50 Is Not Old | See In The MirrorWhat do you see in the mirror? Are you your worst critic? I know that when I look in the mirror, I am always picking out my flaws. Why do we do this? Do men do this, too?50 Is Not Old | See In The Mirror

It all starts in the morning when I am putting on my makeup. I use one of the 5X magnification mirrors to apply all my makeup, and that really, really, shows everything. Your pores look huge in those things! There is not a wrinkle, or fine line, that won’t show up.50 Is Not Old | See In The Mirror

After that wonderful experience, I move on to the changing my clothes phase, in front of two huge mirrors in the bathroom. I have tried to put my clothes on with the lights turned off, but I couldn’t find my things. Haha  There is just nothing good that is going to come from standing in front of a mirror in your bra and panties. NOTHING!50 Is Not Old | See In The Mirror

But why do we feel this way? I read a story once about this lady. She is quite famous in some circles, but I am not going to mention her name. She talks about how she was never considered a beauty. She said she is short in stature, rotund in girth, has frizzy unruly hair, and just overall not a classical beauty type. (Her inside is pure gold) One day, she was having makeup applied, and the makeup artist commented that this woman had perfect lips. She was thrilled because she now had something of a physical nature that made her proud. She said from that moment on, she always thought about her perfect lips as she applied her lipstick.50 Is Not Old | See In The Mirror

We all have something that makes us unique and special. Do we even take the time to acknowledge this? My husband has many fine qualities, but one I have always envied is, his perfectly formed feet. He has those toes that go from little to big in perfect form. I have the type where the toe, next to the big toe, is longer. I like his better. Haha  Maybe you have a graceful neck, your eyes are beautiful, or you have long fingers. It can be a multitude of things.50 Is Not Old | See In The Mirror

If I was picking out my best asset, it would probably be my hair. It is thick and usually easy to style. Bertha has the softest skin known to mankind, a baby has nothing on her. And Sandy has gorgeous hair and a beautiful smile.50 Is Not Old | See In The Mirror

Your homework is to look in the mirror each day for your best asset. Acknowledge how wonderful you are in your own unique way. THEN, I want you to tell a friend, or a family member, what you think their best asset is. You will probably make their day.50 Is Not Old | See In The Mirror

Now, for the outfit details. The chambray shirt is from Old Navy. I have worn this multiple times, and I like it better each time I wear it. I can’t believe how versatile a shirt like this can be. If you don’t have one already, you need to find one you like. The jeans are Old Navy as well. They are high-rise Rock Star distressed jeans. What I like about this pair is, the level of distress in small, so you get a modern look but not too youthful. Some people do not like the heavily distressed jeans, so this is a nice compromise. The crochet vest is an old one I bought at Cato’s and is no longer available, but here is a fun one with fringe. The necklace was a gift from Sandy. It is from a boutique we shop called the Neck’d Ladies. I have on my renegade bracelet, and my Michael Kors watch. The khaki colored ankle boots were from Cato’s several years ago. They are not very comfortable, so I don’t wear them often. Here is pair that looks similar.

BTW, thank you for making my friends feel right at home. If you missed their posts, look here and here. I bet you didn’t know that I was the quiet one of the bunch. Haha

The comment section is at the end of the post, so keep scrolling. I look forward to reading all the comments, they make my day.

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  1. I agree. It easy to pick out flaws. I do think the older I get, the less concerned I am with my flaws. I try to look my best each day. I wore an outfit yesterday with some spring colors & a matching necklace. I know I’m rushing the season, but this rain & dreary weather we have been having needed some brightness. I got so many compliments on it during the day. (even though one of my friends said my poncho looked like a beach towel! Lol.). I think the way a person dresses reflects how they feel abRight now, I can’t decide on a hairstyle, so I think that’s my biggest flaw. It’s in between styles & aggravating me. I do enjoy your blog each day. I like the way you mix classic items with a few trendy ones.

    • Tania Reply

      I have been dying to wear spring clothes myself, Stacia. But, I am trying to see if there is any winter clothing still left in my closet that I need to style first. Starting in March , I will be going toward more spring type looks. Thanks for reading along.

      • Lisa Crosswhite Reply

        Hello Tania,

        I love you taste and flare in clothing and accessories! I particularly love the necklace in you February 24th post ” What Do You See In the Mirror” where can I find a big/chunky rock necklace like this?

        Thanks for sharing!

        • Tania Reply

          That was a gift from my friend Sandy. Sorry Lisa. I think she bought it at a woman’s club convention from one of the vendors.

  2. I had a sentence that didn’t get finished & I wasn’t sure how to edit the comment. Lol. I think how you dress shows how you feel about your job & your daily life, too!

  3. What a great topic. I’m always picking out my flaws so I will take your advice. On to your outfit, it’s adorable. I love the necklace, and you have the right knack for pulling everything together.

  4. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. 🌹 So true that we see lots of flaws, and you’re right we should look for a least one thing we like. If we find one we’re sure to feel differently and maybe find another. Just caught up on your posts – what a hoot reading about your friends. How fabulous are the times you must have together 😎. Really like your outfit today. You do denim on denim well. Have a great day.

  5. Loved being introduced to your friends the past few days! They are precious! Thanks for this post about finding the good in ourselves- it took me years to figure out what I really liked about my face and it did take someone else to point it out to me. I notice that my daughters ( in their 30’s) are much more confident in their looks than I ever was! I love the denim shirt and jeans along with the vest and boots. I have some similar pieces and have worn this look often on the weekends. By the way, along with gorgeous hair, you have beautiful eyes and an adorable smile that is so genuine.

  6. The blouse/shirt looks great! I looked it up on their website and noticed that it is 100% cotton…. how does it wash up? Do you throw it in the dryer or hang to dry? Wondering if it comes out quite wrinkled requiring ironing. I have a couple of shirts similar to this and because they need a lot of ironing I rarely wear them, so I am curious about this one. Would love your input. xo

    My biggest flaws right now are my hair. Being on medications has thinned it out so much that it’s not to my liking much these days. AND, my waistline has disappeared due to menopausal stuff… like not being able to control the hand to mouth disease with food. LOL Prior to these issues I was completely happy looking in the mirror. My 60’s have not been kind to me.

    • Tania Reply

      It does wash up well, Diane. The only thing that looks bad, straight out of the dryer, is the pocket flaps and sometimes the hem. I have been known (don’t tell this) to use my hair straightener on the pocket flaps and the hem, and head out. Hahaha!

      • Karen Ward Reply

        GREAT idea about using the flat iron for pocket flaps! LOL…I have a similar shirt (maybe it’s the same) and I find that it does great if I don’t put it in the dryer but shake it out HARD straight out of the washer, smooth the pocket flaps down and hang to dry. That vest is AH-dorable. Too bad Cato doesn’t have it any longer!

  7. I felt like you were describing me as I’m short with frizzy hair. Ha! But I’ve learned that my hair is one of my best features when I add enough product to make it curl properly. I have a simple kar old navy shirt and live the way you style it!

  8. Pris Shoulders Reply

    I enjoy your blog so much! At almost 70, I don’t consider myself old either. Like others, I agree we are our worst critics. This is a flaw of mine, but the older I get I realize it’s just me and that’s not the way others see me at all. For the last year, I’ve let God highlight my hair and I couldn’t be happier! He’s done a great job and underneath the color was beautiful snow colored hair. Each day I thank him! This is definitely my best asset. Enjoy your day!

  9. What a great stylish outfit! Just found your blog through another blogger. I’ve looked through some of your past posts & picked up some great ideas already! But today’s outfit really hit the mark for me! Have a question though, where do I find jeans such as yours in the color you are showing, only in a Curvy fit? I’m a 60 year old 5’4″, curvy size 16 Grammy! I’m afraid with my larger thighs, I don’t want anything tight to accentuate that area. I love the look of a slim ankle jean, but I don’t want a skinny jean. I’m in rural Northeast PA, and have only a few major chain stores to pick from. I’m dying to find a vest like what you wearing, as well!

    • Tania Reply

      I am glad you found me Gina! Old Navy does offer a curvy fit, and I will occasionally buy that fit. You need to go into the store and try on a few different fits and styles to see which one works best for you.

      • Thank you for that info! I really could use a new chambray blouse so I was thinking of stopping in Old Navy. I’ll give their jeans a try as well!

    • Gina, I’m from Washington state and saw your comment. Another place you can try is Amazon…believe it or not, I have ordered some cute clothes from them. Read the reviews before you buy. They ship fast. You can try on in the comfort of your home and returns are extremely easy…give it to your postal carrier! I just ordered a long vest similar to Tania’s in olive green. Love it! Hope this helps. Keep on styling yourself and don’t forget to smile!!!

      • Thank you Sally! Never thought to give Amazon a try, although I do order other items from them! I’m crazy about that vest Tania is wearing!

  10. You’re absolutely right! Find the positive! Life is too short to always think about the negative! Easier said than done but a goal to strive for every day. I love your look and attitude! The denim on denim looks great on you! How do you pull it off so well? I will have to try it. And the jewelry always looks great. I always feel silly when I add the accessories like I’m playing dress up! I guess I need to work on self confidence!! Have a great day!

  11. I must start by saying thank you! I am my worst critit, I need to remember your words in this post. And your outfit may be one of my favorites, I will look for a similar vest, and will try the jeans, great outfit, thank you!

  12. Agree. If I could get past what I perceive as my flaws, I would probably be okay. At 60, I’m still hoping:)
    I need the purse details please😄 I really need it!!!!

  13. I am on the hunt for a pair of taupe booties because of you! LOL I just love the way you accessorize. From practically the time we are born, Western culture trains women to look a certain way. We get bombarded by images from media and schools. We get the ‘soft petal’ judgement from our peers), society, and family,. So we grow up with these tapes in our head of self judgement and comparison. It’s automatic and it’s sooooo annoying. We must challenge those tapes, learn to love who we are in our own space and time, and realize we are good just the way we are. We work to reprogram the old unconscious programs for happiness. It’s hard at first, but it will pay off when your self-esteem blooms with acceptance for yourself. p.s. once you’ve changed those tapes;. it makes it really easy to accept other’s and teach them to accept themselves.

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks Diane for reminding us that we have the power to reprogram our thinking. We do not have to let negativity creep in.

  14. Cynthia in IN Reply

    I love your blog because you shop at the same stores I do! Your price points are more realistic for me, too.;-) Last weekend, I ventured a short trip to the nearest Old Navy and Target. After a disappointing search for a gorgeous neck scarf (golden yellow with beautiful blue flowers) that would have been perfect for my son’s senior year (school colors), I tried on the Rockstar Mid-rise Skinny jeans. I was doubtful so I also grabbed a curvy pair, too. Tried the curvy ones on first. Meh. Tried on the Rockstar Skinny ones and I was sold! I immediately put them in my shopping bag! Thanks for the tip!

    • Tania Reply

      I know what you mean, Cynthia. You have to try on different styles before you know if they will look good on your body type. Things I think will be perfect, are huge failures, and vise-versa.

  15. Denim on denim! I love it, wear it, live in it! Your vest adds pizzazz! Gotta try that! – yes, I am so bad about focusing on my “flaws” , that I would characterize as just individual traits or part of their personal unique look in others. You are correct Tania. We all can tend to be too self critical. That’s not good! My hubby says “nobody notices that but you”, when I fret over some perceived “glaring” imperfection I have. I guess I should be more grateful for God’s gifts to me. If I stop to appreciate it, I get more than my share of compliments for my smile & my eyes. When health issues pop up, I try to focus on the positives in life – love,luck & laughter! (Among other things, of course). Have you heard this one: “my house must be haunted! When I look in my mirror, there’s a crazy old lady looking back!”….. And this: looking in my mirror and thinking, well that can’t be right!!? lol

  16. Yes, we are our own worst critic. However, I must say I am more accepting of myself than when I was young. People thought that I thought a lot of myself, but that was just my pageant/ballet training. My boobs were too small/too big depending on the situation. My thighs….have you ever seen a ballerina’s thighs and backside? Those leaps come from somewhere. And don’t even get me started on my weight. I was 112# and 5’7″ at 18, and thought I was not thin enough.

    But as I have grown in my walk with Christ, I got past all of that (maybe too far past, since I’m 50# heavier LOL). Psalm 139:14 says, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” He made each one of us for a purpose and He loves us so, chubby thighs, large pores, wrinkles and all. Who are we to doubt his creation?

    • Tania Reply

      Acceptance takes some time. As you said, he made each of us, therefore we are perfect!

  17. Great post Tania! I can totally relate. I had to buy a magnified mirror because I couldn’t see w/o my glasses when applying my make-up. Yikes! It’s amazing what you see in a 9x magnification mirror. I too pick myself apart when looking in the mirror. I wish I could just get over it and not be so critical of myself. I don’t think men do it nearly as much as women. I know my husband doesn’t, at all! My best feature is also my hair. It’s thick and I have lots of it! I think I’m going to try harder to focus less on what I think are my flaws and focus more on what God has blessed me with. It was great meeting your friends. I can just see the three of you out together, having fun and laughing the whole time. What a gift they are!

    • Tania Reply

      I hope to have some pictures in May of the three of us on a Woman’s Club trip. We always have a good time.

  18. Sheree Ozier Reply

    I too have one of those mirrors! And those toes! My best friend growing up had the most adorable feet,
    I was envious!!! Thank goodness I’m over that, and just glad to have these Gorgeous feet!!!

    This Gurls, I believe is the beauty of being 50! We can Love Ourselves, and teach our daughters
    to love themselves!!!

    Love the denim outfit, and continue to be inspired!

  19. Tania, I love your blog- it started out because of your fashion sense and I love your stories, reading the other ‘gurls’ comments and meeting “the gurls”- but what I truly enjoy are these thought provoking types of posts. I can whip up 10 flaws in 10 seconds, but yup- finding a “like”… especially as I’ve aged and especially since i have gained weight. It’s easy to fall into the ‘if only’ pit, but reading not only your thoughts, but also all ‘the gurls’ comments reaffirms that there IS something beautiful about me and all of us, and to continue to focus on those things of beauty- within as well as on the outside. Thank you 🙂

  20. This post is so sweet and it shows what a kind heart you have. I am so glad that I found your blog. It is a breath of fresh air. Thank you.
    I am trying to think of some new adjectives to use to comment on your outfits. Until then I will just say again that you look fabulous.
    Now where is that Thesaurus????

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks so much, Kathy!!! Some people don’t even know what a thesaurus is. Hahaha

  21. Kathy King Reply

    I enjoyed seeing your friends. You gals are real women. I get tired of seeing perfect bodies. I would like to see more real women who are not “perfect” body type.
    My body flaws there are so many…I have a bad zipper scar on my chest. This comes from having 5 heart surgeries. I have to buy shirts to my neck or fine necklaces that cover. I have my mema’s belly it is not huge but it is for me. My weight is another issue. I know 135 is probably a normal weight, but I’m used to 125.
    But my best feature is my eyes. They are just green but I think are wonderful. But all in all with what my body has gone through, I’m hlad to be alive.

    • Tania Reply

      Your scars are your war wounds. You have the scars, but are winning the war. That is something to be proud of:)

  22. Mary, thank you for that info! Never gave Loft a thought! I’ll have to go on a “jean trying on” excursion! I think jeans are about the worst thing to try and get a good fit!

  23. Hi Tania – I just found your blog thru JoAnna’s and I love your style. I have been looking thru your blogs and the purse you carry in this one is divine. I have an addiction to purses and bracelets. LOL! Please details on this bag. Thanks.

    • Tania Reply

      So glad you found me😊 That purse is a retired Stella & Dot. The only place I know you could find it, is possible EBay. I would type in Stella & Dot and snakeskin purse. Good luck!

  24. Kay Havelka Reply

    Recent found your blog….very interesting. Love this denim on denim look with the sweater vest! Great looking ensemble and the blues look great on you. This is what I would call country-chic!! Although it’s nearly 100 degrees here now I’ll be looking to put this idea together when it cools here in Oct, lol….

  25. You are a beautiful, classy lady inside & out! Your hair is fantastic & I love the color, but you have MANY Other fine attributes!

  26. As I get older I am not as concerned about flaws. I have accepted the fact that I will always be a bit more curvy then I wish for. As for wrinkles… My badge of honor!
    I enjoy your blog! I think this is the first time I have commented! I enjoy your style and your sense of humor! Wishing you continued success!

  27. Theresa Mageau Reply

    I think you are beautiful, especially your eyes. I like looking at your outfit choices. I think fashion is fun. I am much more confident now (at 51) than I was at 20 when I actually looked like a model. Crazy eh?

  28. YOu are so lovely, inside and out. You are a sweet blessing on my life.

  29. I simply love love your photos, comments, style EVERYTHING about you. Wished I had found you sooner but later is good too. I look forward to more information about your styles especially. I’m retired and 60+ looking to reinvent myself again. My fashion sense comes from people like you who are inspiring-thank you for your posts

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