50 IS NOT OLD | CAMO AFTER 40When I have been asked, “Can you wear camo after 40?” I have to laugh. You can wear anything you want, no matter your age. I guess the correct question is, “will I look foolish, if I wear camo after I am 40?” Well, I am over 40, do you think I look foolish?
50 IS NOT OLD | CAMO AFTER 40I take my pictures every morning before I head to work. I have been doing this for over a year, but I still get the strange looks from the neighbors as they drive past. I have no idea if they know I have a blog, or if they just think I really like having pictures of myself. Lol! But this morning as I was taking my pictures, the TV cable repair guy walked out on the porch. He never said a thing, and I just kept right on posing and snapping pictures. I wonder if they have to take training for a job like that. You know, like the guards in London who never crack a smile.
50 IS NOT OLD | CAMO AFTER 40Can you see me now? I have said that all day long, I know they are sick of hearing that at work. Lol! I can’t remember if I bought this camo top, or if I stole it off of my daughter. Now, that would be role-reversal. She used to take my clothing all the time, but since she now lives in Alaska, my clothing has been safe. Honestly, I was guilty of thinking I was too old to wear camo. Do you know how hard that was for me to type? I thought it was a youthful print, is there even such a thing? I don’t hunt, so I rationalized that it wasn’t for me. This top changed my mind. I had forgotten that youthful sometimes = fun.

50 IS NOT OLD | CAMO AFTER 40I was trying to get a close up of these earrings. They are by Plunder and are called Kasia. They are a dangle, but not a LONG dangle. I love the bling on these earrings.50 IS NOT OLD | CAMO AFTER 40Here is the Queenie wrap bracelet. This has silver metallic disks and burnished gold roses. I am not that creative, but I have seen other stylist wearing this as a headband, and as a choker. To place an order under me, go to www.plunderdesign.com/taniastephens and be sure to let me know that you ordered. I can’t wait till they get the new software installed, and hopefully it won’t be as hard to pick your stylist.50 IS NOT OLD | CAMO AFTER 40My Old Navy pixie pants matched the camo top just perfectly. Of course, this beige color would match most things. I have a pair of distressed camo pants that I love (see here) but I went with the top today. I will wear these pants all year long. In the winter, I just wear them inside of knee boots. I really like items that you can get multiple wears with.

50 IS NOT OLD | CAMO AFTER 40My purse is just a cheap one I picked up in town. It is the style and the color that I like. I love the ivory or winter white color, it is one of my favorite colors for fall and winter. It is in a hobo, slouch style and it has the added tassel, which is such a huge trend. My shoes are from Old Navy, and the are sueded pointy ballet flats.

50 IS NOT OLD | CAMO AFTER 40I hope you will come back tomorrow, maybe you will actually be able to “see” me then. Lol! Quick camo story, I might have already told this, I can’t remember. Anyway, my daughter (18) and my sisters daughter (8) were both at my parents house one weekend. My sister and I had gone shopping (big surprise) with my mother, and the girls stayed home with my dad. It was in the fall of the year, and daddy took them in the woods around the house on the four wheeler. Daddy had my daughter decked out in a blaze orange jumpsuit, while my sisters daughter had on her brown jacket. My sister was so mad when she saw them, she said, “Why didn’t you just tie tree branches to my daughter’s head?” Apparently, she thought she looked too much like a deer. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | CAMO AFTER 40BTW, you gurls are great!!! I loved the responses from yesterday’s post! It was really hectic at work, so I didn’t get time to reply to them, but they kept me entertained all day. You can send me pictures of you in your nighttime apparel it you want, except you “nature” gurls. Hahaha

Another thing, I did a post on Rodan and Fields, and several of you messaged me about their products. While Rodan and Fields does not offer samples, I will. If you are SERIOUSLY interested, then message me and I will send you a mini facial sample. These packs are not free to me, I am purchasing the products and assembling the packets, so please only ask for one if you are really interested. I will be sending this packet out to you ladies who have already made a purchase as a thank you gift. You can view Rodan and Fields products by going to my site, www.tstephens.myrandf.com.

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  1. Look forward to your posts everyday – they come through about 10 pm. Love the camo, the pants and the suede shoes! You have done it
    in a very tasteful way. Loved your post on bedroom wear – it’s not always easy to find. I would love to see a wet and windy outdoor rainy day outfit. Thanks for all your hard work putting this together every day!

  2. When I hear camo I think of those cargo pants with loads of pockets 😂 ! This is a great outfit, just a touch of pattern not head to toe and the shade of your pants, shoes and bag is so versatile. Any chance of you pestering plunder to ship to us fans in the UK? I’m sure they would have lots of new customers.

  3. I wore a camo legging, yeah you read that right, a few weeks ago! So I certainly don’t think you are to old to wear camo!

  4. I bought camo pants after seeing you in yours this past year. They are packed for my trip to Europe as surprisingly they mix and match to create several outfits. Thanks for the encouragement! Age: 57!

  5. Great outfit Great story about your daughter and cable repair guy. Neighbors and passersby’s must wonder what you’re up to posing for photos – you’re the local celebrity they never knew about! I’ve noticed a lot of camo lately but haven’t picked any up yet. Sounds like a good excuse to order a new top!

    Have a great day.

  6. I’m 62 and love, love camo. Camo is a Southern girls’ favorite color. Enjoy your blog everyday!!

  7. robjodiefilogomo Reply

    We just did a blog series on camo too—and even my 70+ mother was wearing it!!
    Did she look silly? I don’t think so—it’s really just a print, right?
    Love your look Tania!!

  8. Leave it to you, Tania, to make camo look chic. Love the outfit. Thank you for starting my day with a laugh! That cable guy…can you see me now? I may giggle throughout the day!

  9. Camo is the new black, is it not? (and I’m not saying that you look like you belong in fashion prison). And you’re right, it is a fun print and why shouldn’t the over “whatever number” crowd be able to have fun with their look? It’s all in how it’s incorporated into an outfit and you’ve done a fabulous job.


  10. Adore this
    Adore camo
    Adore you
    Thank you!
    (& btw…. you were just the inspiration I needed to replace my long t shirt nightie) but it’s so comfy!

    • Tania Reply

      Fantastic Mary!!! It is time to get a new nightie, it still might be comfy:)

  11. I love your look! And your sense of humor makes my day! You mentioned that you take your picture every day…do you have a friend/husband take the pic or do you have a way of taking a selfie that I need to know about! Your pictures are fantastic! Keep up the great work!!

    • Tania Reply

      I use a tripod and the timer on my camera. It takes 5 shots at a time. I usually take 10 far off, and 10 close. It takes that many to find a few that I can use. Lol!

  12. Love the outfit. I would certainly wear this to the office (very business casual). Thanks for all the various pics of your accessories. Love that you mention where you purchased items.

  13. I’m not a big camo fan, but your outfit today is very tastefully done! I would definitely wear this one!

  14. I love your attitude adjustments, that we can all ignore “rules” like No Camo After 40. Many “rules” of fashion are aging and dumb. I like your willingness to try new things and prompt us to as well!

  15. Lori Thompson Reply

    Yes, the attitude toward “no rules” is a good one, but I’ve never been a camo fan at any age. Just me – not my favorite! It’s always refreshing to see new things to try, however. Keep up the good work!

  16. Tania! I love this look! I can even see wearing that to work and I’m a banker! Good Friday outfit for sure!!!!

  17. Love reading you posts each day. Always smile when I see you pop up in my email. You are my “brightspot”. Keep it up. Sending hugs! xoxo

    • Tania Reply

      That is very sweet to say, Sarah. Thanks so much.😘

  18. I have not ordered anything from you but if you are offering a sample of the R&F facials without a prior purchase I would love to try it. My DIL and my daughter both have used R&F and love it. I have a friend locally that sells it but I haven’t contacted her. If you are offering a sample you can contact me at jdy277@aol.com. Thank you!

    P.S. I will provide you my mailing address via email if you can send me a sample.

  19. You make camo look quite classy!

    When I was a young thing, I had a sleeveless t-shirt in a camo print (before it was really fashionable) and I loved it. Now that you’ve shown how to class up that print, I’m wondering if I couldn’t find a Mossy Oak shirt to go under a work blazer…

  20. You look great! I think I’m going to look for a cute camo tee now!

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