fashionin-thebedroom-1Are you enjoying a hot cup of coffee as you read this post? I get a lot of comments that most of you read my blog, while you are drinking your coffee, tea, or something else. Now, I want you to look down, and tell me what you are wearing. Don’t be Jake from State Farm and say, “Khaki’s!” hahahaYou’re going to just love this post. We are going to talk about sleepwear. Fashion is everywhere, even in the bedroom. Are you married, have a significant other, or do you live by yourself? It really doesn’t matter, you SHOULD look nice no matter what.

I remember a story that someone told me about their mother. Her mom always wore a flannel gown that was so old, it was almost see through. If you have ever worn flannel, then you know as it is rubbed, the material gets thinner and thinner. You can well imagine the spots on the gown that got the most wear. She had plenty of other gowns, but would always pull out this old ratty gown. One night, my friend and her brother, decided that gown had to go, they had “seen” enough. After a lot of playing, tickling, and cavorting, the gown was in shreds. Her mom would laugh and laugh over this story, it was one of her favorite memories.

Years ago, I admit I had been guilty of wearing “stuff” I wouldn’t even put in a yard sale. I can’t believe I subjected Joe to those outfits. It was like, “I’m just going to bed, no one will see me.” I forgot all about the one person that WAS going to see me. I looked in the mirror one day, as I was leaving the bedroom, and thought how dowdy that person looked. I went that day and changed that.

Just like the mom in the above story, I had plenty of nice pajamas, but I would throw on a pair of shorts with holes, and a t-shirt that was stained or had holes too. Are you disappointed in me? In the winter, my go-to look was not any better, it consisted of leggings or yoga pants and a long sleeve top. When I would wake up, I threw on a long robe (to the floor) that was velour and dark mauve.

Bertha and I went to a woman’s club seminar one weekend, and we had to room with a lady that we only knew in passing. We picked her up, and she rode with us the for the 2 hour drive. She was really nice, and we felt comfortable rooming with her. Later that night, she went into the bathroom to change for bed. Bertha and I were already in bed, and we both were shocked when she came out of the bathroom. She had on Lingerie!!! I am talking about the frilly chiffon type lingerie of the 1950’s. I talked to a lady who had to room with her a month ago, and I had to ask if she wore the lingerie. The lady started laughing and said she did. Lol! This woman put us all to shame. I still do not wear lingerie, but I no longer look like a rag-muffin when I go to bed.

This is my idea of what you should wear in the summer months, if you want to wear shorts. How cute are these? This is still just a top and a pair of shorts, but I don’t see stains, rips, or holes. Instead, I see sweet, cute, and a tad sexy.

If you are not a fan of the two piece short set, then how about a gown?  These are cute and comfortable. If you HAVE to go to the store in your pajamas, these at least could pass for a dress. Haha These are modern, and NOT a bit frumpy. These are also very affordable, you don’t have to spend a fortune to look nice. You have no reason to keep wearing those old rags. Lol!

Wearing Plus size is no reason not to look adorable. I love these cute little gowns!

This is one of my favorite looks for the winter. It is an oversized sleep shirt, but it looks like you are sleeping in your husbands button-up shirt. I think this is super sexy. Am I strange?

And for those of you who are saying, “I would freeze in those things,” here is what you should consider wearing. Your arms are covered, your legs are covered, and they button up for ease in putting on. BUT, they still look nice and cute. I have a couple pairs of this type pajamas. One pair is satin, and one is knit. I even took the solid black knit pair and had it monogrammed with my initials . Lol!

The moral of the story is, you have no excuse for not looking nice, even when you sleep. Take a few minutes and go through your pajama drawer. Get rid of anything that is stained, ripped, or looks like it came over in the ark. Haha! Go shopping, and let me know what your husband thinks when you put on some new duds.

This has been a public service announcement. You can thank me later, I know your husband will. Lol!

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  1. Love your blog today! After a 25 year marriage break up, a few years on my own, and finally stepping back into a relationship, I had never given much thought on what I wore to bed. After my sweetheart made a comment about taking me shopping for some nice gowns, I was horrified at what I had been wearing to bed or to lounge around in! Now I enjoy shopping for nice, comfortable gowns and lounge wear…Soma is usually my go to brand. Now, if I can just give up my favorite robe, that yes, has holes and makeup stains on it, but oh so comfy! Have a wonderful day and thank you for your blog!

    • Tania Reply

      We sometimes need to look at ourselves through someone else’s eyes. I am glad you took the, not to subtle, hint. Lol!

  2. Haha, I also used to sleep in old shirts! Till I thought:what is this, I want to look nice during the day and at night I look like a bag Lady! Now I am wearing nice, slightly sexy(not to sexy, I want some sleep!) Nightwear!

    • Tania Reply

      Me too Nancy. Who wants to look like a bag lady ever???

  3. Nice post Tania, but you might want to check out your title,left out the “l” kinda funny. I think you meant “public service announcement” but “pubic” could be funny!

    • Tania Reply

      Hilarious!!! I need to correct that, but wait, I can’t it is already on Facebook!!! hahaha

  4. What a great post. I’ve been splurging on Carole Hochman pj sets for years now and having a robe with gown that coordinate make me feel special. Definitely puts a spring in my step. I’m already looking for a new brushed back satin gown for colder nights. Variety can be the spice in life!

    Have a wonderful day.

  5. Hi Tania – great post! I really need to and will go shopping. My husband (and I) thank you!

  6. Sharon Neff Reply

    I really like the cotton knit gowns from Lands End. I wear short sleeved ones in the summer and long sleeved ones in the cooler months. My winter gowns are flannel, but not ratty ones. I also try to get patterned ones in the cotton knit because I have several grandsons ages 5-13 that stay from time to time and I don’t think they need to see too much of their Nonna revealed. I do wear robes, but you never know when you need to check on someone in the middle of the night or something like that. My mother wears gowns until they fall apart and I vowed not to do that! Love your posts Tania!

  7. robjodiefilogomo Reply

    It is more fun to have nicer sleepwear! But I really like to mix & match mine instead of the matching top & bottom. It must come from my day outfit thinking!!

  8. I wear stuff around the house that makes my husband laugh (in a good way). I have some palazzo pants that I pair with a sweatshirt or a tee depending on the weather, and in winter I have a fuzzy leopard-print house coat that only needs a turban to make me look like a 1950s glamorous housewife.

  9. Great post Tania !!!! I have been convicted and I am guilty 🙁 I definitely look like a rag-a-muffin at bedtime and around the house when I’m cleaning. I dress nice for work and even going to the grocery store or running errands…..just not for bed. You have challenged me to do better with my sleeping/bedtime attire. ~Lisa~

  10. I love this post! I always have at least two or three pairs of Pajamas for summer & winter. One to wear, one in laundry & one to spare. LOL I also try to buy new ones every two or three years. I get tired of looking at myself in the same PJs too.

  11. Ok, well, I’ve mentioned my “diva” mother before. She has always worn, and still does wear, shorty nightgowns with matching robes….and slippers with marabou feathers and a kitten heel. I. Kid. You. Not. She’s 83. She used to send me to summer camp with satin camis and shorts for pjs. Yep. To summer camp…in the woods. (I’d put at tshirt on over them.)

    HER mother was more ladylike, but just as particular…think the pjs and gowns Laura Petri wore on The Dick Van Dyke show. Oh, and Mimi hung them in her closet. I thought they were so lovely. (And her closet smelled of Chanel No 5). I, personally, am a satin-y pj girl. I buy ones with shorts or that are sleeveless for summer, and more tailored ones for winter.

  12. Tania, your big heart wins again! I’m getting rid of stuff that’s too big/stretched out etc. Thank you for reminding us that our husbands/significant others/kids &
    OURSELVES deserve to see decent looks as we sip something in the morning and read your blog! B t dubs, my Joe would thank you! Lol!

  13. I’m an “au naturale” kind of gurl at night! But I love Nottibianche loungewear to hang out it in the morning. It’s very comfy & the pieces are all mix & match. I too was guilty of old worn, ratty looking PJs before I found that brand!

    • Susan, I’m with you. Nekked is great sleeping! But my hubbins just commented that it might be time I got a new robe. I was wearing the MOST comfortable flannet robe that actually hides my nibs (which is a feat!). Thanks for the tip on Nottibianche.

  14. Love this on Night Wear…..Years ago I learned a Very Valuable Lesson……My Husband & I went with His Daddy & Girlfriend on a trip to see Leon’s Aunt in Georgia……Both Leons Dad & His Friend were in Their probably late 70’s, I was about 39 years old at the time……When I was packing, I thought OK…We are staying at The Aunts House & His Dad & Everybody will be there, so I picked out for my Nightclothes a Long really matronly looking housecoat & gown, no they did not match & of course & regular ole houseshoes, because being older “”””I “””” did not want to make any of Them feel bad???? Anyways, as Nighttime came & We ALL dressed for Bed, we got together to say Goodnight to each other…..To My SURPRISE, here came THE FRIEND dressed in one of the most Gorgeous Nightgowns & Robe to match that I had ever seen..Her shoes were Gorgeous & of course matched…..If I could have gone through that Floor, I sure would have….She was a Good 70 years old or more…..I was Astonished…..Needless to say, I changed my way of Night Time Dress…….It is so Funny now, but I was so Embarrased that Night!! Much Love, Deb

  15. Kim in Minnesota Reply

    My favorite jammies are two sets of lace-trimmed cami, one pair shorts and one long pant and matching open cardis from Soma. I put them on my Christmas list, and hubby gifted them to me – win win since he hates picking out clothes and we both enjoy nicer nightwear. I also bring these on girls trips, since they cover me up while looking nice.

  16. Great post and I’ve enjoyed the comments, especially about the spunky moms/grandmas.
    Stay Lovely, Ladies! XO

  17. Lisa Williams Reply

    Love your blog! I was ready to go out to dinner with my husband the other night and I said Honey I realize why people who blog get sponsors. Because of you I had an adorable coach purse, some plunder jewelry, and pixie pants from Old Navy! Yay you for making me feel cute. 🙂

    • Tania Reply

      Everything you listed was all AFFORDABLE! I think that is my middle name, well that and shopaholic. Lol!

  18. Since the day I got married (25 years ago this weekend) my husband has always bought my bras, underwear, and pj’s and he shops at Victoria’s Secret. I have absolutely no complaints and hubby gets to buy whatever he wants to see me wear. Trust me, it’s the best win-win situation in any marriage.

    • Tania Reply

      That is wonderful Tee! I like how your husband thinks. 😀

  19. My week has been so busy that I finally had a chance to read your last few posts. Although I have cute pajamas for both summer and winter, tonight I put on a roomy t-shirt and a pair of well-worn pj capris with watermelons on them ( from Old Navy). I put these on BEFORE I read this post or I would have dressed better! My mom has always worn nice nightwear, usually nightgowns with matching robes. I have always worn two piece pajamas and I buy the same for my daughter. When my daughter was young and my mom stayed overnight at our house, my daughter saw my mom in her nightgown and asked ” Grams, is that a sleeping dress?”

    • Tania Reply

      Okay, Lori, it is now time to set up your sleeping attire. You can still wear two pieces pj’s, just nice one’s. lol! And be sure to get some for your daughter too.

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