50 IS Not Old | All Things PurpleToday I am dressing in purple as a very small tribute to Prince. In the 80’s I loved to sing and dance to his music. I was working in an accounting office with another girl my age, and we thought Prince was wonderful. Party like it’s 1999 was one of our favorite songs, followed by Little Red Corvette and Delirious. When the movie Purple Rain came out, we of course had to attend. I don’t really remember a lot about the movie, I think I just went to listen to the music. Purple Rain soon became a favorite, along with When Doves Cry.50 IS Not Old | All Things PurpleI wore this outfit to work and told my son why I had it on. He was a little puzzled, especially when I mentioned going to see the movie, Purple Rain. He had no idea that there was a movie. When I started singing When Doves Cry, he looked at me like I had lost my mind. We brought up the song on YouTube, but after a few seconds I could see he was not impressed. I guess you just had to be a child of the 80’s. He was born in 1989, a little too late for the Prince era.50 IS Not Old | All Things Purple

I have on a violet tank top from Cato. It has two layers on the front, one shorter than the other. I love this color, but I am at a loss for what you would call it. Magenta, rose violet,  or pinky-purplely. Whatever, I’ll just call is lovely.

Top: Banana Republic | Plus |Silk50 IS Not Old | All Things Purple

I bought this cardigan years ago. I don’t wear a lot of purple, so it has hardly ever been worn. I bought this at one of the many outlet stores we have in town, it is by Chloe Dao.

Cardian: Long & Flowy | Cashmere50 IS Not Old | All Things Purple

I am wearing a pair of white jeans, a summer staple, with the outfit. I can’t believe that up until a couple of years ago, I would never wear white pants. That is just plain nutty😳  I bought this pair on the clearance rack last fall from Versona.

White Jeans: Plus | Kut from the Kloth | Petite50 IS Not Old | All Things PurpleMy turquoise patent leather purse is by Dooney & Bourke. It is a beautiful  color for spring and summer. I will get a lot of wear from this purse for years to come.

Purse: Similar | Faux Leather50 IS Not Old | All Things PurpleThese poor shoes are really old, really dirty, and still really a favorite. I bought them years ago at Maurice’s. They were a color I thought I would only wear once or twice, but boy was I wrong. I wear them with almost everything.

Shoes: Aerosoles | Bandolino | JC Penny50 IS Not Old | All Things PurpleFor jewelry I am wearing some Chloe & Isabel items, with the exception of my bangle bracelet that I bought at a vintage fashion show years ago. Also, notice the cigar band silver ring I am wearing. That is a gift from Bertha, sort of. It was too big for her and just fit me, although she is still not happy about that. Haha

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  1. I love the unusual combination of purple and this type of blue. Would have never thought of teaming them together, great idea! Also going to borrow from you the idea of the three necklaces in different shades of the same color. Thanks!

  2. I love the outfit until we get to the shoes. Not too sure about that combo. You are a beautiful woman, I love the way you dress. Except……….
    No hates please, just my opinion.

  3. I can not understand or wrap my head around the purse and shoes. I guess I’m old school I think things need to match or at least have a touch of the color some where to bring it out. Learn something new everyday. I just couldn’t do it.

  4. Love the outfit ( purple is my favorite color ) and a nice tribute to Prince. I also have fun memories of the early 80’s of singing and dancing to Prince music, when 1999 seemed so far away!

  5. I want this outfit…..but if you are inclined to send it to me you don’t have to worry ! My body would never fit into your clothes. I sure wish I had your cute little figure. You rock, girlfriend!

  6. LOVE purple with a pop of turquoise! Yep, I’ll be copying this!!

    I was at a wedding over the weekend. The DJ played “1999” and I commented to a friend that it was from my time of sneaking into clubs to dance b/c I wasn’t old enough to legitimately get in. He asked how old I am…I told him and he said, “No way! This song is from the early 90s.” NO!!! It’s from the early 80s! He didn’t believe me. Bleh to him.

  7. Love you purple, one of my favourite colours. Really enjoy following you on Pinterest all the way from New Zealand.

  8. LOVE this outfit! I would call the color “raspberry” (as in “Raspberry Beret”)! Every time I see you model an outfit, I want to run out and duplicate it! Thanks!

  9. You have turned me on to fine gauge sweaters. I’ve envied you every time I saw one in a picture. Love your style! Keep it up.

  10. I love this outfit, it looks great on you. I am a big Dooney and Bourke fan but I tend to go with cross body purses even though I am big busted and have read busty women shouldn’t do cross body. lol O well. It beats laying it down and losing it.