50 Is Not Old | Karaoke I survived Friday night karaoke!!! No one left with hearing loss, and I didn’t see any with their hands over their ears. Haha! Actually, I have to say I ended up having a VERY good time. It probably helped that we were almost the only people in the place. There was another couple in the room next door who heard us singing, and came over to join us. Some of the songs we song were Delta Dawn (Sandy’s favorite), Suspicious Minds, Friends In Low Places (my personal favorite), and Crazy by Patsy Cline (Bertha’s favorite). 50 Is Not Old | Karaoke I tried to make everyone pass their cell phones forward before we started, but that didn’t happen. Haha I hope no one got video, only pictures. There was only one microphone, and since there was al least 8 of us singing, no one person was really heard. Since that was the case, I didn’t mind belting it out. I hope I will still be able to talk at tomorrow’s at the District meeting.50 Is Not Old | Karaoke This is what I wore to karaoke and dinner. It was just us women from our woman’s club, for the most part. I thought this would look nice, but still be comfortable. The fact that these are pull on, elastic waist, pants had absolutely nothing to do with anything. Lol! My blouse is from Van Heusen. I know, this is making you think I really need to start going in Van Heusen more often. You can’t see, even in this close up, but it has a sea foam blue color running through the design.  Here is a similar blouse50 Is Not Old | Karaoke That is why I chose to carry my blue Dooney & Bourke purse, to pick up on the blue. Here is a beautiful Dooney satchel, and here is one that comes in lots of colors. I have on a pair of navy Van Heusen capri pants. They have just enough stretch in them to make them comfortable, and also they don’t seem to grow bigger as the day wears on. Don’t you just hate it when your pants fit in the morning, and by afternoon you can go to the bathroom without having to un-zip them? Here is a similar pair, and here is a plus size option.

You can see a close-up of these shoes. They are by G.I.L.I. and I bought them at the QVC store in town. They are quite a bit higher than I normally wear, and even Joe raised an eyebrow when I walked in work. I like the chunk heel, but these do put a lot of pressure on the balls of your feet. Here is a nice similar pair.50 Is Not Old | Karaoke What can I say, I was bored with taking pictures. Hahaha Anyway, my GORGEOUS glass necklace is a 1920’s vintage necklace. I am telling you, you need to go to antique markets and flea markets. You don’t find one of a kind pieces like this in the stores. My red carved bakelite bracelet matches the necklace well. Here is a necklace, I hesitate to call it similar, but it is red and it does have dangles. haha50 Is Not Old | Karaoke This might have been the look of a few people at the restaurant tonight. Just saying………

I have a BRAND NEW blog for you to check out!!! My daughter-in-law has started a blog and she is just going to start telling a few people today. She is the one who is in this video that you might have already seen. She is absolutely adorable, and since she is justing starting out, she is in need of some views. If you have the time, could you please pop over to twentysomethingfashion and leave her an encouraging comment. I realize that this is probably not the type blogs you normally look at, but if you like it you might can tell your daughters, granddaughters, or co-workers, etc. It is hard when you first start out. I appreciate how lucky I have been to have developed a following that is so very, very, nice. I’m talking about you gurls!!!

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I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. I wish I could have been with y’all at Karaoke – sounds like so much fun! I love your outfit! That top is super cute, and I love the capris, bag, and shoes. Bakelite jewelry is so neat! Your bracelet is pretty. I must say that I do agree about vintage jewelry being the most unique and special. I have a few pieces myself, and I just love them.

    I’ll go and check out your daughter-in-law’s blog – even though I’m closer to your age (I’m 51), I love fashion at any age so it will be a treat to see what she’s up to.

    Have a great weekend, Tania!

  2. I checked out your daughter-in-laws site – it’s lovely! I’m 50ish but see some cute ideas for me, too. Especially the pale sea foam green outfit. Good luck to her!

    Love the Dooney bag. The doctor style is one I’ve resisted, fearful stuff would fall out, but you have me thinking about it!

  3. The necklace was the first thing I was drawn to. So much so I skipped thru your blog without reading to find where you bought it. Shucks! One of a kind. Ok back to reading your blog. You always make me chuckle (baggy pants comment)! I’ll head over to your daughter-in-law’s blog and check it out. Have a great. Weekend Tania !

  4. Your outfit looks great. I really admire how well you wear the pull on pants. I still have not found any to try on but you look so nice in them that I want to. Your daughter in law was SO CUTE in the video with your son who is a doll that I will certainly check her out and follow her! Thanks for another great post! PS I bet you gurls were something at karaoke.

  5. I really love the necklace and bracelet and it goes so nicely with the cute top.
    I checked out your daughter-in-law’s blog. She is so pretty, I thought so in the video too. Most of the fashions would be suitable for all of us!😀👍🏻. Will need to check her out again. Many good wishes for her success. None of you sang Proud Mary? Glad you had fun.

  6. I pin your outfits every morning to “my closet” board in Pinterest. I love every one of them. Glad you enjoyed your karaoke night!

  7. I love your outfit today, Tania. I want that top. I checked out your DIL’s blog. She is adorable. The first word that came to my mind was “CLASSY”.

  8. So glad I “stumbled” onto your blog! I have a ton of jewelry I haven’t worn in ages; why not? Seeing your lovely, put-together outfits has me pulling out my old pieces! (Thank goodness I didn’t “declutter” them!) I’m also in love with your SHOES! I’m banning myself from wearing my clunky “old-lady” shoes from now on! Thanks for letting me know I can be pretty darn sassy, even at 63! (Sassy at 63; I LIKE it!)

  9. Karaoke is always fun with a bunch on the mic- like you said, no one voice can really be heard, but by myself, oh h-e-doublehockeysticks no! Sounds like ya’ll had a great time though!
    Love the red top and the necklace is super cute!
    Your DIL’s blog is very nice! I like checking out fashion blogs for ALL ages as there is usually always something you can find to add to your own style and wardrobe- keeps me young and ‘fresh’ ! 😛

  10. I love this outfit. I don’t know if there is a van heusen store close by me. But I think I should start looking! What color is that lipstick you are wearing? Our coloring is similar, and I love it!! You are just adorable!

    • I’ll have to check on the lipstick. I know I ended up going with a bright red. I’ll try to let you know tomorrow.

  11. Your daughter-in-law is adorable! Now no woman has an excuse to look frumpy when the Stephens women give us such great inspiration.

    • I did cut it a week or so ago. A lot of times it will look shorter because I have it tucked behind my ears. Or maybe it just needs to be washed. Haha

  12. very cute! I love the outfit! It looks great on you. Glad you survived the singing. LOL I’ll checkout the new blog