50 IS NOT OLD | KIMONO ROBE AND FRINGEI have still got Billy Preston stuck in my brain this morning. If you have no idea what I am talking about, check out yesterday’s post. Haha But, don’t say you haven’t been warned. I finally got around to checking out the weather forecast for Panama City, Florida for this upcoming weekend. It is not looking good, as it looks like we might get some rain. Joe just laughed when I told him, and said it rains down there almost everyday, don’t worry about it. That is a role reversal, I am usually the optimistic one, not him. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | KIMONO ROBE AND FRINGEI remember going to a county fair one time. I swear I had lived in that county all my life, but I had NEVER seen any of those people. Someone in our group spoke up and said, “if you think they look bad now, just wait till they get wet.” Lol! I can just see all of us concert goers (aka the cool crowd) with flat hair, dripping makeup, and wet t-shirts. I think I will be sure to take pictures of my outfits before we leave the condo. Haha50 IS NOT OLD | KIMONO ROBE AND FRINGEDon’t you just love the light gray? I recently bought this fringed kimono the other day when Sandy and Bertha and I stopped at a little boutique in Richlands, VA. What I really liked about this kimono, was the pale pastel colors. I am not usually drawn to pastels, OR florals, but I loved this look. This kimono is by Umgee, and I have gotten really partial to this brand. They have some really cute items, and so far everything has washed up well for me. I know someone commented before that they had some issues with this brand, but I never have.

Kimono Top: Similar | Similar | Similar50 IS NOT OLD | KIMONO ROBE AND FRINGEThe light gray or silver camisole is from Maurices. I love getting my camisoles from them. I will always pick up one or two when I stop there. Camisoles are a perfect light top to wear under a cardigan, sweater, or jacket. I wear them all year round because of their versatility.
50 IS NOT OLD | KIMONO ROBE AND FRINGEWell, that’s just great! I have a string that is hanging out of the top of my shirt. You would have never known had I not cropped in for a closeup of the necklaces. Lol! The short necklace is called the Bonita, my mother says it looks like an opened Oreo cookie. Haha The white part of the necklace is a fuzzy type fabric, and it is very pretty. The longer necklace is called the Lolita. It has the saying, “She Walks By Faith Even When She Can’t See.” What I like about this necklace, besides the saying, is that it is square. Most of the other inspirational necklaces by Plunder are round. The bracelet of multi-colored arrows is called the Bonny. The tag says, “She Knew She Could Be Brave.”  I’m pretty sure most of us could use that saying, especially you teachers who just started back to school. Hahaha There is just TWO more days left to be entered in the $25.00 Plunder gift certificate giveaway. To be eligible to win, all you had to do was place an order for Plunder through me, no specific amount. Every time you place an order, you will be entered.Here is the plunder website: that will have you shopping with me. Try copying and pasting this in the address line, and hopefully it will work. If not, then type in my stylist number 241007 in the stylist box at checkout. I have started an online party, and there is a dropdown box where you can choose Tania’s P Party at checkout also.50 IS NOT OLD | KIMONO ROBE AND FRINGEThe light gray ankle pants are by DKNY. I have worn them several times this year. I like today’s look better than the last time I wore these. Yuck! The studded dark gray shoes match my purse, (some fashion police say this is a no-no) and I think they look great. They are by Sole Society. I have worn these shoes a couple times, (here, and here) and they give a little different look each time. 50 IS NOT OLD | KIMONO ROBE AND FRINGELook who decided to give momma some love this morning. Aren’t they the cutest ever? Lucy Lu’s tail looks like an otter in this picture.50 IS NOT OLD | KIMONO ROBE AND FRINGEWhoops, you can see my dark taupe bra strap showing. Lol! I don’t know why I always point out every flaw. I guess if I point it out, then others can’t. Hahaha My husband calls this the hairy arm theory. This horribly picky woman wanted her portrait painted. Nobody could ever please this woman. She hired painter after painter, but hated all of them. Finally she hired this painter who did this fabulous portrait of her, with the exception of a hairy arm. She immediately when crazy, screaming about the hairy arm. The painter told her he was sorry, but that he could fix the mistake. He painted the arm correctly, and she LOVED the painting. Sometimes we waste too much time trying to please others, when we really just need to give them a hairy arm. Lol! If that didn’t make you laugh, there is something wrong with you.😜

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  1. The colors in the kimono are lovely and it looks fantastic on you. IMHO, the rule about not matching shoes and purse is more about not needing to match them to be stylish and there is nothing wrong with an outfit if they do match. Sometimes it just works better than way.


  2. You look lovely Tania. The soft, muted colours of the kimono make the floral pattern more wearable and the camisole is a super length. I am very long waisted and a lot of tops are way too short. I wouldn’t mind if I had toned abs 😂 Your two little pups are gorgeous!

  3. Hi Tania, I’m enjoying your blog from Waterford in Ireland. Your outfit is great and you look fab…not a hairy arm in sight😂😂😂kind regards,

  4. Love this post Tania – the picture with your adorable dogs is so cute – certainly made me giggle…
    I LOVE the shoes…you really think it’s a no no to have matching shoes and bag – that used to be a fashion “must” right… guess times change and now nail polish has to match shoes – hehehe.

    Have a fab day – I found another slip dress to post on instagram today – had been lonely in my wardrobe for years so it’s getting a new life now 😉

    Have a fab day!

    xx Yvonne

  5. Nice light summer look and as usual you put everything together so well. As I was watching the weather this morning it does look like it could be rainy there later in the week. Praying it goes thru fast and you have a great time anyway.

  6. I love the fringed kimono – it’s really cute, and seems like a perfect wrap for those frigid A/C rooms & restaurants, yet light enough to keep the sun off your shoulders when outside. But for rain protection – sorry Charlie – it’s cute but won’t pass muster ! Enjoy your trip, and take tons of pics if you can – especially if it rains!

  7. You and your ensemble look lovely as always. No matter what the style experts say, I still like a purse and matching shoes with certain outfits. I so enjoy your blog. I am learning to mix and match more than ever! 😊

  8. Love your outfits and so impressed that you post every day! That’s a lot of hard work….I appreciate not only your colors, but the large variety of clothing you show….also, some that you’ve had, showing us all it’s not all about the newest trend and ok to “shop the closet” Have a great trip!

  9. Tania, hi. Im having a challenge trying to order a plunder necklace and to make sure its under your name. I made an account but i dont see where it asks for your stylist number. I finally got in to your shopping page bit then when i said i had an account it switched off your site. Any ideas?

    Patti Karshis

    • I had another lady tell me the same thing. You can place your order with Plunder, and if it gives you the box that says pick a stylist, then tyoe in my number 241007. If you are not sure that it shoppe under me, just email me ( your order number, and I can have it switched. I do this all the time. I hope you like the items, be sure and let me know.😊

  10. Love the kimono! Afraid you will get a little more than rain. A tropical storm is headed your way but I think it makes landfall on Thursday so hopefully you will be OK. Good luck!