50 Is Not Old | Sisterly LoveShe did it!!! I mentioned in this post, that my sister was asked to deliver the commencement speech for the high school where we both graduated. She was a little nervous, a smidge on the freaked out side. However, a brand new haircut lifted her spirits, and she “killed” the speech!50 Is Not Old | Sisterly LoveI apologize for the pictures. We were running late for the graduation, so we did not have time to take pictures. After we got back home, we went out on the front porch to take a few photos. Everything was either over exposed or too dark. I did the best I could to make them at least viewable. 50 Is Not Old | Sisterly LoveMy sister looked so good! I loved her white pants and black blazer. She chose to wear a black fly-away crop top and a gorgeous necklace from Plunder. She bought the necklace years ago, but it is still in the Plunder catalog. She let me have my way, and wore a pop-of-color. I love the bright blue Calvin Klein pumps. 50 Is Not Old | Sisterly LoveMy outfit was changed, and changed, and then changed again. It has POURED the rain since we got here, and it is still cold. I brought a couple dresses, but couldn’t bring myself to wear them. It was just too darn cold and wet. I ended up wearing this maxi skirt in navy with large white polka dots. I bought this skirt last year from Versona, and wore it for the 4th of July with a red tank top. 50 Is Not Old | Sisterly LoveIt is really big and flowy. I might have done a twirl or two. I wore a really, really old sweater tank top with the skirt. This top was one of the first purchase I made when we first moved to Grundy. The navy jacket was a necessity, I was afraid I was going to freeze. I had intended to wear a pop-of-color on my feet too. I was going to wear a pair of high heeled red shoes that was a present from my District woman’s club meeting. They are suede though, and I was afraid to wear them in the rain. Instead I wore a  pair of Marc Fisher platform shoes.

I’m sorry I don’t have links to my items. It is late, I am tired, and you probably aren’t interested anyway. Lol!

Before I let you go, I thought you might like to know that my sister mentioned all of you in her speech. She talked about how my small dream of a blog has become a reality. She told them that I now have friends all over the World. You gurls have mentioned how you feel like you are getting to know me, but I feel the same. Thanks so much for reading, commenting, recommending, and following. You gurls ROCK!!!

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I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Congrats to your sister! What an accomplishment.

    Great outfits. You are both lovely.

    Next week I see my older sister and we’ve not had a chance to visit for around 6 years since our Mom died. It should be fun. With your tips, I hope to be more stylishly dressed than she is!

  2. Barb Marshall Reply

    Loving you up here in Canada! Your outfits are sensible, wearable, affordable, colourful, and still so very fashionable. Keep up the good work…your blogs always get my day off to a good start!

  3. Susy Shelton Reply

    Omgosh love that skirt! I must have one!
    Congrats to your lovely sister 😀

  4. Gina D from McKinney Reply

    I knew she would do great! Especially with an awesome sister like you cheering her on!

    (And all her extended “sisters” – your blog readers.) 😉

    Love the outfits! Glad you got her to wear some color. LOL. Although the black and white she has on “is” classic. You both look great.

  5. You both look great. Love your skirt. Your sisters shoes are a perfect pop of color. Hope y’all enjoy your time together this weekend.

  6. Congrats to your sister on her speech and listening to your advice on wearing the blue shoes 🙂 You both look great!!! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Congrats to your sis and I’m sure she was happy to have you there. You both looked great and those blue shoes rocked her outfit. Have a fantastic day.

  8. Yay!! She did it! I have a very difficult time speaking in front of people, maybe I need to do a Toastmaster class. Btw, I LOVE your skirt! That is my style. Where Did You GET it???

  9. So glad to see you made it through the speech! I am sure it was wonderful! And to think us gurls were part of it!! I loved both outfits hers more classic with a little edge and yours fun and flirty as I would expect from you. Enjoy your time making those fun memories. Get silly and do something unexpected together! I an envious. Wish my sisters were close to me. Make the most of this time!

  10. Photos are the bane of my life….these are good. Congrats to your sister. You both look great x

  11. Love your sister’s necklace and shoes! You both looked fabulous.

    I also have worn too much black but probably for a different reason than your sister– I have kept that outdated notion black is slimming. However I probably have looked more like a female version of Johnny Cash😊 Thank goods for the inspiration you give me.

  12. You both look fantastic! I’m so glad the speech went well and now the two of you can relax and have fun.

  13. First thing I noticed were the blue shoes. You are both adorable. Nice to know your followers are famous now.:-)

  14. Looking forward to my sister coming to visit me this summer. Haven’t seen her in a couple years. Our sisters are so precious!

    Love your blog!!! You have taught me the importance of a “pop of color” AND good shoes! I’m havin’ a BALL replacing my BOOORING wardrobe with pops and shoes! 😊

  15. Congratulations to your beautiful sister! She looked amazing! What an honor!

  16. Julie from Michigan Reply

    Oh my goodness, you both look amazing! Congrats to your sister for pulling it off , and what a great sister you are to be there and share it. The pics aren’t bad at all. Blessings! 💕

  17. Congrats to your sister! But then WE gurls all knew she’d do great.
    To bad about the weather. You two look fabulous.
    Have a wonderful weekend with your sis.

  18. I’m fairly new to the blog and seldom comment on blog posts but I do want you do know that, although I’m about 20 years older than you, I find good information and ideas on what you post. I envy your relationship with your sister. I haven’t seen my sister since the late 1960’s due to a dysfunction in the family. Seize every moment you can to enjoy each other’s company.

  19. Just ❤️ – Sisters are the best forever friends…you both look beautiful. Especially love the pop of color shoes…enjoy your time with your sis.

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