May 2016



50 Is Not Old | Sisterly LoveShe did it!!! I mentioned in this post, that my sister was asked to deliver the commencement speech for the high school where we both graduated. She was a little nervous, a smidge on the freaked out side. However, a brand new haircut lifted her spirits, and she “killed” the speech!

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50 Is not Old | Cool SpellA little cool spell has settled in for a few days. It was only a high in the low 50’s today, how can that be? Has the weather man not looked at the calendar? Does he not realize this is the “middle” of May? It is supposed to be bathing suit weather, or at the very least, short weather. Instead, I had on a North Face jacket when I went out to dinner. That is just not right.

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50 Is Not Old | 1983I can already hear my sister, Lisa Lewis Tyre,  starting to groan. She is not going to like this post because it will make her blush. I love my sister, in spite of the fact that she is younger, skinnier, bigger chested, AND a published author. I mean come-on people, that is a hard act to follow.

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50 Is Not Old | Combat NegativityI am naturally a glass-half-full kind of gal. My husband tells me that I live in a tra-la-la-la-la world, and I am fine with that. I see the good in people and hardly ever see the bad. I assume that everyone is going to do the right thing, and will treat everyone fairly. Some of you will say this is naive, and I actually agree with you. But, I prefer to be occasionally disappointed, instead of looking at the negatives all the time.

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50 Is Not Old | DreamsI was skimming through a new book that just came in, and the author was talking about dreams and plans. There are some people who make plans and meticulously put those plans into action. And then there are some who just seem to go wherever the current takes them. In reading the dreams of the author, I caught myself thinking that I was over 50 and I was just too old for making new plans. WHAT!!! Did I even read my mantra? Age is an attitude, Keeps your young!

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HOW TO SURVIVEBathing suit season is FAST approaching. How do you survive that dreaded time of the year when that extra slice of cake, or choosing to eat pizza instead of salad, can’t be hidden. It is never too late to try to eat better or watch what we eat, so go ahead and start those good habits today. In the mean time though, we need to find a bathing suit that fits and flatters the person we are now.

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50 Is Not Old | Prayer ChallengeToday is my last day in the 40 Day Prayer Challenge. It actually took me 42 days. I like starting my day with a devotional, but when I had company for a couple days, that didn’t happen. I have enjoyed my Draw The Circle book, and have since then ordered another couple books that will be here Monday.

When I started the book, for some reason I decided to also incorporate a 40 day fast. I have NEVER done a fast, so this was totally something new. For 40 days I had no dessert and bought no clothing. You would think that was an easy task, and for some it might have been. But those of you who know me, you know how hard this was on me. Not walking in the wilderness hard, but still not easy. I even held true to buying no clothing when I was at the woman’s club convention, even though the Prime Outlets (YES, the same one’s that were in Orlando) were in Williamsburg. I told you it was hard.

When I first started the Draw The Circle book, and writing down my prayers, I was amazed at how fast some of my prayers were being answered. The first week I had MANY prayers answered that I thought would never happen. I was feeling so smug, even special, because the Lord was listening to me. I thanked Him daily, but I still was a little cocky.

Guess what, He yanked those answers right back. Talk about humbling, I was humbled not before any person, but before the Lord. I knew that some of His answers are, “not right now,” but I hadn’t even thought about the answer being, “I changed my mind.”

Part of my daily prayers are that this little blog might reach and touch someone in need. I have never been very open about my religious views, I preferred to keep them private. Sundays were going to be the one day I took off, my day of rest. But then I decided I needed inspiration, and maybe I could also be an inspiration. I sincerely hope these Sunday blog posts are as special to you as they are to me.

I was reading in the book about a man who was traveling with his family. They decided to stop at a rest area to stretch their legs. His family ran on ahead, while he walked around. While he was walking he heard a telephone start ringing. He looked around, and there was a pay phone. He answered the phone, thinking that there might be an emergency. When he said hello, an operator came on and said there was a long distance telephone call for him. She actually said his name. He was stunned, but finally blurted out that it was him. A woman came on the phone and told him she had been contemplating suicide. She had listened to this man speak before, and asked God to let her talk to him. She had no idea how to get in touch with the man, but numbers kept coming into her mind. She wrote them down, and called an operator to make a long distance phone call. She was just as amazed as the man on the other end of the line, when the opeator said he was on the phone. Both of them were truly on a “Long Distance” telephone call. The Lord knows where we are at any given moment, even at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere.

Please feel free to share some of your answered prayers. A first hand testimony is inspiring on so many levels.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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50 Is Not Old | Comfort and QualityI know some of you have seen the “save versus splurge” type posts. They will show you a picture of an item, and then show you another picture that looks pretty similar, and then you have to guess which item cost the most. Sometimes it is hard to tell, especially from a picture. When you get to feel or touch an item, then the quality will usually be apparent.

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50 Is Not Old | Going PinkI know that May is not Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but the GFWC Virginia State Project was Breast Cancer Awareness, Causes and Cures for this administration. At brunch on Sunday, the outgoing President is honored, and she asked for everyone to wear pink, because of the project she had chosen for her administration.

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50 Is Not Old | Formal DressI know this post will not be one that everyone needs to see. But with wedding season fast approaching, I thought some of you might like to see a post featuring a formal dress. I have mentioned before that I was a District President for GFWC Virginia. There are 8 districts, and I was the President of the Southwestern District. One of the duties of the President is to attend State functions like the convention I attended. On Saturday night, there is a processional of Past President, District Presidents, and the current State Officers.

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