March 2016



50 Is Not Old | Manage Your TimeI hope you are ready to tell me the best ways to manage your time, because I could really use the input. I see some ladies who just seem to manage careers, family, and friends with ease. They never forget things, never seem flustered, and are always put together nicely. Mind you, I can count the number on one hand, but still they do exist. So how do they manage their time so much better than the rest of us?

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50 Is Not Old | Feeling CrabbyI bet I have something in my little town that you don’t have. I know that you gurls that live in the big cities, or even medium cities, probably feel sorry for little country bumpkins like me. No shopping, no entertainment, no night life, a whole bunch of no’s. BUT, I’m pretty sure we have something you don’t have, and probably have never seen.

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50 Is Not Old | Lucy LuSome of you have asked about my new doggie, so I thought I would give you a Lucy Lu update. Lucy Lu was a stray that was around my house for three days before I finally caught her. She has adapted to her new home really well. 

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50 Is Not Old | Amazing GraceToday is Easter Sunday, and we have so much to be thankful about. Number one on the list is, He is alive and so are you. Because He has risen from the grave, we now have a chance at eternal life. I look at my own children, and wonder at the sacrifice that was made for us. How God gave his son, so that we can live. How humbling is that? There is no way we could ever be worthy of the amazing grace that our Lord has bestowed upon us.

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50 Is Not Old | Make Life EasierI HATE housework, period….exclamation point! I hate sweeping, moping, dusting, vacuuming, doing dishes, etc.  I figure that most of you probably feel the same way as me, so I have been on a quest to find products to make live easier.

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50 Is Not Old | Not All Fridays Are GoodI debated with myself whether to post today or not, because of Good Friday. I didn’t want to appear callus to the supreme sacrifice made on this day, but at the same time, this is a fashion blog. So in the end I decided to do both. A fashion blog in the beginning, and a tribute as the ending.

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50 Is Not Old | Wall Daddy BuiltI hope everyone enjoyed my guest posters, Bertha and Sandy. If you missed their posts, then go here and here to check them out. I really had fun with them on our travels to Tennessee. We stayed at my mom and dad’s house on Day Mountain. We slept upstairs in what we call a sun room. It is surrounded on three sides with large windows. You can see all the lights of the town below at night. You can also watch the sun rise every morning, it is spectacular. There is no shortage of beds in that room, since my mother bought twin beds. There is also an antique bed that was my Aunt T’s (Tipsy Topsy), and a beautiful murphy bed chest. 50 Is Not Old | Wall Daddy BuiltI thought you might like to see what the view from the sun room looks like. My sister or brother-in-law took this picture, when they were there. It looks so serene.

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50 Is Not Old | Best Friends Are PricelessI know most of you have seen the commercials  where they always end by saying something is “priceless.” That is how I feel, my best friends are priceless! We have been friends for around 20 years. Sandy and I first started running around together when our youngest boys were in preschool. We would drop them off at school for a couple hours, and we would go play 9 holes of golf. When the kids got old enough for school, our husbands put us to work to keep us off the roads. Lol!50 Is Not Old | Best Friends Are PricelessMeet Sandy! A blonde bombshell who is ALWAYS laughing and smiling. You can not be around Sandy, and not have fun. She has a very southern drawl, and we are always teasing her about how she says her name. If you call the lumber company, and she answers the phone, it is, “This is Saaaandy.” Haha  She has been on the blog before, but today she is a little more subdued.50 Is Not Old | Best Friends Are PricelessWhile we were in Tennessee, on our way to the vintage fashion show, we had to pass this little business called the, “Love Shack.” This bright red shop sits on the top of a hill, and has a huge Love Shack sign on the roof. This is an adult store, one of those that sells sex toys, DVD’s etc. As we passed the shop the first time, Sandy bravely said, “Let’s stop and have our picture made, and send it to our husbands.”  Sure I will…..not! On our way home on Saturday from the show, we were all talking and having a good time. I slowed down and pulled off the side of the road. They had no idea what I was doing. “Hop out Sandy, I am going to take your picture.” Sandy was shocked, and took about a minute to say, NO WAY!!! Hahaha!50 Is Not Old | Best Friends Are PricelessI love this tunic/dress on Sandy. I like the colors and the pattern of the dress, and the tassels are the icing on the cake. She bought this dress at Classy Closet, I don’t see the dress on the website, but you can always email Amanda and ask if she has your size in her shop. There is only a small fraction of clothing on her website. Here are a couple of similar plus size tunics.

and here are a couple similar misses tunics.

50 Is Not Old | Best Friends Are PricelessThe crop leggings were also purchased at Classy Closet. They are not on the website, but here is a similar pair that comes in several different colors, and here is a plus size pair. Her shoes were 5 or 6 years old, and she couldn’t remember where she bought them. Here are some similar pairs.

50 Is Not Old | Best Friends Are PricelessAs you can tell, us gurls have a lot of fun. Sandy’s smile is infectious! I hope you have enjoyed having my two best friends join me.

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50 Is Not Old | Look Who's BackLook who’s back! I am a lucky and blessed gurl to have not one,  two best friends. Both of my besties traveled to Tennessee over the weekend to a vintage fashion show that my mother and her friend put on. We had the best time, driving, shopping, and of course eating everything in sight. Lol!  I took the opportunity to snap a couple shots of Bertha and Sandy before the fashion show.

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