50 IS NOT OLD | SCALLOPED SHORTSI never know when I sit down at night what I am going to write about. Sometimes it is about what has been happening in my life, sometimes it is a walk down memory lane, or I look at my outfit and decide to talk about that. I guess by now you have figured out which one I am going to be talking about. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | SCALLOPED SHORTSI bought these scalloped shorts LAST YEAR! But guess what, I had never worn them. You gurls will sometime comment that I inspire you to try new styles and colors, but did you have any idea that you are the ones who inspire me?50 IS NOT OLD | SCALLOPED SHORTS

These shorts are out of my comfort zone. They are cute and they are not horribly short, but they are shorter than I will normally wear. The only time I have worn shorts this short, is when we would go to the lake or the beach. And then I didn’t care, most of the other women were wearing items just like mine. But, these are dress shorts, and I finally got up my nerve to try a new style.50 IS NOT OLD | SCALLOPED SHORTS

On the positive side, nobody made any “mooing” or “oinking” noises at me, and nobody tried to drag me back into the ocean (beached whale) so I guess I survived. Hahaha! I don’t recall hearing any wolf whistles being thrown my way either, so we won’t exactly call the shorts a success. 🎶  I thought these shorts were black & white, but today when I was riding to lunch with Joe, the sun shined on my lap and I found out they are navy & white. Did I mention that I am a little on the blind side. Lol! The shorts are by St. Tropez West and I bought them at TJ Maxx.

Scalloped Shorts: Similar | Similar | Plus50 IS NOT OLD | SCALLOPED SHORTSYou gurls should know that one of my favorite color combinations is cobalt blue and black & white. I know it turned out to be navy & white, but that doesn’t really matter. This ruffled top is by Merona, so I assume that I bought it at Target. That actually surprises me because I don’t buy very much clothing at Target, AND I don’t really like ruffles (except in potato chips). There is no Target near me, and I usually am looking for other items when I do go in one.

Ruffled Top: Similar | Similar | Plus50 IS NOT OLD | SCALLOPED SHORTSI am trying to do better about taking close-up pictures of my jewelry. I get in such a hurry of the mornings, I sometimes forget. I have on my Plunder Designs Bonny Bracelet (arrows) that comes in the upgrade kit. The metal tag says, “She knew she could be brave,” there are days when I really need this. Lol! The other bracelet is the Edith Bracelet, and it is one of my favorite Plunder pieces. The large circle necklace, is the Heather necklace, and it says, “He will cover you with his feathers, Under his wings you will take refuge.” You can see the feather charm that can be worn either in the front or the back. The smaller necklace, was a gift from my BFF Sandy. It is a quote from Revelations, and says, “He will wipe away her tears.” I am not sure where she ordered it from. If you want to place an order with Plunder, go to www.plunderdesign.com/taniastephens to order under me. If you want to sign-up as a Plunder stylist under me, my stylist number is 241007.50 IS NOT OLD | SCALLOPED SHORTSIn all honesty, I did not end up wearing these shoes. Sorry, I changed my mind as I was leaving out the door. I ended up wearing my Marc Fisher sandals. These shoes are by Sole Society, and are in the Gladiator style. 50 IS NOT OLD | SCALLOPED SHORTSBe sure to check back in tomorrow to see what I will write about. You can pretty much flip a coin, it is always a toss up to what will come across my mind. Maybe one of your comments will spark a thought. Lol!

And now that I know you can leave comments (that is the most I have EVER had) I will be expecting them from you daily. Hahaha😛

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  1. Hahaha!!! I love that you wing it when it comes to blog post topics, Tania. I tend to do that myself. Sometimes it’s the outfit. Other times, it’s the location. Most times, it’s a thought that’s been present in my mind for quite some time. And BRAVA for wearing those shorts. I don’t own a single pair, and I’ve never worn a pair, I’m not quite that brave yet. Perhaps the “She knew she could be brave” bracelet is needed? 🙂 xoxo

    • Tania Reply

      I bought a planner to plan my posts, but so far it is empty!😝

  2. You’re lucky to have such shapely legs, my thighs are not my strongest point so I try not to inflict them upon others! It’s so humid here today, I can feel my make-up sliding off already, do you have any tips for keeping it looking fresh in hot weather?

    • Tania Reply

      Sandy asked me the same question yesterday. I use CC Cream instead of actual foundation, it is a little lighter. I will set it with powder after I put it on. When I am finished, I spray my face with a setting spray from Urban Decay. I hope to do a makeup tutorial, not that I am great with makeup, just showing you how and what “I” do.

    • Caroline, I live near Corpus Christi Tx and I have the same problem. Tania’s advice is awsome and what I do as well. You also might add a face primer before you put on your make up. Primer keeps your make up on longer and also evens out the surface. There are many primers out there. The cheapest one that I think works really well is ELF brand. I got mine at Walmart. There is one I have seen great reviews on called Smashbox Photo Finish. I want to try that one and compare it to ELF. Good luck!!

  3. Debra Schramm Reply

    Your legs look great. I’m working on mine. Right now I only wear the 9″ shorts from Old Navy so most of my thighs are covered up.

  4. Tania, you look great! If i had your arms and legs…i’d probably complain about something else! Here i am in Steamy Florida and i never wear shorts or tank tops. Thank heaven for the trend in capris and 3/4 sleeves and cotton! LOL. Did you know in Britain LOL stands for “Lots of Love”! LOL, both sorts, to you!
    Debs xxx

    • Tania Reply

      Debs, that is what I always thought LOL stood for too. There was a FaceBook joke on one day where the daughter received a text from her mother telling her that her grandmother (or some relative) had died, and she ended the text with Lol. The daughter immediately texted back with confusion, “why would you say laugh out loud?” That’s when the mother of course said she thought it meant lots of love. She then went on to say she needed to contact everyone else she had sent the message to. Hahaha

  5. I am so glad that I subscribed to your posts/blog. I get up before the chickens to have my alone time with God while drinking my much needed coffee. I read your blog and you start my day off with an upbeat attitude….so thank you. You make me laugh and you can wear literally anything and make the color combinations look like you are in a photo shoot for a magazine. I’m truly saying this from my heart….I know it sounds mushy but I’m serious. I can’t imagine me photographing myself and my “fatty knees” (that keeping heading further south.) I do not like summer or summer clothes for the fact they show too much skin but you my dear, wear everything so well. Would love to meet you. ~Lisa~

    • Tania Reply

      Lisa, that you so much. I love hearing from you gurls, it really does make my day. I promise you that you are the only one concerned with your “fatty knees,” no one else will care. It is our own insecurities that we have to overcome.

  6. Always a surprise to see what you are wearing! Shorts for me are only at the lake. Maybe as women we should embrace our legs. They carry us everywhere we go. But I understand what everyone is saying. Many cool styles to wear without having to show them. Skirts can be just as cool as shorts for me. Cobalt blue is your color! Enjoy your day and remember what ever body we have we need to work with it and make it the best one we can. Keep being you. Love all your inspirational jewelry. So nice to see you wrap your self in faith.

  7. I think your outfit is very cute, great color. Although I like the gladiator sandals, I would have changed shoes as well! I am not brave when it comes to heels and shorts!

  8. Great outfit and wonderful way to drink my coffee reading your post.

    If you like scallops, I recommend the scallop edged skort by Quacker Factory from QVC. Very flattering and not to blingy. Hate to admit it that’s one style I own in multiple colors and wear constantly during the summer.

    I am going to try a pair of Marc Fisher sandals since they are so cute on you – so different from my standard Clarks where I wear a 7 1.2 med or wide depending on style. Any advice on size? The lower gladiator referenced in the post from an earlier day I found on clearance but am not sure if the medium width would work. Any advice would be appreciated since I hate returns!

  9. I love the closeups on your jewelry pieces. Thanks for that..old eyes on me. Now I will check out the link:)

  10. Love the outfit. You would look great in the shorts and the gladiator sandals, but I personally would have felt “more comfortable” in a lower heel:)

  11. Carol Reyes Reply

    Love the outfit and amaze how much stuff you score at TJMaxx. I love that store but never find much clothing because it is so picked over and never have my size. Thanks for close up pics of jewelry. You have introduce two new lines to me, Plunder and Chloe & Isabel.

  12. robjodiefilogomo Reply

    I’ve been starting to wear shorts more lately—I think there’s many that are great for us older women! Yours are absolutely perfect and I’d wear them too!!

  13. I have a similar top that I found at a thrift store. I think it originally came from CATO. I love it. I can wear it in the summer and under a cardigan in the spring or fall. I am so jealous of your legs! I have the “fatty knees” and varicose veins. Yet since turning 50 in May, I’ve decided to buy various lengths of capris and really vary my summer wardrobe. I realized I was the one that was majorly self-conscious and no one else really cared. Also, since I retired from my job I’d had for 30 yrs with a strict dress code that included “No sandals or open-toed shoes”, my feet are free! I’m so much cooler at my retirement job wearing sandals in 99 degree heat and humidity. I always pay attention to your shoes. Wish I could wear heels but kitten heels and flats are it for me. 🙂

  14. I read your daughter in law’s blog ( Twenty Something Fashion) and saw she was wearing scalloped shorts. Since she is 20 something I thought that solidified my thought that those shorts are for the younger crowd. You proved that theory wrong!!! Which is awesome since I really wanted to wear them!!! Thanks for helping me get out of my comfort zone!!!

  15. Sheree Ozier Reply

    Love this outfit, and sorry to hear you didn’t keep the shoes on! Your legs look awesome! I love my small heels with shorts in the summer. I say for as long as you can get by with it continue to wear them!!! Continue to inspire!

  16. Lori Thompson Reply

    Tania, I have just discovered your blog over the last week. I am so inspired! My next birthday will be a milestone, 60, and while I don’t look it, some would say anyway, there are days I sure feel it. I have put on more weight over the last few years than I care to admit and have been hiding out in semi-stylish long, cardigan sweaters, that seem to work for my job/office, but now that my daughter’s wedding is coming up in October, and due to seeing the amazing outfits you put together, I am kicking up my game. I so look forward to these daily bits of real life fashion. Thank you!

  17. Rebecca Purdie Reply

    Good morning!
    The shorts look so cute. I’m like you, I usually wear my shorts longer except when I went to Kure Beach. I think everyone there was about rest and relaxation not judging how people looked. I felt okay .
    I sometimes find clothes at Target that look nice . My favorite stores are TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshalls.
    I don’t want to sound like a broken record but I love your blog. Your style is very much like mine. Please keep doing what you are doing .

  18. Oh, how I love Your Blog!! I am so inspired to even TRY!! I love the scalloped shorts & gorgeous shirt & jewelry!! I have one idea that might be something someone else besides me deals with for you to write about……SPONTANEITY(SP) I seem to like things more scheduled, but, that is really more BORING, when I do it all the time……I do not like BORING!! Hope you can give us some INSIGHT on how you are READY TO GO, at a moments notice……..THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOU ARE & DO FOR US……Can hardly wait for tomorrow to see what NEW IDEA is coming up…….ALL SMILES HERE!!

  19. Nice outfit. I live in a very hot part of Australia and shorts are a staple. However, I only wear shorter length around the house. I seem to prefer longer length or skirts and dresses in public. I think I feel self conscious when I sit down now I’m older. Not sure why. Maybe move outside my comfort zone

  20. Pamela McLeod Reply

    You are just darling in the scalloped shorts
    Now I am going to buy me some..

  21. You look great! i prefer to use flats when use shorts, which it is not very often because i have thick legs, but with this legs you can wear anything and look beatiful!

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