50 IS NOT OLD | MEMORIAL DAY SALESMemorial Day is celebrated this weekend. There will be lots of sun, fun, and sales. A large number of people take this opportunity to head to the lake, while others will hold cookouts. Women know that Memorial Day is a time when some of the best sales are going on, and we usually take full advantage of them. BUT, let’s at least take a couple minutes to remember the meaning of Memorial Day. This is a day when those who died in active military service are remembered. Please say a small prayer for those who lost their lives, and the families who grieve for them.50 IS NOT OLD | MEMORIAL DAY SALESI can remember as a child that Memorial Day meant that the summer season was finally here. The pool at Standing Stone State Park would open, and camping at the lake was a weekly occurrence. We used to ski up and down the lake for hours. I think my father taught half the kids in Livingston to ski. He had the patience of Job, at least most of the time. Looking back on it now, I would have choked most of us kids. Dad would let us out of the boat and give us our skis. That sounds simple enough, but when you are young and the skis are long and heavy, it is not an easy task. So there you sit, bobbing up and down in the water, trying to put your foot into the foot piece. The foot piece needs to be adjusted as tight as possible, or your foot will just come right out. With the piece being so tight, it is hard to get your foot to slide down in. Of course, once you get your foot in one of the skis, your other one has floated off. Let me just say right now, that swimming with a plank on one of your feet is not easy. Sometimes we could reach it and other times Daddy would pull around and get the other ski for us. Once you have on both skis, he would then “throw” the ski rope to you. It would hardly ever go right to you, so once again you are trying to swim, but this time with TWO skis on your feet. It is kind of like trying to swim in quicksand, you squirm and squirm, but go nowhere. Now that we have the rope and both skis, you just have relax and put the rope between the skis. “Let the boat pull you out of the water,” is what he would always yell to us. “Stay sitting down till you get your balance,” was the next instruction. What really would happen is, the minute he took the slack out of the rope, we would either let go of the rope, or we would get pulled onto our back. Either way it meant that he had to pull around again and go through the whole scenario again. LOL!!! I now know why he had a cooler with a couple cold beers sitting in the boat. He would sometimes be there for 30 minutes before he ever got someone out of the water.50 IS NOT OLD | MEMORIAL DAY SALES

Does anyone remember Schlitz beer, is it still around? I don’t know, but I remember that was what my dad used to drink when I was a child. He even taught me this little tongue twister.

I’m a Schlitz sipper

I sip Schlitz

I’m the best Schlitz sipper

That ever sipped a Schlitz

I can remember laughing and laughing trying to say this without saying a “bad” word. Hahaha

Now days, we stay at home, and sit around the pool. I do most of my shopping online because I don’t feel like driving at least 2 hours to a shopping area. So I scour all around to find the best sales. Because you are my “gurls”, I am going to tell you what I have found, and show you some of the items I am putting in my “I need that” column.

LOFT: 60% Off Summer Faves + All Sales Styles and 40% Off New Arrivals

Spotted Tie Waist Shorts | White Ankle Jeans | Floral Pencil Skirt

OLD NAVY: 50% Off Tanks, Tees, Shorts, and Swim

Saddle Purse | Classic Tote | Kimono Top | 5″ Twill Shorts | 7″ Twill Shorts | Cropped Denim Jacket

MAURICES: Buy One, Get One 50% Off Everything

Talbots: Extra 40% Off One Item, Extra 50% Off Two Or More

Red Polka Dot Shirt | Gorgeous Scarf | Wrap Top | Buffalo Plaid Skirt | Yellow Sundress

JC PENNY: Swimwear on sale, plus a large variety of items

Distressed Skinny Jeans | Fringe Kimono Wrap | Bobbie Bee Dress | Denim Shirt Dress | Thong Sandal

50 IS NOT OLD | MEMORIAL DAY SALESHere is a top that is probably ten years old. I have no idea where I bought it, I just remember I was in Tennessee at the time. I remember my sister being there and we both tired it on at my Mom’s house. There was no tag in the top, and I couldn’t find anything even similar online.50 IS NOT OLD | MEMORIAL DAY SALESThe pants were just black Pixie Ankle pants from Old Navy, and they are on sale:) The shoes are black gladiator style with a chunk heel by Sole Society.50 IS NOT OLD | MEMORIAL DAY SALESI hope everyone has entered to win a $30.00 Plunder Designs jewelry giveaway. If not, go to my Facebook page and follow the instructions on my post yesterday.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend! Be careful, have fun, and laugh a lot. That is an order from Tania @50 Is Not Old. Haha

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I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. I love this outfit on you! You look amazing!
    There are SO many great sales going on right now. I’ve already shopped the Nordstrom sale, and picked up quite a few good deals. I bought a pair of white skinny jeans from Loft a couple of months ago. They’re the best white jeans! You can’t see through them, and they have just the right amount of stretch. But, I did buy another pair of skinny ankle jeans from Loft during this recent sale for $20.00 Score!
    Thank you for posting the other sales. I’ve been on the lookout for a pair of flat sandals. Those Liz Claiborne sandals are calling my name! As well as several other things you linked.
    I love the story about your dad, and the beer. I do remember that beer. We used to drink it in college. It didn’t taste the best, but it was cheap for college students. Lol!
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  2. Love the outfit. I’m spending my Memorial Day weekend painting my kitchen but I have plans to do some shopping. Great story about your Dad. Hope you and yours enjoy the holiday.

  3. I am inspired by the way you hold on to pieces and use them in attractive, currant designs! You go girl! Keep up the great work!

  4. Thank you for asking your readers to reflect upon the ‘true meaning’ of why we have a Memorial Day, which began as something called “Remembrance Day”. I am going to a Ceremony at a State Cemetery, which is always solemn and ‘memorable’….I am from the Vietnam era, and it’s important for me to properly pay tribute to the men and women who lost their lives, and received little respect. Glad our country does not have the lack of respect now for our military men and women fighting in Iraq, even if one does not agree with our military presence there…We can still pay honor to those who give ‘all’…..

    • I agree Suzanne. It doesn’t take very much effort to at least pay homage to those who have made a huge sacrifice for us here at home. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I sooo enjoy your posts!! It is the first thing I read every morning now. You have inspired to try colorful outfits. Here in Chicago I find myself wearing black all the time. We don’t see the sun often in the winter and spring months. But it is now sunny and getting warmer and I will put my black away. Thank you for you fun stories and styles. I enjoy reading everything!

    • Vicki, thanks for reading. Habits are hard to break, especially if your closet is already devoted to a certain color. Try adding a few colors, maybe in tops or just a scarf or two, that will go with the pants you already have. Warmer weather will put you in the mood.🌞🌞🌞

  6. Loved the story about your dad.
    The top looks great. I am not much of an online shopper but do love looking. There is so much shopping close to me I have never have got in the habit.

  7. My dad taught us all to ski also. Boy, was it tough to hold on to the rope when you were little. We used to ride a “bun buster” also. I think he had more fun pulling us on that since he was always trying he best to throw us off! Have a great weekend!

  8. I LOVE this post! The description of skiing was spot on…brought back a lot of good memories for me. I also loved the Schiltz beer jingle. I was reading your blog in the car and when I came across the jingle I read it out loud….everyone got a
    good laugh. Thanks for a Great read as always, and all the awesome outfit ideas!

    • This made me smile, Merrie! I can see you trying to read that jingle, it is not an easy task. Also, it might get stuck in your head. Hahaha

  9. Sitting here laughing out loud about the skiing! Brings back lots of memories. I remember being pulled forward, head first into the lake and coming out of the skis. That was probably 45 years ago! Love your blog – you are a hoot!

  10. You always look great. Most of all I love that you are a real woman that dresses like a woman not a girl. You look pulled together, stylish and in trend. I look to your blog for inspiration. Keep up the goodness!

  11. I must be the only one with this problem, but on your blog I can’t find any links to your facebook or instagram. I did see them in your last posts about the giveaway, but not on the blog itself as in the sidebar or top of the page. I read several blogs where I can click thru to their other accounts. Thanks.

    • Thanks Jean, for bringing to my attention that the widget had gotten turned off. I hadn’t even noticed. The buttons should be visible now.

  12. Oh how I remember the exact same scenario in the water with the skis as a kid….made me smile!!! Thanks for sharing – have a wonderful weekend!