50 Is Not Old | Looking Your BestWe all strive to put our best foot forward, but how do you know when you are looking your best? They say you only get one chance to make a good first impression. The impression I want to leave someone with is “Wow, she looks good, so put together! Granted, that is not always the impression that is left. Sometimes, it is more like, “Who was that again?” Lol! This paragraph is supposed to be my chance at making a good first impression for a new reader. How am I doing? Haha50 Is Not Old | Looking Your BestWhen I was younger, (much younger) I might have made a good impression straight out of bed. Boy are those days gone. It now takes me a good hour, and sometimes longer, to get the full beauty routine done. I think the older I get, the longer it takes. I can’t for the life of me figure out why. I have been asked to do a beauty and hair tutorial, so I have decided to work on a video showing the process. I think that will be more thorough than trying to take pictures. Until then, I am going to give you some tips on looking your best.50 Is Not Old | Looking Your Best

1. Hair

Make sure your hair is styled. This doesn’t mean you have to go to a stylist, though I recommend it, but it means you should always have your hair clean, combed, and coiffed. Please get rid of that dent in the back where you slept. Lol! A new hair style or a change of color, can be an instant boost to your look and attitude. Look through magazines for the latest styles, and ALWAYS take the picture to your stylist. It is difficult to verbally tell your stylist how to cut your hair. What you mean, and what they think you mean, is not always the same. This is my favorite picture of my hair. The products I use on my hair are Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Duo.

2. Makeup

Just like the old American Express commercials, “don’t leave home without it.” I am as guilt as the next for thinking, “I’ll just run to the store and right back.” Don’t, don’t, don’t!!! It will never fail that you will run into someone you know, and then you will feel like crap. Work on a 5 minute makeup routine for those moments. My 5 minute routine includes, cc cream – blush – eye liner – mascara – and lip stain. The basic products I am using now are: It Cosmetics CC Cream + Illumination SPF 50 – I use a combination on light and medium, Becca warm honey blush, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in blonde, Anastasia Clear Brow Gel, Doucce Smudge Proof eye liner, Revelon Super Stay 24 Color Lip Stain (my favorite color at he moment is 521)50 Is Not Old | Looking Your Best

3. Lipstick

For years I never wore lipstick, with the exception of going out on a date. I disliked the fact that you needed to reapply the lipstick every couple of hours. I could not get in that habit. BUT, with lip stains, there is no need to reapply. I put my lip stain on in the morning, and it is still on when I come home at night. Some people don’t like a lip stain because they can be difficult to remove, especially if you change your mind on the color. I have heard that using olive oil will help to remove the stain.

4. Iron Your Clothes

Ugggh! I hate ironing clothes! With that said, taking a few minutes to iron your outfit makes all the difference in the world. Wrinkled clothing just screams, “I’ve given up”, or worse, “I don’t care!” You DO care. You would not be reading my blog if you didn’t care how you look. Since starting this blog, I am having to pay more attention to how I dress. Not only that, but I can see my friends doing the same thing. Yes, I am talking about you Sandy and Bertha. Haha They have always looked nice, but lately they have really stepped up their game. (Look for them to be starring in some fashion posts soon)50 Is Not Old | Looking Your Best

5. Accessorize

This is the icing to the cake. Adding a few special pieces can instantly add the “WOW” factor. You do not have to go overboard with accessories, in fact too many can detract from your look. My normal formula is: earrings, 1 or 2 necklaces (I will change the necklaces out for a scarf on occasion), a bracelet on at least one arm, sometimes both arms, and a watch. I never take off my rings, but will on occasion add an extra one. Other accessories include a purse, shoes, and glasses (readers or sunglasses). You can keep these items low-key, or ramp up the look. Think statement earrings, necklaces, bold bracelets, designer purses, and bright or printed shoes.

Walking out the door, and feeling like you have done everything in your power to look good, is such a confidence builder. Don’t run into your husband’s ex-wife without your makeup on (25 years ago and I still cringe).

Did you notice the 1st outfit of the post. I will be get around to all the details of the outfit in another post. How’s that for a teaser. Hahaha

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  1. I started being much more concerned about my clothes and jewelry about 6 years ago. I always tried to look decent when I went to work but didn’t really worry about it. I was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 45 in 2009. Surviving that gave me a whole new attitude about my clothes & accessories. I wear bolder jewelry (it used to be simple gold hoop earrings & a watch) and brighter colors. I never miss an opportunity to wear my red boots, but never more than once a week. I run/walk 5k’s & some half marathons frequently. I never do that without my earrings. I sometimes skip the make up in hot weather. Other than that, I make sure all my outfits have some complimentary jewelry. I can’t seem to decide on a hairstyle that I like. I’ll have it cut & keep it that way for a few months. Right now I’m trying to grow out a pixie cut but I can’t decide on a new hairstyle. Thanks to Pinterest I’m leaning toward a wavy, long bob. Thanks to you for all the tips & reminders in this post.

    • Tania Reply

      CongratulationS Stacia! I am sure surviving cancer was life changing. I change my hair style at least twice a year, let it grow then cut if off. But since I only know one way to style it, it usually looks the same. Haha It sounds like you have your style down pat 😄

  2. Love the first outfit. Please give us the details. I have to wear black everyday for my job and that would be perfect and with a lot of wow!! Also love the black scarf. Love your blog. I’m always excited to read it first thing everyday. Thank you for doing such a great blog!

    • Tania Reply

      Details will be coming Debra! Haha Thanks for the kind words, blogging is harder than I thought it would be.

  3. #3 Lipstick
    You must have talked to my mother! Ha! Rest her soul, she always told me growing up to at least put on some lipstick before you leave the house. Now I only WISH that ‘just lipstick’ would do the trick!

  4. K love your blog. Sometimes I think we must be related, we’re so much on the same page!

  5. Melanie W. Reply

    I’ve been a fan of lip stains since they first came out. They’re a must have for me!!! When I want to remove it I use the Maybelline eye makeup remover with the pink cap. Wipes it right off!
    Always love your hair and clothes!!! So cute! 🙂

  6. Karen Ward Reply

    That second outfit…SWOON!!! Is there anything you don’t look good in? Where are the leggings from??

  7. “Don’t you leave this house without a little color on your lips!” my Mimi. Or, “Don’t you go around lookin’ like something the cat drug in.” I miss her every day.

    Great tips, all of them!

  8. Excellent tips! I do try to follow these daily myself! I worked for a doctor once, and he didn’t hesitate to tell us when we needed to put our lipstick back on! (Might be considered sexual harassment today, but not back then…just a friendly reminder that -hey! You’re looking a little pale there! haha). – When I LOOK better, I FEEL better. So on my most off-days, I do try to perk myself up! Even while working at home, that was my ritual. If you look messy, then your work will be messy! (In my case, anyhoo). Darlin’, I won’t go out to the mailbox without my lipstick on! lol

  9. Tania I have to agree 100% with this blog! I trained as a speaker and an image consultant with Shari Braendel who authored the book, Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad. People form an opinion of you in the first 7 seconds when they meet you. 7 seconds! There is another book out by a professor at a university entitled, A Nation of Slobs. It is funny (so is Shari’s book but loaded with great information) but people don’t care about their appearance any longer. People are more likely to give you information or money when you look good. Think of the implications of that for women in business. Nurses were believed to be more COMPETENT when they wore lipstick! I never step out of the house (except to go to the gym) without doing all the things you mentioned. Why wouldn’t you want to feel great at the grocery store and I ALWAYS run into someone I know. I believe we are called to excellence as God’s DAUGHTERS and we should reflect Him in everything. Just look at the beauty and color in creation. Okay. Obviously this is one of the things I have a very strong opinion about. I’ll stop but I could do a whole seminar on this . . . 🙂

  10. Love your Blog! Where I live, people wear PJ’s in the Winter. (Male & Female!) Summer is worse because Nothing is covered & a camisole is considered a top! I love to shop & mostly shop at consignment or thrift stores. Sharon I will have to check out those books!

  11. Thanks for the advice about the haircut. I have an appointment in the morning… so I ran pictures of what I want the stylist to do. Now she doesn’t have interpret my verbal description. I’ll just show her and, hopefully, we’ll both be happy with the outcome. Love your blog.

  12. Great tips, Tania! I’m one of those weird people who irons everything. Well, not my “comfy clothes”, but definitely everything else. As a dental hygienist, I wear scrubs every day. These young assistants that I work with are so cute and then when I look at their scrubs, I cringe! They are so wrinkled and their pants need to be hemmed. An iron and a good tailor can make a world of difference in your appearance! Can I get an AMEN? 🙂

  13. I can’t seem to locate the lip stain, you said you use, on the Revlon website….

    • Tania Reply

      Janet, the problem could be that I told you the wrong name. I use three different ones,so I probably labeled it wrong. Click on the “blue” lipstick link, and it will take you to the correct place. Sorry for the confusion.

  14. Came across your blog while searching for stylish fashion for older women. I’m hooked! I immediately subscribed and look forward receiving more great fashion tips and reading your great blog. Love your style, makeup, hair, ckothes. You rock it lady!

  15. Mary Boyum Reply

    Love your blog! Do you know that my girlfriend and I spent 45 minutes at Rite Aid yesterday trying to find your “Revlon” lip stain? Oh, how we hunted and poked around….at one point, one of the little shelves detached from the wall in our hands and we howled trying to get it back on! Anyway, we walked away with what we thought was what you must have meant. This morning I clicked on the Lip Stain link and it took me to Target and a Mabelline brand! Ha! No wonder we couldn’t find 521 or the 24 hour. Lots of 16 hour matte with a clear coat gloss, tho! Lol

    • Pamela McLeod Reply

      Thank you so much for this blog,
      I really have enjoyed seeing the outfit changes and how they look on a real person…you look very put together and cute.

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