50 Is Not Old | Printed LeggingsFirst off, I want to thank all of you who participated in my first Wednesday’s Wardrobe link-up. It was a complete success!!! My only goal was to have it actually work, the fact that several of you joined, is just icing on the cake. If you looked at the post yesterday, you still might want to check back periodically through the week. The link-up will be open till next Tuesday. So, more bloggers might still join in. I will send out a few invitations in the coming week, and hopefully we will have more participation next week.50 Is Not Old | Printed LeggingsI think I need to tweak the link-up, I want it to show “everyone” on my front page. I don’t want you having to click on the frog-icon to go to a link-up page. I have a week to figure out how to change that. If anyone knows the answer, please tell me. 50 Is Not Old | Printed Leggings

I am thrilled to see the sun and warmer weather has returned. This outfit was one that I wore last week on my trip to Tennessee. I will always pick something comfortable when I have a long drive in front of me. You can’t get much more comfortable than leggings. 50 Is Not Old | Printed LeggingsMy cute lace top is from Cato’s and it is at least a year or two old. I like the frilly features of the top, but the arm holes are way too big. Since I have on a cardigan, you can’t see that, plus I also have on a white camisole underneath.

White Top: Lace | Talbots (misses, petites, plus) | JC Penny50 Is Not Old | Printed LeggingsI told you these printed leggings were not for the faint of heart. I bought these in November at Cato’s. I have no idea why they were on the shelf in November, but I bought them because I knew I would eventually wear them. I have tried them on at least twice before, but they just never looked right. Did I just hear someone say they still don’t look right? Lol! These leggings are not my first crazy pair that I have worn, remember these?

Leggings: Reptile | Floral | Camo | Plus50 Is Not Old | Printed LeggingsThe longer length cardigan is older as well, and it is by Old Navy. Come on gurls, everybody needs a navy cardigan or jacket. Navy is so versatile, it goes with anything and everything. You can see this one is long enough to cover the tush area. YOU’RE WELCOME! Lol!

Navy Cardigan: Long & Linen | Plus | Duster50 Is Not Old | Printed LeggingsI just had to show you an up-close picture of my hair. I tried to style it in the “beach wave” style. Some of you have asked about the products I use in my hair. I use Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum in a shampoo and conditioner, and I use Big Sexy hairspray. That is it, nothing else. For this look I used my straightener and twirled it round. I can do the one side much better than the other. Either way, it just takes practice.50 Is Not Old | Printed LeggingsHave you noticed the beautiful necklace I have on? It is so cute. On my way to Tennessee we stopped at a couple shops, I know shocking, and I had three different people walk up to me to compliment me on the necklace. It is by Plunder Designs. I called my BFF, Bertha, to see if she had her Plunder sales page up and going yet, but she said it would be tomorrow before it is ready. I’ll link to that tomorrow for you, if you don’t already know someone who sells Plunder.

Do you follow me on FaceBook? If not, you will want to do that today. Tomorrow I am starting a FaceBook only giveaway for a $30.00 gift certificate to Plunder Designs. The rules will be that you like my Facebook page, and share the giveaway post. Then you will need to leave a comment that the post was shared. Leave the comment on my FaceBook giveaway page so I know you shared the post. Sometimes the shared portion does not show everybody, and I would hate for you to miss out. The giveaway will stay open till next Tuesday. I will announce the winner on my Wednesday’s Wardrobe post.

And now that I know you can leave comments (that is the most I have EVER had) I will be expecting them from you daily. Hahaha😛

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    • Robin, I am really good at camouflage. Lol! The cardigan helps to take pounds (visually) off your sides, making you appear thinner. PLUS, I have learned a few tricks about how to pose for a picture since I started blogging.

  1. I bought 3 pair of printed leggins but not the ones that look like stripes around your legs, more overall print. I wear mine with black boots, really like them that way. Navy is always my go to color !

  2. The leggings looks great on you! I van explaine to you van change the linkup. When you copied your code for the linkup(you need to have the New code) you put your post in text, html ,mode . Then you put the code in your post and publish it in html. Then it should work. If you got questions, I ll be happy to andere them!

    • How do you get the “new” code. I just bought inlinkz the night before, so I would have thought it WAS the new code.

  3. I love the leggings on you!!! You have the legs for them. Also, love the print. The whole outfit is so put together,that is just what you do so well. Love the necklace and can’t wait to see the Plunder line.

  4. Outfit looks very comfy and of course adorable. Hair is a fun change. May be a odd question but how do you use the hairspray. Strickly on top or underneath for lift etc? Is it a stiff feel? Have a great day😀

    • I usually use the hairspray just on top, although I sometimes will hold be bangs up off my face and spray under those. That will help keep them from falling in your eyes. I don’t find the hairspray stiff at all, but it really holds well.

      • Thanks. I’ll try that product. Your right about navy, it’s a great go to. Wanted to say that I never thought of wearing distressed jeans (at 61 I thought too old, wouldn’t like). But seeing you style them I thought why not. Got my FIRST pair yesterday. Love them. Thanks for styling them – it encouraged me.

    • Haha! The answer is simply, YES. I do love clothing, and I keep items for years and years. I have sweaters and tops that are over 30 years old.

  5. I love the leggings. I too would like to see how you organize your closet. A friend of mine turned a small bedroom into her closet. It was great!

  6. Love the leggings!!! You are rocking them!
    I live in leggings as mich as possible. There are easy and so many outfits can be made from one pair of leggings.

  7. Love the beach wave hair! I noticed it before I noticed the outfit. Your hair look really really thick, which I envy. Have a great day!

  8. Would love to see you sport some new purses. I am a purse person. Love your blog, I read it every day.

  9. I love the whole outfit ! And congrats to your friend Bertha for additing her jewlery line to internet.

    • Your hair is absolutely ADORABLE!!!! Love the highlights anyway, but the beachy waves look great on you 🙂
      And every time i look at printed leggings i break out into hives thinking about how i would look but on you they look great!!

  10. Love the beach waves- growing my hair out and by summer proper should be able to try this ‘doo! I love the leggins, super cute. I would love to have the self confidence to wear some, but my chunky thighs wish to remain incognito for a while longer! But I LOVE the look! 🙂

  11. I love our look today .. casual but very cute . I don’t think I have the self confidence to try it.. Menopause has rocked my confidence 😞. But you keep me looking at your wardrobe choices and it makes say .. Why not me ?Thanks for the inspiration !

  12. I recently started following your blog. I look forward to seeing the ootd! Your blogs inspire me to add more color. You look great in the leggings. I do not feel comfortable in leggings with my pear shape. Any suggestions on how I could add them to my wardrobe?

  13. As a plus size, I will only do leggings with a long top (think mini dress length). Worn that way I find I can get a slimmer silhouette. Often plus size gals wear everything overly big or the wrong cut for their curves. I find quality clothing helps to support, camouflage, and highlight all the right places.
    I didn’t know Old Navy sold plus sizes until seeing your links. I’ve always been skeptical of the quality of their clothing holding up to washing. In all honesty, it’s been several years since I bought anything from them. What do you think? I read where many times you say you’ve had one of their items for a few years. Do you get multiple wears from these items? Do you like how they come out of the wash? I guess you must, because you keep them and wear them. 😊 After reading your blog I’m thinking of checking out Old Navy when I travel this weekend. (No store near me).

    • With Old Navy the quality varies. Some items are thick and great quality. Others are terribly thin. I like their pants better than their tops. I hope this helps.

  14. Love Love your hair and the highlights. How often do you have them “touched up”? I talked to my stylist about them and she said they wash out so fast. I would love to try them. As usual you look fabulous today!

    • I schedule my spots for every 5 weeks. Reds do fade fast. I use a shampoo for color treated hair too.

  15. I’ve been out of touch! Just a little busy, but I love today’s outfit!!! and I love Cato tops, but I also find that the arm holes are a little big???

  16. Love this outfit and your hair is darling! Yes I do follow you on Facebook.

    I’d love for you to link up at Thoughts of Home on Thursday today. 🙂

  17. I saw those legging at cato’s I think I tried them on. They are very cute, and look cute on you. I love the colors. My only problem with cato’s leggins is that I wish they were a little thicker. I did buy one black pair with a print on it. I have a few more bumps and wrinkles on my legs, lol, and I want it covered up a little more than they offered. They look very cute on you!

  18. I think you look stunning. I am 57 and wear leggings….primarily solid colors, but I do have a couple prints. I think if they are worn correctly (backside covered) they look very nice.

  19. I love everything about this look! Cute, cute, cute☺️ I noticed your hair right away! I’ve been wanting to try the beachy look for a while now too.

  20. Thank you for your blog. I check it daily to find new ideas. Because of today’s blog I am wearing patterned legging type of pants today and I feel wonderful! Thanks for helping me look trendy and not frumpy!

  21. I love the print leggings the way you have it styled. You look so cute! I’m not dilute I’m brave enough, but I’ll consider it next time I see some. Thanks!

  22. Cute keggins. Love your hair. I’ll have to see if I can style my hair with beach waves, I have a similar cut. I stopped in Cato but haven’t had much luck finding anything…yet!

  23. Love the printed leggings. Leggings are against the dress code at my work without a long top or a dress or skirt worn over them. I wore some printed leggings yesterday which I rarely do. I also have a pair of orange linen printed capris that I wear. I have noticed that printed pants draw the eye downward and keep the focus off my thick middle…or at least that is what my best friend tells me! From what I read in your blog, your friends sound a lot like two of mine. They’ll tell me when something looks good and when it doesn’t. As for your hair, I like the style, cut and color you have. I have curly hair and I usually wear it curly. I went to a new hairdresser recently and got a brand new cut and color. I have had to learn how to use a flat iron. The other day, I got brave and put some waves in my hair with the flat iron. I think your hair looks great. I have gotten so many great ideas on putting outfits together by reading your blog. I look forward to reading it every day. Thanks for the ideas!

    • Thanks Rena. I get all confused with the hosted vs self hosted. I am on wordpress but I am hosted through GoDaddy. What does that make me?

      • Then I think you are self-hosted. When you go to get the script for your link-up, make sure to pick the option for WordPress self-hosted. The code is only one line inside [] and not multiple lines.

        • Thanks Rena. I will check that out. I was thinking that it only gave me two choices, blogger or wordpress, but I might have missed the options.

  24. Prints on the bottom should NOT be worn by gals who carry their weight in their hips and thighs. Dark colors or a monochromatic look are best for this body type. If you have large hips or thighs, prints will only call attention to your challenge area. It is vital to know your body type so you know what looks best on you!

  25. I am new to your blog and really love the outfits you put together. Can many of the items you share be found in petites? I am 5′ 1″. Thanks so much!!

    • Wendy, most of the stores I shop at have a petite section. I don’t link to petite or plus for every link but most of the time they are available if you check the store out. Thanks for following and taking the time to comment.