50 IS NOT OLD | SUMMER COLD SHOULDERAs much as I hate it, it is time to give summer the cold shoulder. The past few mornings it has been almost nippy, with just a touch of coolness in the air. I have even noticed that it is starting to get that “crisp” look that comes in the fall. I need to go through my closet and see if there is any summer clothing that I need to wear before making the full transition to fall mode.50 IS NOT OLD | SUMMER COLD SHOULDERI love ankle booties and regular knee boots, but I am not looking forward to the cold weather. I am going to try to get a transitional post up before long for you. I jumped right into the spring clothing in March while everyone else in town was still running around in heavy coats and fur vests. I did get a few strange looks at the grocery store, but I didn’t mind. Some bloggers are starting their fall attire starting September, but I just don’t know if I am ready. Especially since I am going to be in Panama City Florida the beginning of September. Can you imagine the looks I would get down there? Hahaha50 IS NOT OLD | SUMMER COLD SHOULDERI wore this top a couple of weeks ago, mainly because I wanted to show off the jewelry I was wearing. I fooled around though, and never put it on the blog till now. Guess what??? The jewelry is all sold out, so it is no longer available! I guess the next time I will not drag my feet. The long necklace and the matching bracelet was this month’s Plunder Posse purchase. Both items combined were only $25.00 including the shipping, taxes, etc. It was a fantastic purchase, and because of that, it has already sold out. Each month’s posse is a limited supply, and the jewelry will not be featured in the catalog.50 IS NOT OLD | SUMMER COLD SHOULDERToday’s top is the cold shoulder trend that has been so popular this summer. I wore this top back in June, but I thought today I would try to be a little softer with the look. The top was purchased at Cato’s this spring. I wasn’t sure if I would like the cold shoulder trend, so I did not want to sink a lot of money into the look.

Cold Should Top: Similar | Similar | Similar50 IS NOT OLD | SUMMER COLD SHOULDERI decided to only wear the bangles with only lilac and blue. Even then, I still had on 5 bracelets. (Bobby, Liza, Monica, Odette, Skye)Lol! My daughter rolled her eyes at all my bangles, but I am glad of that. Otherwise half of them would be going back to Alaska. Lol! I have an August contest running with Plunder. EVERYONE who places an order from Plunder through me in the month of August, will be entered in for a $25.00 Plunder gift certificate. You can buy a bracelet, and you will be entered into the contest. To shop with me, here is the website:  Try copying and pasting this in the address line, and hopefully it will work. If not, then type in my stylist number 241007 in the stylist box at checkout. I have started an online party, and there is a dropdown box where you can choose Tania’s P Party at checkout also. Several of you ladies have already taken me up on this offer. Good Luck!50 IS NOT OLD | SUMMER COLD SHOULDERThe shorter Rosalie necklace is still in stock. Lol! I like this necklace, and it’s matching earrings, because it is the perfect length to fill in that void that a longer necklace will leave. If you are wondering how to layer necklaces, this is a simple example. BTW, I don’t think I made it clear in my previous posts, but EVERY purchase from Plunder in the month of August gets you entered for the 25.00 gift certificate. So if you purchase something three separate times, you will be entered three times.50 IS NOT OLD | SUMMER COLD SHOULDER
I have on the palest of pink ankle pants today. I own three different pink ankle pants, each one just a tiny bit different. Two of them are by Old Navy, and one is by Talbots. I truthfully forgot about having the one from Old Navy, and bought another pair ALMOST identical. I know, I have too much clothing.

Pale Pink Pants: Talbots | JC Penney | Express50 IS NOT OLD | SUMMER COLD SHOULDERThe hot pink leather Vera Bradley tote has been my go-to purse this year. I have carried it with almost EVERYTHING! It is the perfect size, it has plenty of pockets, and let’s be real, the color is perfect💕💕💕The cork platform wedge shoes are a pair I bought in February at the DSW in Atlanta. I liked all the colors in the shoe, but they actually hurt a little right across the toe. That is why you don’t see me wear them a lot.

Pink Tote: Similar | Similar | Similar

Wedge Shoe: Similar | Similar | Similar50 IS NOT OLD | SUMMER COLD SHOULDERI guess this post was just continuing my pink theme, even though I didn’t mean to have one. I get like this, I will eat the same thing, wear the same color scheme, carry the same purse, and wear the same jewelry. Having the blog has helped me just a little bit to expand. I hope it has helped you gurls as well. It just dawned on me that some of you might be new followers and not know why I call everyone my gurls. Here is the post about that. I promise you, I do know the correct spelling. Haha!

How about a little Backroad Song on a Thursday?

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  1. Hi Tania, I know what you mean about nippy mornings – it’s happening here in Zurich too but by late afternoon the temperatures still rise to almost 30° – HOT – so layering is the name of the game.

    Last weekend I found myself in Austria staying at the hotel James Bond stayed in during the filming of Spectre – it was an awesome experience you might like to read my post (lots of photos):

    Wishing you a fabulous Thursday
    xx Yvonne

  2. Such pretty colours on you Tania, I loved the pink/blue combo you wore on your Mother’s Day post earlier in the year too. What a shame your shoes are painful. I would wear them with a pair of socks, ( just around the house of course!) to try to stretch them 😀

  3. You wear so many colors well but this color is amazing on you….the color of your shirt that is. I would like to see the way “you” transition into fall as I need some ideas. ~Lisa~

  4. I am not ready either and I am not going to start until after my holiday, next week, and we have a heat wave here in the Netherlands! Yeah finally!

  5. I’m so jealous of the nippy weather you’re having. With the heat index on Monday it was 107 degrees here in Orlando, yuck! And now we are having a “cool front” because of the storms, making it only 94! Ugh, I am way over the heat!

    • WOW! That is really hot! It has been warm this year, but nothing like that. We have hit the 100 mark a time or two.

  6. Summer is my favourite season so I go kicking and screaming into fall ever year! I’m vacationing in southern Italy this year and probably won’t transition until I return to Canada mid October. As far as I’m concerned, wear what makes you happy. As usual, I’m a fan of your outfit today and love your use of colour!

  7. Tania, can we get a picture of your new hair cut from the side and back? Maybe it’s just the way you styled it but it looks more textured, wispy, love it!
    You look amazing as always.

    • This is still the old style. I haven’t put the new one on yet, not fixed normal anyway. I am trying to get rid of some older photos that I have taken before summer is gone. Lol!

  8. I love everything about fall, the colors, sweaters and boots. But this former Ohio girl now lives in Florida so summer last well into fall! I live 90 minutes from Panama City Beach and believe me it will be HOT labor day weekend. Enjoy your beach time and the Jam! And I LoveLoveLove the cold shoulder look. Sexy but not too revealing

  9. I love this shirt and yes, that shade of blue is fabulous on you!

    I may have missed a post about this in the past, but can you share how you store all your jewelry? You have some beautiful pieces and I’d love to see how you are able to view everything you have to know what pieces to put with certain outfits. Also, can you do a video of how your closet is organized too? I think my problem is I end up wearing the same old things all the time because I’m not able to see everything I have and my closet is a jumbled mess. LOL! Thanks for helping us “gurls” out!

  10. I love fall, but it can be very warm sometimes as late as October in some occasions. I look for summer clothes with fall colors to get me through the transition months. I hate winter!

  11. Keep summer going as long as we can gurl!! Tried on my fall pants today, making sure they still fit and what I need to buy! Then, I tucked them wayyyy back in the closet!!! See them soon enough!!


  13. Yea you! I am not ready for fall clothing either. Fall leads directly into winter which I hate. By the time I put on my hat, scarf, gloves and coat I am late for wherever I was going. Let’s hang on to summer as long as we can.

  14. Oh gosh, please, no, no fall yet! I’m already seeing mentions of pumpkin spice things. I can’t. Here on Long Island we’ve got another month of HOT, easy…and warm thru mid-October. Why are we always rushing everything? Let’s just savor things the way they are right now.

    Ha, I say that, but about some things I DIE waiting 🙂

    I do think that hot pink (tote) is most definitely a summer neutral.


  15. Howdy Friend….I haven’t posted in a while. Busy summer. But I’ve been reading and keeping up.

    Love everything about this outfit…color combo, the shoes, and the (sold out-HA) jewelry.

    No “nip in the air” in my neck of the woods. More like the weather you will find in Panama City, FL. Our struggle is to transition into fall….darker colors, but not heavier fabrics. (I mean, still put away linen…)

    You’re one year anniversary as a blogger should be coming up soon! Right?


    • I’ve been wondering about you Brandye. I knew school would be starting up, and that you would be back to the grind. Glad to see you were still reading, if not commenting:)

  16. Reading your posts always make me happy. It feels like I just had a chat with my best friend. Your cheerful, happy outfits match with your personality. Your stories are colourful as well as informative. I always learn something new. Thank you for being you!

  17. I must say, your eye brows are on point! I can say “on point”, I have a 15 year old daughter….ha ha

  18. I recently found your blog and love it. I may have just missed it but have you ever shown your closet or talked about how to organize your clothes and accessories?

    • Not yet, although these ladies have been hounding me to do that. Lol! I guess it is in the “I need to do one day” bin.

    • It took me awhile to figure it out. It is not on thier website description, but it is on mine. Strange…..
      “As a deer longs for streams of water my soul longs for you” Necklace comes with a deer antler charm on a 32″ gold chain