April 2016


The Post Where My Sister Takes Over My Blog

50 Is Not Old | Blog Takeover Lisa:

When Tania first asked me if I wanted to post on her fashion blog, I was a bit confused. It could be because she’d just called me the day before to say that if she saw one more picture of me on Facebook wearing black with black and also black, she was going to come to my house and burn my clothes. Then she explained. SHE would be handling the “fashion” part of the blog.  I would be in charge of the “writing something and make it good so that you don’t bore my gurls or I will come burn your clothes” part. Seriously, I don’t think she likes my style.

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50 IS NOT OLD | BLUE WHITE & FLORALI’m loving this outfit. I actually like everything single part of the outfit, and that doesn’t happen often. I have had this top for awhile, but have never worn it because it is sleeveless. But today I picked this to wear because I wanted to wear my second leather bracelet from Jewels of the Vineyard

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50 Is Not Old | Bottle of PopHave you ever just felt like you had it all going on? You know the feeling, the one where you think to yourself, “man, I look good today”, or “my hair is perfect”, or “these shoes make my legs look like they go on forever.” Well, there is s a saying for that. “You’re all that and a bottle of pop.” Is that just a saying I know, or have you heard that also?

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50 Is Not Old | Leather Cuff BraceletDo the words leather and feminine go together? I have to admit when I think of leather, the first things that come to mind are usually belts, shoes, or purses. I have a few leather bracelets, but they are the masculine type that you wear with jeans and a plaid shirt. I even have one that is made from an old belt.

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DSC_0012I am just one of those people. who always wants to read between the lines. What did they really mean, or what are they trying not to tell you. In this case the answer is easy. I am participating in a new series by Katherine of Katherine’s Corner. She asked bloggers who are in the over 50 age group, of all genre, to join her in this ten week series. This is series 2, go here for the first series, and I will be joined today by six other bloggers. Each one of us will answer a couple questions from Katherine, and on the last day of the series, we get to ask Katherine a few questions.

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50 Is Not Old | Anchors AwayWhat can be more fun that taking a trip on the ocean in a sailboat? I can just hear the captain saying, “anchors aweigh.” The gentle rise and fall of the ocean waves, beautiful sunshine, listening to the seagulls, and feeling the gentle breeze on your face. I have never been in a sailboat, but this is the image that comes to my mind. 

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50 Is Not Old | What if you had the powerDid any of you watch the movie, “Bruce Almighty?” It was a movie starring Jim Carrey, and Morgan Freeman. It is a movie where the character, Bruce, complains to the Lord over and over. The Lord decides to let “Bruce” do the job to teach him a lesson. I remember a scene where Bruce is tormented by these voices asking for this and that. Heal me, save my marriage, help me win the lottery, on and on went the voices. He realized that it was the prayers of millions of people he was hearing. In typical Hollywood fashion, he answered ALL the prayers via email. He hit select all, and said YES to every prayer. He thought he was making everyone happy, and then the prayers would stop. Of course mayhem was the result.50 Is Not Old | What if you had the powerHave you ever wondered why bad things happen to good people? I know I have. I have thought, “why would You let so many terrible things happen to one of Your devoted children?” “Why did they have to die, why was he/she born with a deformity, why did they lose everything they owned?” 50 Is Not Old | What if you had the powerOr, on the other hand, why does good things happen to bad people? Why would a liar, a thief, or someone truly evil seem to prosper? How many times have you thought that it just wan’t fair? 50 Is Not Old | What if you had the powerAs best I can tell, temporary treasures on earth are not our blessings. Our reward will not come in this life, but after this life. I do not pretend to understand, or to say that I don’t sometimes questions why. I can only say, that I am glad that He has a plan, and I am just along for the ride.

Read Psalms 73 to understand, we are not the first to ask why.

If you’re going through bad things now, know that us “gurls” love you. We are here for you, and will say prayers for you.

Details of outfit on tomorrow’s blog post.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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50 Is Not Old | Pink and YellowDo you ever wonder, “where do inspirations come from?” You can be looking for an inspiration in writing, home decorations, or even meal planning. Most of you will answer the same way, Pinterest. Lol! Pink and yellow are not colors I wear often together, but they look great together.

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50 Is Not Old | A New Way To Put On MakeupWho wouldn’t like to have a new way to put on makeup? I know most of us ladies put on makeup with the intent to make sure we don’t scare anybody throughout the day. I have looked back on some old pictures, and I am not sure that I met that criteria. Lol! There were days when I might have had on a little too much eyeshadow, (think MiMi on the Drew Carey show) or worse yet, I might have looked like Casper. Nothing friendly about THAT look. 

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50 Is Not Old | Pastel Colors For SpringI am so glad Spring is finally here. The weather has been beautiful, with temperatures in the high 70’s everyday. You can just see the spring in everyone’s step. People are out every afternoon, walking and riding bikes down in town. The grass is getting green, the leaves are budding out, and flowers are poking through the ground.  I love spring!!!

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