool and on trend. Thanks for hosting.


    • Tania Reply

      I laughed out loud when I saw the Hello Titty one. I was taken off guard and not expecting that.

  3. Another wonderful outfit and those shoes 😍 What a lucky find! Blessings to all those ladies and men out there with breast cancer. I found a lump when my boys were little which thankfully turned out to be a cyst but it was an anxious week waiting for the results.

    • Tania Reply

      Caroline, I am glad that everything turned out fine for you. Self-examinations and mammograms are very important!

    • Tania Reply

      We’ve been doing the Bras For A Cause for several years. I need to show everyone some of the pictures of our woman’s club when we showed up “wearing” bras on the outside of our clothing😂

    • Tania Reply

      The bras are pretty funny, and I am amazed at all the creativity that everyone puts into making them

  4. Hi Tania–great post and love your outfit. My mom is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed in 1979 and just celebrated a birthday–85 years young. God bless all those struggling with breast cancer.

    • Tania Reply

      Rose Ann, it is great to hear stories of survivors! Thank you for sharing your mom’s story.😘

  5. Patti Karshis Reply

    Love the bras! Hello Titty is my favorite because that’s how a little girl we know always pronounced it and it made us all snicker!
    Would love a R&F sample 🖐
    I am currently battling Breast Cancer (still sounds so surreal to me) and have been doing Chemo for a month. I do not want to wish away time, but I’m anxious for January to be here when I will be through all Chemo treatments. Cheers to Rebecca Dartez for beating BC and sweet memories of Justina Schultz who did not

    • I just said a prayer for you Patti that God will give you “his” supernatural strength on your toughest days through this journey and I will continue to pray for you. ~Lisa~

    • Tania Reply

      Patti, I saw on Facebook that you were taking Chemo treatments. I understand you wanting to have all the treatments over and done with. I’ll get a sample out to you, and I will continue to have you and your family in my prayers.🙏

    • Patti Boatwright Reply

      From one Patti to another- you’ll be in my prayers daily! Our Father is forever faithful and He will use you in a mighty way. <3

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Andrea. It is so hard to laugh when you talk about breast cancer, but with this event, we at least get everyone to “talk” and that is so important.

  6. Beautiful top and I like your cross pendant. I found one about that size at a vintage shop in Upstate NY with a gorgeous pearl in the center. The bras were cute and very creative. My prayers are with anyone battling breast cancer and to the survivors that they will continue to be cancer free. My friend Linda just recently found out she has breast cancer and her first treatment is today. Thank you Tania for acknowledging this month as a reminder to pray for so many ladies. ~Lisa~

    • Tania Reply

      Lisa, I will say a prayer for your friend and her family. This is a horrible disease and one that I hope our granddaughters will never have to worry about.

    • Tania Reply

      That is so great, Donna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 17 years = 17 exclamation points❤️

  7. What a lovely outfit!

    I’m walking on Sunday, along with many others, to support funding and knowledge of breast cancer. I’ve done it for many years. Mom had breast cancer and ended up with a mastectomy. It was caught with a mammogram and wasn’t even palpable by her doctor at that point. I urge everyone to get that test! Being a daughter, it is my concern that will be a future problem for me, too, but diligently am tested yearly. Thank God treatments and diagnostic tests improve constantly.

    So, please, anyone who has yet to have a mammogram, please do.

    Love the bra fundraiser! Such fun!

    • Tania Reply

      You are right, Audrey. Early detection can be the key to survival. I used to have my mammogram every October since it was breast cancer awareness month. But, I had to cancel the appointment several times for different reasons, and I am now doing mine sometime in May. But, I always do one!

  8. LOVE your outfit today — especially the vintage purse! What a great find! Congrats to you and the other ladies of the Grundy WC for hosting this fabulous breast cancer awareness event. The Hello Titty bra is too funny! My favorite by far. My club meets tomorrow night and I can’t wait to tell them about your event. My mom passed away from breast cancer in 1974 and know several ladies who, thank God, are breast cancer survivors.

    • Tania Reply

      Pat, you should see the pictures from when the club wore bras on the outside of their clothing. It was hilarious! I am sorry about your mom, this is a terrible disease.

  9. I am a 6 year breast cancer survivor. Early detection from a mammogram can help you survive. My Mother is also a breast cancer survivor but not quite to her 5 year mark yet. Thank you for bringing attention to this. I loathe the pink month of October but only because it is a reminder of the long journey. Breast cancer is not pretty and it isn’t cute and pink. Please look closely at Pink items that are sold this month to be sure the money raised is really going to research or to help those struggling with the disease. Far too many items are commercialism and line the pockets of the those that are not touched by this horrible beast. If you can give, support a cause like Tania’s group or help someone locally you know that is struggling. Bless everyone that has to deal with this.

    • Tania Reply

      Beth, it is great to hear that you and your mom are survivors. It is unfortunately true that a lot of people take advantage of those only trying to help. I like giving locally, at least I know that the money was used for those here in my community.

  10. Virginia Pfeiffer Reply

    My beautiful Aunt Geniece developed breast cancer at 95. She was such a vibrant lady ( was still on a bowling league in her 90’s) and while she fought it valiantly, she succumbed at 96. I still miss her….

  11. My mother in law died from metastatic breast cancer Dec. 30, 2013
    Her name was Carolyn.

  12. My grandmother had breast cancer when she was 70 years old. She beat it thankfully. She passed away 2 months ago at the age of 98. It’s still hard to believe she’s gone. I miss her every day.
    Your outfit is adorable. Love all the funny bras.

    • Tania Reply

      It is wonderful that your grandmother lived until 98 years old. I bet she had some wonderful stories to tell.

  13. Loved your post – our local hospital sponsors a “Power of Pink” luncheon that I will attend this week. They also have a bra decoration. So much fun while bringing serious issues to light. I was diagnosed with breast cancer a little over 3 years ago (DCIS) and my mom is a breast cancer survivor (12 years) at 86 years young! I am enjoying my R & F and would love a sample!

    • Tania Reply

      Stacy, I am happy to hear that you and your mom are survivors! I will send you an email about the R & F samples.

  14. A sister of one of my good friends started a non-profit organization here called “Women Rock”. They provide support and free mammograms. They have many events but one annual event is the “Bras for a Cause” event. It’s a little different though, because men actually model the bras,,which is hilarious in itself. They have had a fire truck donated which of course iis paited pink, and women who are battling the disease or lost the fight are able to paint their names on the truck which is also used for parades, etc. I have a cousin Cindy who is a survivor, and a good friend Kristi, who sadly lost the fight. Prayers to all those affected by this disease in any way…

    • Tania Reply

      Lori, that sounds pretty funny to think about the men wearing the bras.😝 It is such a shame that there is still no cure for this disease, but there are many advances that hopefully will lead to a cure.

  15. I love the lines of this outfit. The shorter top and high waisted pants really elongate your legs. The shoes are to die for and I might die if I wore them but I do appreciate them.

  16. robjodiefilogomo Reply

    Great cause & great bras!!
    I haven’t tried the bell sleeves yet…did you have any functionality issues when wearing it?
    The shoes are right up my alley—if you get tired of them, feel free to send them my way!

  17. I read your blog every single day. I love it and look forward to it each morning! I am a breast cancer survivor- 2 years.

  18. how is the fit on GiLi shoes,?
    they look so good on the Q, but not taking a chance to order
    you get such good deals at the outlet

  19. I lost my daughter with breast cancer after she battled it for 10 years.

  20. My sister n law..Margie payseur.
    I am interested in one of your sample packs for R and F.

  21. Tania, Your outfit looks beautiful today!!! My Aunt Joyce is a cancer survivor for 30+ years now, praise the Lord! Also, Marveena who has just gone through her last reconstructive surgery. Ladies, please get your mammograms!! Early detection is a critical key!

  22. Jeanne Moseley Reply

    Cancer sucks. Breast cancer is cruel. It took my Granny in 2012 and my aunt is fighting the good fight. My co-worker is a 10+ year survivor and another co-worker is going through chemo now. Today we will be presenting a check to Massie Cancer in Richmond Va at my Company in Stony Creek Virginia, Davis Travel Center, for $50,000.00 thanks to our customers and employees efforts to give cancer the boot. Much love to all who have won, continue to battle and all those that lost loved ones to this awful disease.

  23. My sister, Jean is a breast cancer survivor. My late sister, Judy was a breast cancer survivor, but succumbed to ovarian cancer in 2009. Unfortunately, there is no reliable test for ovarian cancer.

  24. Love this outfit on you. It is also a great date night outfit – sassy and sexy! I have several friends that “won” their battles with breast cancer by earning their wings. While we don’t like the earthly ending of their story, their heavenly story have just begun. Praying for all the ladies in this thread and their loved ones engaged in their battles. Love you all!

    • That’s a lovely way to look at it. I guess I’m just selfish. I want Stacy here. She should be at her daughter’s wedding next April and to see her son graduate from the University of Texas next May. She died before he was out of high school. I miss her so.

  25. Glenda Braun Reply

    My nephews wife Tonya is a survivor and one of the bravest ladies I know.

  26. I am a breast cancer survivor. I would love to win the book because it is always so encouraging to read someone else’s story and how God brought them through such a hard, life-altering experience. God was so gracious to me and I am so thankful to him. My friend Julie is battling breast cancer right now. If anyone reading felts led to, would you please pray for her? She is a really sweet lady and is going through chemo.


  28. My sister is a 16 year survivor. A Special Ed teacher on my campus is a survivor. I lost a best friend in 2012. I miss her every. single. day.

    My sister and I are half-sisters. Her mother died from breast cancer. Our father was widowed at 32 with 2 small children. At Christmas. I tear up every time I think about it. This was back in the early 60s. (He later married my mother; then they had me.)

    Okay….moving on. I LOVE that top! (I’m wearing a gray bell sleeve top today.) And those shoes! I have a pair of Guess snakeskin pumps that are one of my faves, but yours are so much more fun.

    Those bras are a hoot! Sending this on to friends and family.

  29. Seriously loving this gorgeous top! Your picnic basket purse is just too adorable. I enjoyed seeing all of the decorated bras. This sounds like a great event.

  30. Love this outfit on you Tania! Those shoes are gorgeous! My friend Karen Hartlieb is a breast cancer survivor.

  31. Kathy Terry Reply

    It appears that Cancer is the death of choice in my genetics, but I will do my best to keep my immune system strong to fight off any avoidable little cancerous critters. My Mom had Ovarian cancer at about 20 years old…good thing she had two babies as a teenager (little blessings…my sister and I) and then breast cancer twice in her thirties. She’s in her late 70’s and going strong. Her name is Rosemary.

  32. Love your outfit! I love the bras, laughter is so important & the bras definitely bring smiles. My Mom was a Survivor, my Sister a Survivor & I’m a 12 year Survivor! I’m praying for Patti!

  33. I love this outfit!!! And those shoes!!! WOW.

    My mother (Vickey) had breast cancer, she survived it, only to pass from lung cancer. She was only 62 when she passed in 2009. I still miss her so much!! I get a mammogram every year. Thank you for your great blog! I enjoy seeing what you are wear and your words of wisdom. I think we’d be great friends if we knew each other in person. But since that is not possible. I’ll just keep on reading! 🙂 haha

  34. While reading through the post, I was quite surprised to see the book written by a local pastor’s wife in my town!! While I don’t attend that church (am in a “sister” church) there has been good publicity about her story here. Glad to see you’re promoting for her.

  35. Debbie Peel Reply

    I am a breast cancer survivor, 7 years cancer free! Praise the Lord! I have a pink fire truck named after me in my hometown. It travels to functions, getting signatures, and raises money that actually helps patients locally. I am very proud yet humbled, but very grateful for all the good work that comes from all the fund raisers.

  36. What a great idea…they are all so clever it’s hard to pick a favorite! My stepmom, Teresa, is a breast cancer survivor, my mother in law, Kathy, lost her battle with breast cancer 31 years ago next month. Prayers to all those currently undergoing treatment. Remember those mammograms!

  37. Good morning! My paternal grandmother died of breast cancer, my mom is a breast cancer survivor and my niece is a liver cancer survivor (she was diagnosed at 32 and received a lover that transplant a year). Have a great day!

  38. My mother is two-time breast cancer survivor. She had been in remission for five years and one month when they found cancer on the other side. Her faith in God and her resilient spirit is the reason we celebrated her 80th birthday last month. I am so blessed she is still with us and can say she has beat cancer! Praise God!!

  39. Beverly Norris Reply

    Breast cancer is a scary disease but I am an ovarian cancer survivor and there is never any publicity for it. September is ovarian cancer month. Maybe next year, you could mention this in a post.

    • My grandmother lost her battle with ovarian cancer at the age of 49 which was years ago. There is not as much publicity about it and I commend you for wanting it more recognized. ~Lisa~

  40. My sister-in-law battled breast cancer a few years ago and, thank god, won. So far, no remissions, no regrowth of tumour, so we are hopeful. Everyone in my husband’s family, who has passed, has passed due to cancer, and because of that, we are constantly on the look-out for all sorts of signs. For the most part, cancer takes time to grow, giving us time to be vigilant and check.

    I know this sounds superficial given the gravity of the topic but I do love your top, Tania. Very dreamy.

    And if you haven’t yet, do come over and join my weekly Friday Link-Up? I’d love to see you there.


  41. WOW!!! Do I LOVE this look on you Tania! You are rocking those python heels. I love how that strap looks A definite and classic look. A definite look to wear!! You are honestly helping me see how certain tops with certain shoes and a handbag can look GREAT!!. It really helps when you state who made the tops, shoes and pants. That really helps!! Thank You!!

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