50 IS NOT OLD | BOHO FOR WOMEN OVER 40If you read my post from yesterday, then you know I was on the road most of yesterday. It takes me 5 hours, without stopping (which never happens) to get back to my hometown of Livingston, Tennessee. I traveled back home to watch my oldest child be inducted into the football Hall of Fame for Livingston Academy. It was very cool, sitting in the stands and listening to the announcer tell all about his accomplishments. But, since I am such a ditz, I left my “good” camera in the truck and was stuck taking photos with my phone. That would have been alright, if I had been smart enough to record what the announcer was saying. At least I get “Mom” points for traveling so far to see the induction.
Without much chit-chat, we are going straight to the outfit. I have on a cute Umgee high-low vest that I recently purchased on my way to the woman’s club conference. Even though it is made with spaghetti straps, this vest will be perfect in the fall. I have been in this boho vibe here lately, and I know it is because of the upcoming music festival. When I saw this vest, the festival is the first thing that popped into my mind. As it starts to get cooler, I will still be able to wear this, maybe over a 3/4 sleeve shirt or a long sleeve top. 50 IS NOT OLD | BOHO FOR WOMEN OVER 40My jewelry is the Nellie necklace by Plunder Design. Someone commented the other day, asking what the cross necklace I had on in a picture from the conference, and this was the one. The strap from the top is partially hiding the cross, but there is a great picture of Plunder’s website. I am wearing it in the choker style (chokers are going to be huge this fall), but you can also wear it long.50 IS NOT OLD | BOHO FOR WOMEN OVER 40The turquoise stone bracelet is called the Eunice. This was a special item from Plunder, but I am thinking it may be coming out in the new Fall catalog, which will be updating September 1st. 50 IS NOT OLD | BOHO FOR WOMEN OVER 40I also add my Plunder bangles, but only the ones that had blue on them. Lol! That would be the Liza, the Monica, and the Skye. If you are not aware, I am giving away a Plunder $25.00 gift certificate at the end of the month. Every person who places an order for Plunder from my site, will be entered to win. Every time you place an order, you will be entered.Here is the plunder website: http://www.plunderdesign.com/taniastephens that will have you shopping with me. Try copying and pasting this in the address line, and hopefully it will work. If not, then type in my stylist number 241007 in the stylist box at checkout. I have started an online party, and there is a dropdown box where you can choose Tania’s P Party at checkout also.50 IS NOT OLD | BOHO FOR WOMEN OVER 40I also bought these lace-up sandals with the music festival in mind. Gracious, this festival better hurry up, I am going to have to add on another closet just for concert wear. Haha! Thankfully these shoes were not expensive. I bought them at Cato on sale for $9.99. This is how you work trendy items into your wardrobe, without breaking the bank. I carried this fringe hobo bag recently with another boho look. Which look do you like best?50 IS NOT OLD | BOHO FOR WOMEN OVER 40Ummm, there is a small problem when you wear this type shoe. The lace will either come untied, slide down, or you have to tie them so tight that your legs look like sausages. In this case, they had slid down, so I re-tied them, and they stayed up better.50 IS NOT OLD | BOHO FOR WOMEN OVER 40The dark orange tank top is one that I bought early this spring from Target. I think that this was the first and only clothing item (other the scarves) that I had ever bought from Target. I was worried about its quality and how well it would wash. I am happy to say that it has done great!

Target Tops: SimilarFall Cold Shoulder | Similar50 IS NOT OLD | BOHO FOR WOMEN OVER 40The skinny crop jeans with a cuff are some that I have had for a couple years. I forgot to check the brand, and I don’t have them with me. I will just link several that look the same to me.

Cuffed Crop Jeans: Joe’s Jeans | Joe’s JeansPlus

50 IS NOT OLD | BOHO FOR WOMEN OVER 40This is one of my favorite pictures of when my son played football. Matthan was a 4-time All-State selection in football at Wide Receiver, Kick Returner or Athlete, including being the only Freshman in Tennessee history to be named to the Associated Press 1st Team. (1996 as kick returner). He holds several school records. I may not have recorded the announcer, but I did remember most of what he said.

I am going to visit my grandfather while I am here, he turned 99 on the 20th of this month. AND, then I am off to visit with my grandmother who will be turning 103 on the 31st!!! Now you know the reason I call this blog 50 Is Not Old, with genes like this, I may live forever. Lol!

I hope all you gurls enjoy the rest of your Saturday.

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  1. Great outfit and your vest will be quite a versatile layering piece that you’ll be able to wear in any season. The colors suit you well. Fabulous job of putting together a boho look that any over 40 gal would be comfortable wearing (except maybe the sandals with the ties that fall down).


  2. Kim Crosbie Reply

    Wow 99 & 103- You are so fortunate to thave grandparents. I don’t have the longevity gene in my family and lost my grandparents and parents young.

  3. Congratulations to your son! And I love the BOHO look even if we are over 40. It is a great fall look. I love the caftans and vest. They add so much to an outfit. I also buy a few items from Target. They last and last

  4. Kathy Terry Reply

    I have always had a strong boho inspired vibe in my wardrobe, so see no conflict regarding age and dressing boho..and I turned 60 last month! I just missed the actual hippie era!!

    Congrats on all those great genes your family is contributing to human race; age, athleticism and a joyful, giving spirit!

  5. Michelle Mosteller Reply

    Love the look! As for forgetting your camera and not hitting record, sometimes it’s great just to live in the moment. It reminds me of a photo I saw recently. One was before camera phones, and everyone was enjoying a concert. The other, was everyone videoing a concert. Those in the first picture looked happier. I’m sure Matthan was excited to have his mom in the stands, regardless:).

    • Tania Reply

      I agree. But I hate it when I get to visit with the grand babies and then get home and gave no pictures. I am afraid one of these days the memories will fade, but a picture would last.

  6. You are concert ready! Congratulations on your son’s amazing athletic accomplishments. Proud mom! I know you treasure your family young and old.

  7. 99 and 103 – WOW!!!! Tania, you are so blessed to still have them! A big congrats to your son Matthan! I had a little chuckle when I read about what happened when you were trying to take pictures…sounds like something that would happen to me! ha I have to ask you a question about your skincare. I know you’re using Rodan and Fields and your skin looks amazing!! Is this what is keeping your eyelids lifted up? I seriously need help with my upper eyelids and if Rodan and Fields does the trick, then I may need to invest in this skincare. Hope I’m not being too personal. Have a great weekend!

    • Tania Reply

      I told my sister that it looked like I had an eye lift 😂 I think I must have just been looking surprised. They didn’t look like that in the rest of the pictures. Lol!

  8. That certainly is a beautiful picture of your son! And I know exactly what you mean with the straps to tight or they won’t stay on their place. Hate that! You’re looking very beautiful, I like the vest with the outfit! Enjoy your weekend!

  9. I love the 70’s boho vibe! When I wear that style of sandal, I cross wrap them around my ankles, then tie them in the back–that way they don’t slide down and are easier to walk in–much like a gladiator sandal.

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