50 Is not Old | Cool SpellA little cool spell has settled in for a few days. It was only a high in the low 50’s today, how can that be? Has the weather man not looked at the calendar? Does he not realize this is the “middle” of May? It is supposed to be bathing suit weather, or at the very least, short weather. Instead, I had on a North Face jacket when I went out to dinner. That is just not right.50 Is not Old | Cool SpellMy daughter (click here to read about her) called to wish me a happy birthday on Saturday night. She mentioned that she was going to go camping since she had just got off work. I was sitting in the truck with my heated seats on, and was thinking she must have lost her mind. Why would anyone want to go anywhere outside while it is so cold?50 Is not Old | Cool SpellThe fact that she lives in Alaska really made me think she was going crazy. I asked her what the temperature was, and when she said 65-70, I was floored. Here I am living in the south, and Alaska is 15 degrees warmer. Something is just not right with that picture. 50 Is not Old | Cool SpellHow do you like this outfit? I have had this blouse for several years. In fact, I have no idea when, or where, I bought it. I really like the print, and I think of royalty when I see this blouse. Maybe it is the gold braiding, the purple color, or maybe I am just a little strange, but I feel regal in this. The blouse is by Brooke Leigh and I really like the color and the print. It is very sheer, so I always wear a camisole underneath the blouse.

Blouse: Lucky | Jones New York | Anne Klein50 Is not Old | Cool SpellThese ankle pants are by Attyre, and I can’t remember where they came from. That just goes to show you how long I have had them. Basically any beige/cream pant would work for this outfit. These are a little more beige than they appear in the photos. I also took this opportunity to wear my yellow espadrilles by Michael Kors. I bought these years ago at some wear-house type store. They mark down items according to how long they have been in the store. I bought three pair of Michael Kors shoes that day, and didn’t pay over $15.o0 a pair. Don’t hate me because I am a bargain shopper. Haha

Ankle Pants: Talbots (Misses, Petites, and Plus) | Charter Club | Old Navy (Misses, Petites, and Plus)

Shoes: See this post for similar links
50 Is not Old | Cool SpellHere is a side shot of the blouse. It is very flattering with the high-low style. I am wearing my Michael Kors watch that was a gift for my birthday 3 years ago. I also have on my crystal and pearl necklace from Chloe & Isabel and a bracelet from Plunder Designs. My BFF, Bertha, (click to read about her) just signed up to sell Plunder today so I am sure you will be seeing lots of this brand on my blog in the near future.

Watch: Michael Kors  | Stuhrling | Peugeot
50 Is not Old | Cool SpellAnother side view. I have no idea why I carried this dark gray purse. It is fine, but it doesn’t enhance the outfit in any way. It is simply carrying my stuff. Of course, that is what a purse is supposed to do, ” good job purse!” Anyway, it is by Aimee Kestenberg, and you can read about it here.50 Is not Old | Cool SpellI must have thought you needed to see the top of my head. You sure can see all the different shades of red and blonde that I have running through my hair. There was a lady in the store today wanting to show her hairdresser my picture so that she could her’s done the same. I don’t know if she was wanting the style or the color. 50 Is not Old | Cool SpellWell, this about wraps up today’s look. I think I about covered everything. Be sure to say a quick prayer for my sister as she gets ready to give her speech tonight. (click here for a hilarious story from my youth) I know she will do great, but she is super nervous. I would hate to see her throw up on the stage. I might laugh later, but I would really hate it at the time. LOL!!! What are sisters for???

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  1. I really like this outfit…..and your hair. You are very blessed to have a sister. I only had three younger brothers. Being the oldest, I was their second mom. I worked hard keeping them in line (being a tattle tale was more like it). Hahahaha!

    • Tania Reply

      I was a tattle tale growing up too. I think I was referred to as “little miss goodie-two-shoes.” Lol!

  2. Debs Voorhees Reply

    The weather is acting up so many places. We’ll take some of the cool stuff down on Florida’s southwest coast where it is hot, hot, steamy! Well, everywhere except my office where i can’t get warm. You dress for outside and then work in the freezer. It’s Friday, so jeans today, and i’m thinking the LLBean Breton top with the zip mock turtleneck! It’s a bit blush colour so should go well with the Skechers leopard Go Walks…my coolest shoes ever.
    Your blouse is lovely, very Royal, Tania. 👸 I can just imagine a tiara nestled into your pretty tresses. Love the MK wedges. Great colour!
    5:30am, time to get up and face what the Day has to share with us. Prayers for everyone in the medical community as we face a very full moon this weekend, never a good thing.
    Have a great weekend at home with your sis. Lucky daughter in Alaska, it’s a special place. I’d live in Haines in a heartbeat…❤️😘
    You’re the best, Tania. Keep going.

    • Tania Reply

      Florida sounds wonderful! I keep a heater under my desk ALL year long. I freeze all the time, that is why you will see me wearing so many cardigans and sweaters. And you are right about Alaska, it is beautiful.

  3. Happy belated birthday! I hope it was the best yet.

    This is an adorable outfit. You’ve given me so many wonderful items and in a few weeks we’ll be headed to an area with some outlet stores – my favorite QVC, too – and plan to step out of my comfort zone with some ideas you’ve shared. My husband will groan as he sits on the bench with other men waiting for their wives, too, but it’ll all be good.

    Have a great day!

  4. Love the blouse. I’ve seen several sheer blouses that I like but I never buy them. I may have to get out of my comfort zone & get a camisole & just go with it. You do have great hair! I like the contrast with the colors. My hairdresser talked me into a completely different style & color scheme last week. Mine has a mixture of light blonde, caramel, & ash blonde. I love it. My hair is really curly so I’ve had to learn how to use a flat iron. You give so many great ideas. I also like how you are a bargain shopper. I’ve decided we can still be stylish on a budget! I know I can still look nice using most of the pieces I already have. It’s all about how they’re put together. Thanks for all the ideas. Have a great day!

  5. I know what you mean about the weather. We have been having torrential rains in Savannah that floods streets our. I guess we are getting our April showers in May. Love the regal looking blouse. I have shied away from any yellow but you look great in it! I will have to try a deeper shade of yellow because it looks so good on you! Prayers for your sister now. She will wonder why she ever worried about it after its over. Shes got this! Have a great time together and stay in the moment and make those family memories!

  6. For some reason I love the gray puse with your outfit. You rock even when you’re not tryin!😃

  7. I love the blouse! You look (as always!) great. Also, your hair is really cute.

  8. Happy Late Birthday! I love the outfit! Hope you are having a great trip!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday. I have a pair of yellow flats I love but have never worn! I love the blouse, but I need more ideas for how to wear my yellow shoes. I have a yellow purse I never use, too.

    • Tania Reply

      Susan, when I bought my yellow espadrilles I didn’t think I would ever wear them. Instead, I wear them all the time. They go with everything. Lol Go to my blog, and in the search box, type in yellow espadrilles. It will show you the posts I have worn them.

  10. Julie from Michigan Reply

    Love the humor with my coffee, Tania! Just checked out the Plunder jewelry line, love it! Reasonably priced too.

    • Tania Reply

      The items look MUCH better in person that on the website. I have necklace that I just bought that is gorgeous!!! I would not have bought it if I had just seen it on their site. I bought it off of the plunder salesman neck. HAHA

  11. I love this outfit. I also always have doubts about my purses and not sure which color goes with what. What do you think would be an ideal color for a purse to go with this outfit? White? Orange? I’d love to know what you think.

  12. Judith Fortino Reply

    Prayers and good luck to your sister! As to the weather, I thought it was only fickle in Michigan! Last weekend, I was in the southern edge of the Upper Peninsula (St. Ignace) and spent Friday night on Mackinac Island – wore my winter coat! Great outfit today and I think the contrast of the gray purse works with it! That you like color and pattern makes your outfits rock!

  13. I love the blouse, it looks great on you! I also love hearing about bargains.
    I like bargain hunting almost more than cheesecake, lol!

  14. Great outfits , I really enjoy reading your blog , it’s also cold here in the UK, maybe we should all go to Alaska 💃🏾

  15. Love this outfit – colors are great. Love you and your post! You are a great inspirational fashionista!

  16. You are adorable! I love your sense of humor! You look fantastic, as always! Will be thinking of you and your sister as the day goes on!

  17. Loving the bright colors on a dreary day! That’s the way to go!

  18. You look beautiful in this!! Love the whole look. Stay warm and have a blessed weekend.

  19. Fiona McMurdo Reply

    I really like your bag with your outfit, I think it compliments it nicely. We have had the warmest autumn for many years here in New Zealand, it`s still pretty warm although we`re only a few days out from winter!

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