50 Is Not Old | Jewelry Classic Or TrendyWomen love jewelry! End of sentence and a big exclamation mark. But with all the many choices out there, how do you know what to buy? Do you buy jewelry for now or later? Do you buy jewelry that is the latest trend, or do you buy only the classic piece that will never go out of style?50 Is Not Old | Jewelry Classic Or TrendyI think you do both. Okay, that answers that question. Anybody have any other questions? You in the back, what do you want to know? ………………..Did everyone get that? She wants to know what are some of the pieces of jewelry that are considered classic, and what are some of the latest trends. Lol!



I bet most of you immediately conjured up a picture of Jackie O in your mind, or maybe even Barbara Bush. You would be right, those ladies both wore the classic pearl necklace. But there is much more that you can do with pearls. The chocker style pearl necklace, either one strand or multiple, is always elegant and can be worn with any style clothing. I also love the really long pearl strand necklaces. I usually buy vintage, I think they are better quality, but I am a vintage snob. Haha Long necklaces are so versatile. You can wear just one long strand, you can double or triple them, you can tie them in a knot, or you can make them like a lariat.


The most classic stud earring would be the diamond. Follow that with pearl, the gold and silver stud, and you all that you need. The great thing about this jewelry is, unless you are a jeweler, you usually never know if someone is wearing “real” diamonds and pearls, or if they came from Belk. And truthfully, does it really matter? I own “real” versions of all those items, but guess what? They are all in a safety deposit box because someone “lifted” most of my finer jewelry years ago. The pieces they missed are now locked up for safe keeping. But that means I never get to wear them. So what good are they doing me? NONE! Instead, I now wear faux diamonds, gold, silver and pearls and I don’t feel a bit different.


Hoop earrings are a classic jewelry piece. In the fifties they were huge! I have a picture of my mom wearing hoops almost down to her shoulders. I used to wear a pair of gold hoops, on the smaller side, and I NEVER took them out. I bathed, and slept in these things. I think one of them finally broke, or I would still wear them. A nice set of gold and silver hoops will go with everything.


Bangles. I love bangles and you can wear one or multiples and look great. Gold or silver, or both together look nice. Thin one or large ones, it really doesn’t matter. I have bakelite, wooden, lucite, plastic, and stone vintage bangles. That means they have been popular for a VERY long time. I don’t look for them to go out of favor anytime soon.

Or, you could go with the classic tennis bracelet. This too can be worn alone or in multiples. The diamond tennis bracelet is always elegant and ritzy looking. Once again, they make great faux looking bracelets if you don’t want to plop down a couple grand on a bracelet.


I like a nice cocktail ring. Nothing too ostentatious, but still something that screams “glamour.” I had a cocktail ring YEARS ago, like 30 years ago, that my grandmother (the one that is now 102) admired, so I took it off and told her she could wear it. Boy did she ever!!! My mother gave it back to me last year after granny broke her hip and had to go into a retirement home. It is still in the box, and I will probably never wear it again, it is a wonderful sentimental piece of jewelry for me now.

Trendy Jewelry


Long necklaces are in trend. Lariat and tassels are popular. Dainty necklaces are also still in favor. So basically long and short. You can buy at cheaper stores for these looks, if you don’t think they are going to be something you want to keep very long. I have on one of my favorite tassel necklaces in this post. I like buying Chloe & Isabel (I am a merchandiser) or Stella & Dot for a nicer trendy jewelry source.


We have already gone over how studs are a classic staple, but you can buy some trendy earring jackets to dress up the studs. That gives you several different looks. Dangle earrings are cool. Chandeliers or drops are nice, and colorful stones can make an outfit pop.


We have all seen the large statement rings that have been so popular. But, dainty rings are coming on strong. Stackable bands are very popular and can be worn separate or together.


Cuffs are very in style at the moment. The skinny very thin style is what is really popular. Bangles are also popular. I love the ones that are engraved. I have one that says, You Inspire Me. I didn’t even know if was engraved when I bought it, I just wanted a gold bangle. Haha

My suggestion would to buy a couple classic pieces, and supplement with a couple trendy pieces. Gosh, aren’t you glad you read to the very end for that brilliant piece of advice.50 Is Not Old | Jewelry Classic Or TrendyNOW, finally to the outfit of the day. Easy Saturday run around town outfit. I have on a GAP t-shirt that I found at an outlet store, so of course I can’t find in anywhere online. Here is a somewhat similar one.50 Is Not Old | Jewelry Classic Or TrendyI have on the bangle I told you about earlier in the post. I bought it years ago at TJ Maxx, and it is inscribed or engraved with inspirational words. I also have on my “bling” bracelet from Chloe & Isabel. My third bracelet is a pave bracelet from Stella & Dot that I got for free when I hosted a trunk show this past November. How do you like my nail polish? It is a brand called Cuccio and the name is Quick As A Bunny. I should have gotten this for Easter.50 Is Not Old | Jewelry Classic Or TrendyMy fourth bracelet is one of my favorites by Chloe & Isabel. I like it because it has several strands, it has a quartz dangle and a tassel.50 Is Not Old | Jewelry Classic Or TrendyI am once again carrying my Dooney & Bourke purse. You’ll be sick of it before summer is over. Here is a similar one. The shoes are soooo comfortable. They are Aerosoles, and I have no idea when or where I bought them. I think they came from TJ Maxx, but I couldn’t swear to it.50 Is Not Old | Jewelry Classic Or TrendyI am wearing a pair of mildly distressed jeans. These are Old Navy mid-rise rockstar jeans. I like this pair, they are soft, comfortable, and perfect for running around town. Joe and I went out and ate Mexican, so the white jean jacket was perfect for the cooler restaurants. I bought this one last year at Cato’s because I was freezing at the restaurant that was next door. I left the restaurant, and went and bought the jacket, then came back. I now try to keep a jacket in the car at all times. Lol! Here is a similar one.

I think that covers it all. All except my toenail polish, and I don’t have a clue what the color is. I forgot to look. It is a cross between coral and pink. That should be a big help. Haha

Remember, if you make a purchase and do not already have a merchandiser with Chloe & Isabel, type my name in the Find A Merchandiser slot. Thanks!

WHEW! Saturday is rough on this gurl.

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  1. I really like this outfit on you. Very hip and youthful! I love jewelry, mostly costume since it is the most fun. I need at least earrings every day or I’m not dressed!

  2. Hello from North Carolina! I just started following you and am loving your look! Your casual look today is great! Thanks for the daily updates! I look forward to your blog each morning!

  3. What a fun outfit for today!

    Funny you mentioned jewelry. Our church has their annual garage sale to benefit the teen missionaries this month so I went through my ‘exess.’ Time to purge older pieces long forgotten – amazing how now I want to keep and wear them! I have a lot of Kirks Folly whimsical items, Lee Sands natural shell necklaces, and tons of colorful watches to pass on now. Why are the batteries now all dead? Yikes! .

    What I’m keeping are my delightful Honora pearls in happy colors and lengths purchased on sale, along with sentimental or inspirational rings, bracelets and necklaces. I am also partial to turquoise and sterling silver items. I won’t be hurting with the purge – my armoire and standing jewelry storage are full. Accumulating over the many years, I still have more than enough to play with and add charm to outfits.

    Can’t wait to read what others share. This is a wonderful blog and I look forward to it every morning with my coffee.

  4. Absolutely love your outfit! You’ve mastered the “half tuck” 😊 I believe Macy’s carries that brand and style of shoe. A white denim jacket is on my shopping list for this season, such a go to piece.

  5. Hey, that was a great blog! I am never sure when I purchase jewelry if I am buying at the beginning of a fad or as it is heading out the door. Speaking of doors, i will be heading out my door today to check out those jeans from the gap. How do they fit? They look fitted but not the super skinny fit.

    • The jeans are from Old Navy an the t-shirt is from GAP. Of course they are both owned by the same parent company, GAP is just a updated Old Navy. They are not super skinny.

  6. You look so adorable, and love the t- shirt! Your blog is such an inspiration to me. Wish I would have known some of your fashion tips, years ago. I am stepping out of my comfort zone with color, by adding a few scarves, to start. I have a few vintage jewelry pieces, including my Grandma’s pearl necklace. I do wear them on occasion, but may get them out more often! Blessings to you!

  7. Love, love, love your blog! I follow several but you are my absolute favorite – so honest and real. I love your looks and the fact that they are so easy to replicate for so many of your followers. Wear that inspiration bangle with pride as you are an inspiration to many! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Sweet graphic tee for Saturday errands and cleaning? I love, love, love jewelry! I taught my sons to give jewelry to me and then to their girl friends when they started dating. I buy it when I see it and know it is something that will work for me. I also buy specific accessories for certain outfits when I have a look I want to create. Charming Charlie has all these great sales where you buy one get one FREE and I have found some terrific pieces that way. Always fun to get a bargain. Did you get your hair cut?

    • That is a wonderful thing to have taught your sons. I know their girlfriends/wives will appreciate that.

  9. Tania, you are a hoot! Love reading your posts. That was some great information on jewelry. I inherited some nice jewelry when my mom passed (she was only 72). She too, was relieved of all her jewlery, they took the whole jewelry box. And it was one of those big old ones, that you opened up & opened up some more. Over the years, she replaced some of it & when she passed away, I divided it between our 2 daughters & myself. I’ve made the decision to wear the good jewelry. She was a big fan of gold bracelets & rings. Life is too short for me not to enjoy the items she enjoyed, so I’ve had to be creative in “storing” them! As you mentioned, it’s fun to mix the real with some of the costume. I’ve even taken some of the vintage 3 strand necklaces of my mothers & had them restrung into a longer necklaces & earrings made with the extra beads. I feel my mother would be happy knowing I’m getting enjoyment out of her jewelry as well!

    • I know your mom is very happy you are getting enjoyment from her things. I have told my daughter, (when something happens to me) to pick out items she wants, and then to let my 2 daughter-in-laws do the same. They also need to make sure my granddaughters get items.

  10. Tania, you look adorable. You are an inspiration for women over 50 with your pulled together look. I love this casual outfit.

  11. Thank you for the post on jewelry Tania!!! You are really helping me to “up” my style. You have a great blog and I look forward to reading it every day! Have a blessed weekend!!! P.S. Love that T-shirt and fingernail polish – and your jewelry, of course!

  12. Love me a white jean jacket! Your outfit today is A+! Love it – head to toe! The jewelry info is very good. I never was a jewelry freak until I passed mid 50s or so…now I am an addict! lol! – Happy weekend!

  13. Good grief, I’m sure that took a looooong time to write! Thanks for taking the time to write about all of your jewelry tips! I have some classic jewelry that I always wear (rings and earrings) and some trends that I sometimes wear. As for the pearls, they are hidden away for special occasions only.
    I love the outfit too! The story about buying the jacket is totally something I would do!!! I do keep a jacket with me all the time in the summer. I’m not sure why grocery stores and restaurants think they have to be so dang cold!

    • It did take a loooong time. My husband went to bed and left me still typing. You won’t see too many of these type posts. Haha

  14. As soon as I saw the post I went “Those are the shoes I just bought!!” TJ Maxx -I haven’t worn them yet but I love them. I also bought a pair of flat lace up sandals there. They have been on all the shoe flyers I get so I’m thinking they are going to be my go to summer shoes. Love the blog!!!

  15. Very fun , the t shirt is too cute , love reading your posts , I too frequent to max and marshalls , have a great weekend

  16. Just discovered you on Pinterest and now subscribed to your blog! LOVE your style! I’m 61 and it’s so hard to find “over 50” clothes that are my personality. Thank you!

  17. You look so cute in this casual outfit!! I would never have tried a t-shirt like that- thinking it was too “young” for my 54 year old self-but you have shown me that it works!! Also the “half-tuck” looks good on you!! Also the bracelets really bring it up a notch!!

  18. Thanks for the great tips on jewelry! I’ve been thinking about restructuring my own selection and this gives me some good tips on what to keep out and what to store. I also love the t-shirt! So much so that I found one on Poshmark and ordered it right away!

  19. This is about the cutest outfit I think I have seen you wear. I like all your clothing combinations, but this one makes you look like your in 20s. You just look like you are ready to have fun

  20. I’ve never tried Old Navy jeans, do these run true to your regular size in other brands ? I used your link to their website and saw that they are called skinny jeans, I usually opt for a curvy fit it possible because I’m not really skinny in a few areas if you know what I mean LOL

    • Amy, I thought the same thing about skinny jeans. You need to try them to see if they will work for you. If I buy a skinny anything that has stretch in the fabric, I usually go up a size. Skinny just means it is cut closer to your skin. I have a pair of curvy fit jeans, although I am not very curvy, and the fit is not a whole lot different, mostly through the legs.