50 Is Not Old | 1983I can already hear my sister, Lisa Lewis Tyre,  starting to groan. She is not going to like this post because it will make her blush. I love my sister, in spite of the fact that she is younger, skinnier, bigger chested, AND a published author. I mean come-on people, that is a hard act to follow.50 Is Not Old | 1983I am once again traveling to Tennessee this weekend. I love getting a chance to go to my home town and visit with my family. Usually my trips are centered around grandbabies birthdays, holidays, and vintage fashion shows. This trip is a little different because I am going to be attending a high school graduation. That sounds normal, with the exception that I don’t know anyone graduating.50 Is Not Old | 1983

My sister and I are both graduates of Livingston Academy. They contacted her and asked her to give the commencement speech at graduation. That is quite an honor!!! Once she quit shaking, she told them she would. Then came the doubts, the what ifs, the what was I thinking thoughts. I gently reminded her that she was a writer, so writing a  speech should not be that hard for HER. The writing part was not her concern. She is petrified about talking in front of a large group of people that she knows. She has talked before, gave speeches, and taught classes, but not where she knew the attendees. To better prepare for the big day, she enrolled in Toastmasters. Toastmasters is an international organization that gives support and guidance to help anyone become a better communicator.50 Is Not Old | 1983If I can just talk her out of wearing black, black, black, or maybe black, I think she will do just fine. When I talked to her this morning, I asked how about at least a pop-of-color? Maybe some red, yellow, or bright blue shoes, how cute would that be? She said, “but nobody will see my feet.” PLEASE! Who has the fashion blog, me or her? I am taking some of my shoes, even though I wear a size bigger, for her to try. We may have to stuff the toes, but dang-it, she is not going to give a speech in front of hundreds of people in all black. At least not while I am around!👠👠50 Is Not Old | 1983

No one knows how much this pain-in-my-side younger sister means to me. I am beyond proud, and I can’t wait to sit in the audience and cheer her on. I’ll be sure to take a picture so you can see what she ended up wearing.

I want to tell you how much all of your comments meant to me yesterday. Some of them made me laugh😄, some made me cry😢, and others made me glad that your on my side😬. Some of you gurls are tough! Lol! I felt bad about whining after I posted. I have hundreds and hundreds of positive, inspirational comments from you ladies, and I let one bad apple get under my skin. I know better than that. I think this constant rain is dragging my mood down. But, enough with the excuses. You have picked me back up and dusted me off, so I am once again good to go. Hopefully when it happens again, (and it will happen again) I won’t whine. I can just go back and read all your fabulous comments and know that their words are not worth my attention.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another outfit, and since BFF Bertha is traveling with me, I will be getting some pics of her as well. Be sure to look for them in the upcoming weeks.

And now that I know you can leave comments (that is the most I have EVER had) I will be expecting them from you daily. Hahaha😛

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  1. What adorable pictures of your sister. Good looks certainly run in your family! I’m sure she will give an amazing speech. What an honor! With you by her side, I know she will look awesome! Please post pics of you two beauties, and have a wonderful trip!

  2. Hello Tania, you write so nicely about your sister that I have to pick up the phone and call my younger sister just to say “hallo and have a nice day”. We live 1,100km apart (me in Switzerland and she in the Czech Republic) and I miss her a lot (something unimaginable in our teen age!).
    I will keep my fingers cross for your sister!
    PS: your outfits are a great inspiration for my mum that it the same age like you 🙂

  3. Wendy hoff Reply

    Your sister is adorable!!! Can’t wait to see what color she wears. Maybe just adding white to the black will be pretty. Hugs to you. Stay positive!!!! The naysayers can’t win!!! 😀

  4. You recently posted about lip stick you use that is a stain where do you find it and what brand?

  5. It’s good for you to see how many lives you’ve touched. Understand feeling down with the rain☁☁, this is supposed to be the sunshine state but haven’t seen it🌞 all week!! Have fun with your sis and bff. Safe travels.

  6. WOW!! What an honor for your sister! What a great sister you are for being there to cheer her on! It’s obvious you two are very close. Good luck to her on the speech and good luck to you on dressing her. Looking forward to pictures of you, her, and Bertha. Travel safe!

  7. I love that you made today’s blog to your sister. She is adorable and will be great with her speech. Your from Tennessee, so am I, a small city in East Tn. Hope you both have a great time.

  8. Sisters are wonderful! I have three. My baby sister Janet who is younger than me lives in Chicago and I am in Georgia. I started her following you and believe it or not we share you blog daily. She loves your sense of adventure and down to earth style. Tania is Tania. So proud you are able to share in your sister’s experience at your alumni school. That’s what we sister do best. Support! Have fun and look forward to hearing all about it. I know you both will be a blessing to all on this trip and enjoy the laughs and memories you are making on the journey. I envy you. Wish my sisters were near.

  9. Even if she wears black she will look great. Black is classic. Have fun!

  10. What an honor for your sister and I’m sure that having her sister go with her will make her comfortable….then after the graduation you can really have a fun time! Looking forward to the pics of all of you😃

  11. Love the way you write about your sister you can tell you are very close.. Sisters are very special not a day goes by that I don’t visit with my sister.. Love your posts!!!🌷

  12. You are great have a fun trip! I’m sure your sister will be wonderful!

  13. Congratulations to your sister! I work at a college and know what an honor this is for her! There are no better friends than those called sister.

  14. Julie from Michigan Reply

    Tania you are too cute! Your humor is such a wonderful thing! What an honor for your sister, and for you to be there to support her. Hope she allows you to help her with color… You certainly have helped me move out of my comfort zone. And by the way, you are not whining…. you are venting among people who care and support you😘 Have a safe trip and awesome time this weekend!

  15. Gerri Brown Reply

    What a blessing to have a sister! The love and support you obviously share for each other is such a gift.

  16. I have 2 sisters and one lives right next door! She is the youngest, thinnest, and also always wears black!
    What a great honor for your sister. Have fun this weekend!

  17. Joanne frank Reply

    Great hearing about your sisters return to Livingston. I can see all the postons, Saddlers, led betters, goolsbys, halfacres,and Lewis’ in attendance. Wish I could attend

  18. Beverly Helton Reply

    This comment is not really on topic but I just wanted to say again how much I enjoy your blog! Love to see what great outfits you put together each day and reading your blog is alot like listening to a girlfriend… one of the many reasons everyone loves you. Just curious… is the lumber yard you work in a family business? A few of your remarks made me think you might work with your husband. My husband and I work together in a family business and that presents such special challenges and rewards, I love to hear about other family businesses!
    Congrats and best of luck to your sister.

    • Tania Reply

      Yes, it is a family business. I do work with my husband and my son. Some days that is a good thing, other days – not so much. Haha

  19. Your sister is a prize! You’re lucky that you are so close. My sister is 13 years older than me and we really don’t have a lot in common. I love her, of course, but we are not close. She will be awesome, I’m sure.

    I didn’t think you were whining yesterday. Negative people can totally get under your skin. We’ve got your back!

  20. kayandstarcreations Reply

    don’t forget to bring her some of your beautiful earrings – such a nice post and being there for her shows how much you love her

  21. I always dressed in a combination of black, white and beige until I found your blog.
    With your posts, you inspired me to add colors to my wardrobe.
    With your help, I rediscovered Old Navy and bought your wide leg linen pants.
    I also search, found and bought your wedge sandals and you were so right, they are worth every penny. You are an inspiration to lots of women and not just in the USA.
    I will be 62 soon, looks 55 (due only to my genes lol) and wear boyfriend’s jeans with Converse or sparkly Keds.
    Nasty, hurtful comments used to crush me. With age, I learned that there is nothing I could do to change those nasty people habits so now I stay away from them and just delete any negative comments and if they persist, I delete and block them totally from my social media friend’s list. lol
    I know you have a follower that said something about the spelling mistakes in your posts. You work hard on putting outfits together, taking and posting the pictures, and writing the short stories that goes with the pictures. It takes time to do those actions every morning. I just don’t understand why a person had to write that comment on your blog.
    I want to add that if one of your followers sees any mistakes in this post it is because my first language is French. lolllll
    You are very good at putting outfits together! I want to add that I really enjoy your blog Have a fun weekend with your sister.

  22. Susan Stancliff Reply

    Love you Tania! Your sister post inspired me to share your page on FB with my beautiful sister who lives in Ohio. (I am in Florida). I miss her all the time! I knew she would also like your blog so I bet you have a new reader soon! Have fun in Tennessee!!

    • I don’t think you realize the impact you have on people. I love reading your blog everyday. It’s the highlight of my morning. You have taught me so much about “style” inside and out. I love how you share your love of Christ with us as well as your passion for fashion. I’ve branched out into the color world instead of always grabbing something in BLACK! You’ve made shopping fun for me! Not sure if my husband is enjoying it though! Lol He does like my new style! Have a safe trip & have fun with your sister! Good luck converting her over to color! As for the negative remarks…ignore them! You got it goin’ on!! Us gurls have got your back & there’s way more of us then them!

  23. One of my two sisters is visiting with me right now. I LOVE my sisters! Nothing like them! Aren’t we lucky to have them? Enjoy your trip!!

  24. Congrats to your sister! What an honor! (I try to dress my sisters too, and give hairstyle advice, etc…it’s what big sisters do! lol). Enjoy the visit!

  25. Tania – I used to do professional training and education. I would get a stack of reviews from students and ended up getting upset about the one or two with negative feedback. It is hard to shake it off and not let it get to you. There are some people who just don’t understand constructive feedback and kindness (and some you can never please). I enjoy your youthfulness and your fashion sense. I especially like that you are not afraid of wearing color. I hope you talk your sister into a pop of color in her outfit!

  26. One of the churches in my town had a sign up that stated “hurt people seem to hurt people”. If that doesn’t say at all and I don’t know what does!

  27. Karen Harris Reply

    Livingston, TN is where my mom was from! Well actually Hilham. Small world! I loved going to visit the area. For several years, we had a family reunion at Standing Stone State Park. They still have it, but most of the younger generation no longer come. Anyway , I digress. I enjoy reading your blog and get fashion inspiration. Thank you for sharing! Enjoy your visit and yes, sisters are a blessing

    • Tania Reply

      It is funny how small the world really is. My mom and dad live on Hilham highway, and there is a family reunion every year at Standing Stone. Lol!

  28. Love your blog! Just subscribed…I am 60 something and say that isn’t old either!

  29. Tanis,

    I love your blog also. I would also like to know about the lipstick stain that you use. I cannot keep lipstick on, i seem to eat it off. Thanks

    • Tania Reply

      Dianne, I wear Cover Girl Outlast, or Maybelline Superstay 24 color lip stain. I like these two brands better than any I have tried. They stay on almost all day long.

  30. Vonda Gunnells Reply

    I’m not sure how I found your blog, but find it I did. And started following daily. I learned you lived in Virginia and had ties to the great state of Tennessee. But not until this post did I realize it was to Livingston! My grandparents were from there and my father still lives in Rickman. I love visiting there and have great memories of cookeville in the 70’s before the population explosion. We live close to Clarksville, TN. So neat to know you truly are a southern girl, no wonder I felt like I knew you!

  31. Thank you so much Tania. I appreciate you answering so quick. This proves to me that you appreciate and read things from your followers. Keep up the great work. I love reading each day and always look forward to it.

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