50 Is Not Old | Girl's Best FriendThe other day, I was sitting on my couch petting my puppy, Beckley. For some reason, I kept thinking about a dog being man’s best friend. So, if a dog is man’s best friend, what is a girl’s best friend? I guess the answer would depend on who you ask. For the purpose of this post, I will be talking about jewelry and beauty items only. 50 Is Not Old | Girl's Best FriendIt has been said that a diamond is a girl’s best friend. That was probably a jewelry store that came up with that slogan. Lol!  I DO like jewelry, but for the most part, it is not diamonds that I want. I have two rings that I never take off. One is my wedding ring and the other is a black opal ring that Joe bought me for our 10th anniversary. Other than those two items, all my other jewelry can be changed everyday. Years ago I wore little gold hoops, and I never took them out. I wore them in the shower, and even at night to sleep. Boy, has that changed! haha50 Is Not Old | Girl's Best Friend

When it comes to necklaces, I usually gravitate toward the longer styles. I think the longer necklaces draw your eyes downward, and since I have more than one chin, I don’t mind the eye going downward. I also have a few rolls in the middle, so maybe I need to rethink that strategy. Here are a couple necklaces that caught my eye. Pearls, Bar, Beads, Circles, Crystals , Chains, Wood, Flowers, Tortoise.

Bracelets come in all sorts of colors. You can wear only silver or gold, or you can add bling. Beads and stones add a lot of interest. But, some of my favorite bracelets are just simple bangles. Here are a couple bracelets that I would purchase. Wood, Silver, Gold, Tortoise, Leather wrap, Tassel, Belt, Cuff, Link.

Hoops, dangles, chandeliers, and studs are all examples of earrings. If there is one piece of jewelry I forget to wear, it is earrings. My hair hangs in front of my ears, so I sometimes forget to put on a pair. Even when I put on a pair, they don’t always show. In the summer I like to put my hair behind my ears, that is when earrings are a must. Here are the type earrings I like. Pearl, Flower, Baubles, Crystals, Chandeliers, Arrows, Statement, Turquoise, Tortoise.

I am going to stop with those pieces of jewelry, and not get into piercings. I don’t care if you have piercings, I just don’t have any favorite pieces. So, if that finishes the jewelry section, that must mean the beauty section is next.50 Is Not Old | Girl's Best Friend

I love my makeup! I hate leaving the house without my makeup on. My sister-in-law and nephew came by on Saturday, and I had been just lazing around. So, I had on a pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, and NO makeup. Of course they wanted to go down the road to a little thrift store. I kept saying no, and my nephew kept saying yes. Eventually I gave in and went with them. It was so late in the day, that we had to hurry before the store closed, so no makeup for me. I know you gurls are so disappointed in me! Haha After all that, they bought nothing, and I ended up with two pieces and spent 4.00. Lol If I could have only picked one thing to put on, it would have been mascara. I could have pinched my cheeks for color, but my lashes are light, so my eyes just disappear without mascara. Here are some of my favorite brands of mascara. Better Than Sex, Stila Huge Extreme Lash, L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara

Lip stain, I know you are sick of me telling you about it, would be my next choice when it comes to makeup. It just adds the finishing touch to your makeup, and it brightens up your look. Here are the brands I use, and some of the latest colors I have added to my huge assortment on hand. Everyday Red, Keep It Red , Peach Cocktail, Committed Coral, Simmering Spice, Antique Rose.

Foundation, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadows, and moisturizers are all essential items to an everyday look, but those would be the items I could leave off if I had to. I wouldn’t want to, but I could. Lol!  I like to pick a moisturizer or foundation with SPF so I don’t have to add another layer to my routine.

50 Is Not Old | Girl's Best FriendNow, for the outfit details. The kelly green sweater and the colorful dotted scarf are both from Talbots. I bought both of these items at the outlets when we were in Florida. Kelly green seems to be my new color of the moment. This is a color I would never wear in the past, and I can’t seem to get enough of it now. I really liked the scarf, it will go with a lot of different tops for the spring and summer. Here is a similar top in kelly green, and here is a scarf that I like, completely different colors though. The jeans are Vigoss skinny jeans that I bought from Maurices back in the fall. I like the fit, and they are great quality. I would wait till they are on sale if I was you, they put them on sale constantly. Here is a plus size pair. The purse is the Aimee Kestenberg that I bought at the QVC outlet, and the shoes are old. They are linen Rocketdog, and I have worn them so much the inside lining is trying to come loose. I think they will make it at least one more season. Haha  This pair is similar and at a great price.

50 Is Not Old | War RoomHere is the outfit I had on in yesterday’s post. The bright red jacket is from Cato’s, here is a similar one, and a plus size one. The chevron skirt was one I picked up at a Dollar Store, here is a similar one. The Simple V white top is from Covered Perfectly.

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  1. Jennifer Conti Reply

    I’m loving your blog! You always look so polished but always comfortable and natural. You’ve given me some great style ideas in just the short time I’ve been reading.

  2. That green looks fabulous on you. Such a fresh color. Not sure what I would want to be without. Regarding jewelry-I’m a bracelet person although I wear earrings etc. I’m a makeup minimalist (foundation, blush, shadow-can’t use mascara) and lipstain. Haven’t tried your recommendation yet but will. Now shoes – love them. What you’re wearing today is my go to outfit. Think I’ll pull something similar and wear it today. Thanks.

  3. Love the outfit, wonder if you could give a lesson on how you tie your scarf.

  4. I’m really into green right now, especially mint green (could it be because St Patrick’s Day is coming, lol)? That kelly green sweater is so pretty and the scarf is the icing! Do you have a Charming Charlie in your city? Check it out, that is my fave. Set aside a few hours though, lol. P.S. Do you have a workout routine? You look fabulous.

  5. Kelly green really is a perfect spring color~ and it does suit you. As far as my favorites-‘besties’, oh I have far to many 🙂 If there was one thing, OK, how about one “Set” of things it would have to be my hair care products- I have super fine hair and it is starting to thin out and I MUST do my hair everyday… Big Sexy or bust for me, from the root spray mousse, to the hair spray to the powder play (this is THE secret to volume/poofy hair!!!!!) that and my boars hair brush. I can handle the no makeup in a pinch, but not going without doing my hair (Texas Big Hair to be specific. 🙂

    • Tania Reply

      I use the Big Sexy hairspray too. My way of styling is hold were you want it to go, and spray. Haha

  6. Love the Kelly green sweater and scarf with jeans! I need that sweater for St. Patrick’s Day! I find that I focus more on makeup now that I am older. You were so brave to go out with no makeup-I haven’t done that in years for fear of scaring someone! LOL! Love your blog so much.

  7. Have you had your “colors done”? Judging from the colors you wear, you are a spring, but I’m just guessing! I’m a “blue spring” and I love your color choices. Just wondering.

  8. Ha! I won’t open the door with out make up 😜 Love these two outfits!! Wish I had the 2nd one 😊

  9. Wow. I will have to wait for the jeans to go on sale. Haven’t been to a Maurice’s in years. Didn’t know the prices were up there.

  10. sandypatti Reply

    Accessories are a girl’s best friend, I agree! Well that, and my Kat Von D liquid lipstick. Oh, and a cat brooch. We have lots of friend, yeah? You look fabulous, xox


  11. Came across your blog searching Pinteres for fashion tips for Over 50, I’m hooked! Love your blog and your style.

  12. You should have saved the sweater for St.Party’s Day. Love it.

    • Tania Reply

      I have something else, Nancy for St. Patty’s Day. Haha

  13. Loving the kelly green! What a pretty color on you! The scarf just shouts “spring”! – I would sleep in lipstick if I didn’t have to wash it off the pillowcase! HA!

    • Tania Reply

      If it is lip stain, Betty, it won’t get on the pillow! Lol

  14. Great outfit! I could switch the jeans to navy blue pants for work. I follow about 6 fashion blogs and I have to tell you- with my busy schedule working full time I can’t get to them all the time. But I make a point to make a beeline to yours first thing. I might not have time to make a comment but I certainly make the time to read it. For me, your blog is tops!!! I love your girlfriends.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks, Bernadine! I am trying to talk them into another session!

  15. Loving the Kelly green, and your scarf shouts “spring”! Very pretty outfit! – I would wear lipstick to bed if I didn’t have to wash the pillowcase. lol 💄💋

  16. I have also started loving this green. It helps that my children attend Marshall University in Huntington, WV…. GO HERD!

  17. Thanks Tania! Found CG lip stain for a very reasonable $$ w/free shipping. I’m going to try it! (sorry for the double-post; had some problems posting this morning).

  18. Nancy Hughes Reply

    I just love your blog and your style. I have many items that I can use to copy what your wearing, and I do. Also I like to read your comments , they help too. ❤️CD-ROM Nancy ( over 50believe me!!!)

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