50 IS NOT OLD | A LITTLE BLINGI have heard that a diamond is a girl’s best friend. That saying might be accurate for some ladies, but not for this gurl. Don’t buy me diamonds, that is not the way to my heart. HOWEVER, I do like bling. I have come to the conclusion that I need a little bling in my life. I have something in common with the crow, I like shiny baubles. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | A LITTLE BLINGI bet you’re looking this outfit over, and thinking to yourself, “I don’t see any bling.” You are almost correct, I don’t have on my normally bling-encrusted jewelry. I am not wearing a necklace at all, and the bracelets and earrings are simply silver.50 IS NOT OLD | A LITTLE BLINGLet’s get to the important part of this post. Doesn’t my hair look wonderful today? Haha I haven’t had a good hair day in weeks, so I am doing a small dance. Woohoo!!! It is about time. I was beginning to think I needed to go back the hairdresser and see if she could give me a different cut. If you’ve seen my post on how I style my hair, then you might have figured out why there are days it doesn’t look the best.50 IS NOT OLD | A LITTLE BLINGI know exactly where I bought this top because the tag was still attached in the neckline. It said Ross, and the price was $14.99. I thought I had worn this top before, and I probably have, but I evidently didn’t cut the tag off. I can only hope that it fell down inside my collar, and was not shinning on the outside. I like a lot of the elements of this top. I like the wide neckline and the cap sleeves. I like the wide banded hemline, this works well for my shape. The widest part of me is my stomach area, so this camouflages it well, however if you have wide hips, this might be the best look for you.

Navy & White Top: Similar | Similar | Plus50 IS NOT OLD | A LITTLE BLINGHere is a closer photo of my silver link bracelets. The one closest to my hand in by Chloe & Isabel, and it has a matching necklace also. The other link bracelet was from TJ Maxx. It’s links are so thick, that I don’t like to wear it, and I usually wear it on the other hand. I switched hands shortly after this picture was made. When I am at work, I use my right hand all the time to add, write, etc., and it hurts when the links hit my desk. Chloe & Isabel is having a HUGE sale right now. There is a ton of products on sale up to 65% off, only till they are sold out. If you have ever wanted to try some of their jewelry, now is the time. Just remember to type my name (Tania Stephens) in the Find A Merchandiser box. I just looked at the sale and picked out a few things that are great deals, and of course I had to show them to you. LolPalm Royals Statement Necklace Reg. 128.00, Sale 44.00Northern mist necklaceNorthern Mist Statement Necklace Reg. 148.00, Sale 51.00plum three rowColor Code Plum Three Row Necklace Reg. 88.00, Sale 44.00cocktail ringRetro Pave Cocktail Ring, Reg. 48.00, Sale 16.00Jardins du Trocadero RingJardins du Trocadero Statement Ring Reg. 48.00, Sale 24.00midnight earringsMidnight Palace Convertible Earrings Reg. 48, Sale 24.00Midnight statement braceletMidnight Palace Statement Ring  Reg. 58.00, Sale 29.00

There are plenty more items to choose from, these where just a few that stood out for me. Chloe & Isabel is Nickel free, and has a lifetime replacement guarantee on their items.

50 IS NOT OLD | A LITTLE BLINGHere is my bling. See all those little white dots? Those are actually little rhinestones, so every time you move, you get some sparkle. If you look closely, you can see that the top is embroidered. Not too bad for $14.99.50 IS NOT OLD | A LITTLE BLINGI almost hate carrying my cute little Coach satchel. It is several years old, and I have looked for similar ones online before. But tonight, I decided to look for the exact purse on Ebay. I found several, you have to type in Coach Ladybug purse. It was a special edition purse. Here is one that is a buy-it-now, free shipping, and only 49.99. Be sure to always read the small print, and check out the seller’s feedback.50 IS NOT OLD | A LITTLE BLINGMy white ankle pants were an easy pick for this outfit. I like the stark contrast between the navy and the white. I have worn white pants almost non-stop this summer. I hope you bought a pair, I intend to wear them even after Labor Day. That is not a fashion rule that you have to abide by.

White Ankle Pants: JC Penny | Petite | Talbots (All Sizes)50 IS NOT OLD | A LITTLE BLINGThis outfit would not have been complete without a small touch of yellow. Lol! I just can’t help myself, I need to put on a little yellow with my navy. This yellow espadrille wedge shoe is by Michael Kors. I have had this pair for a couple years, so they are no longer available. But I will try to see if I can find similar pairs.

Yellow Wedges: Similar in Leather | Similar | Similar
50 IS NOT OLD | A LITTLE BLINGMy fingernail polish (which is still not changed) matches the trim on my purse. Lol! Yep, I did that on purpose.

I am off for the day, I will be helping Sandy decorate for Vacation Bible School at church. VBS starts this coming Sunday, and we might be cutting the time frame a little short. The theme is Cave Exploring, so we will be trying to make stalactites, stalagmites, and a few torches. Who knows what else we will throw in. If any of you have already had the Cave theme, give me a few “EASY” decorations.

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  1. Love this outfit, wish I could shop online to get stuff from USA….do you know if any of the big stores ship to the UK? Keep up the great blog, it makes my day! N

    • Sandra, I’m an American living in Austria and can tell you that some US companies (e.g. Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor, Macy’s etc.) will ship to Europe. However, you have to keep in mind that there will be sales tax (normal), shipping (which will be somewhat higher than domestically, of course) and customs fees. The nice thing is that many of these companies go ahead and charge you a flat customs rate when you purchase online, so you can decide if it’s an amount you can live with or not (it can be pretty high). If not, I just cancel my order and cry a little bit 😉 The nice thing is, you know the amount from the very start and there will be no more surprises when the package clears customs on your end. Hope that helps!

  2. Blingtastic!! I usually steer clear of clothing with embellishments as I’m afraid that they will drop off during the laundry process and ironing etc but this is such a lovely top. You can’t go wrong with navy and white. Good luck with your cave endeavours and don’t forget, when the mites go up the tites go down 😄

  3. I love bling, too, and have to pull back from wearing too much. I’m a Quacker Factory fan (line on QVC) and must admit much of my work-at-home look has sparkle and shine. Brings a smile to my face! As long as I put them in a lingerie bag, the embellishments and hang to dry. Many I’ve had for years and still look brand new.

    Good luck with the decorating! Our church had their vacation Bible school last month and also had a cave theme. On the walls going into the lobby, they look brown paper and draped it over the walls from up high, buckling with some fluff behind to bulk it up, so it looks like cave walls. They also took green construction paper to make leaves and vines along side it. Cute.

    • That sounds cute. Sandy has purchased a lot of brown paper. It is the matter of how much time we have. We are going to do the easiest decorations first, and then see what we have time left to do.

  4. Love your top and the pop of yellow! I am going to add yellow to my navy from now on!

    We used a lot of black plastic draped from the ceiling in hallways (with command hooks) and made stalagmites and stalactites by rolling paper cones. Displays of mining helmets (I’m in Ky), backpacks, and lanterns were easy. I cut cardboard pieces into “cave walls”, sprayed with canned foam sealant/insulation, then spray painted it silver and glitter…had to get in some bling!!! Good luck with the decorations and have a blessed VBS!

    • Those are some great ideas, Teresa. I know we have something like that in mind. We will just have to wait and see how our visions actually come to life.

  5. Love your post but gotta ask where do you keep all of your clothes, bags and jewelry? I live in Europe with only a wardrobe. Did you convert a bedroom into a glamor closet?

  6. I didn’t get time to read through your blog this morning. I only looked at the picture on Facebook as it came up on my feed. I thought – her hair ALWAYS looks amazing, no matter what she is wearing, her hair always looks great! Then when I get time to read your post, you mention your hair, hahaha. I think it always looks great, obviously even when you don’t. Have a great Day!!

  7. Love the top and bling! You can’t go wrong with T.J. Maxx, one of my favorites! Fantastic as usual Tania!!

  8. Love the look and the post. You always make smile and laugh with your honest view on everything. Thanks again. I too am a bling gurl !

  9. Beautiful, as always, Tania. I love bling too. Only recently have I really started thinking about my own style and just what that looks like. I know it definitely includes bling. Whether it be little rhinestones on my Keds or sparkles on a tee or a bag, or just pretty jewelry, I love the shine and twinkle of bling. – Amy