HOW TO SURVIVEBathing suit season is FAST approaching. How do you survive that dreaded time of the year when that extra slice of cake, or choosing to eat pizza instead of salad, can’t be hidden. It is never too late to try to eat better or watch what we eat, so go ahead and start those good habits today. In the mean time though, we need to find a bathing suit that fits and flatters the person we are now.When we think of bathing suits, the first thing that comes to mind is not camoflauge. But, that is exactly what we need to think about. How to hide our flaws and accent our better assets. I am going to start at the top and go down.

BIG Chested:

If you are large chested, you have to keep your “assets” under control. One way to do this is to pick a suit with wide straps. Suits with underwire support and molded cups, are really important for those of you who are large chested. Here is a plus size suit that fits all those requirements.

small Chested:

Small chested ladies have issues also. You want to add volume to your chest area, and ruffles are one way to enhance your assets. This swimsuit has padded cups and an added bow across the chest, giving you double enhancements. If you are small chested, you can wear the bandeau-top or the bustier-top.

W i d e Shoulders:

Having wide shoulders can make you have the illusion of having an hourglass figure with a little help. If you pick a solid color suit with designs down the sides, this will give the illusion of a smaller waistline. You can also rock the one-shoulder look that is so glamorous.

Thick Waist:

There are many ways to disguise a thick waistline. This is the one bathing suit that I am VERY familiar with. I like the crisscross or wrap design suits. They draw your eye inward, away from the sides which are thicker. A fly-away top or a tier top, can hide unwanted poundage.

LARGE Thighs:

The swimdress is a very popular style that can look cute-as-a-button and hide a problem area with ease. Another style that can help minimize the heavier thigh is the garbo style. This incorporates boy shorts in a bathing suit. Everyone will be impressed at your choice of a vintage-style bathing suit.

I really like a wide variety of bathing suits, well as much as anyone can actually LIKE a bathing suit, so I thought I would show you some of my favorite styles.


Remember when you are shopping for a tankini, the tops and bottoms can be sold as a suit, or as separates. Make sure you read the fine print so you aren’t disappointed when the mail runs and you only receive a top. I am not saying that might have happened to me. Haha


Plus Size:

One Piece:

Two Piece:

A bathing suit is just another piece of clothing. Don't stress over how you look. Pick the one to best fit your body type, and then be confident that you look GREAT! I guarantee that you only you care how you look, everyone else is just glad that you joined them at the pool, lake, or ocean. Don't let a bathing suit keep you from enjoying yourself.

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  1. I love this post about swimsuits. I’m petite, and small busted. I have a suit very similar to the Kate Spade black swimsuit with the bow. One tip however, ALWAYS remember to bring your straps! I forgot mine last summer when my sister and I went to the pool we belong to. I didn’t think it would be a big deal because we were just going to sit by the pool and visit. However, when they had an adult swim in the lazy river, we decided it would be nice to grab a float, and float around the pool. It was very crowded and I fell off of my float. As I stood up, down came my suit! My sister laughed until she cried. So ALWAYS remember your straps! Lol.

    • Tania Reply

      I’ve had that same type moment in the ocean with the waves crashing on me, knocking me down. The standing back up and gasping for air, all while your top is gathered around your waist, is not something little children need to see. 😝

  2. For myself I find a tankini top that’s a little looser with some ruching helps disguise my thicker waist. I pair it with the shorts (more flattering for my thighs) vs the skirt or traditional bottom. Your right, this is just another piece of clothing so find what works for you because there’s lots of options. Have fun and enjoy the sun.

  3. I have found a great bathing suit at Kohl’s (sucks in my tummy area). The brand is called, Great Lengths. I like it so much I bought two of the exact suit (one for water fitness class and one for the lake). They are on sale a lot.

  4. Elaine McCollum Reply

    I’ve heard that you need to go up a size when buying a Miracle Suit. Do you know if that is true.

  5. Since I’ve had a masectomy I cannot shop in a regular store for a swimsuit. I am also over 50, so I now know that no one is looking at me, they are too busy worrying what they look like. Buy a comfortable suit and enjoy yourself. Rejoice in a healthy body that makes it possible to swim, and have a great time!

  6. Gerri Brown Reply

    I am almost 55 and I love a tankini top with swim shorts. The swim shorts cover the tops of my thighs and I feel more secure! Even though I am average size the thighs aren’t what they used to be…:)

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