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50 Is Not Old | Body Types | Heart In keeping with the theme that a woman’s body is a gem, and should be referred to as a diamond shape, not a fruit, todays body type is a heart. Who wouldn’t want to be called a heart? Words that come to mind when I think of heart is warm, loving, and beautiful. I know these are not the description of body types, but I was thinking of you, the woman.50 Is Not Old | Body Types | Heart

I shopped my closet, and tried to see what I would wear if I was a heart body type. The heart body is wider in the shoulders than the hips. When I started thinking of this body type, I immediately thought large chested. Celebrities who are heart shapes are Renee Zellweger, Elle Macpherson, and Angelina Jolie. My daughter is actually this type, so you would think I would at least have an idea of what you should wear. But, nope, you would be wrong. _mg_0991-1This picture is a couple years old, but you can see that she doesn’t mind being top heavy. Lol!  The whole idea for a heart shape is to de-emphasize you upper half,  to balance the bottom half. An empire waist is one type clothing that looks great on you. But please stay away from shoulder pads or any kind of embellishments on your shoulders. DO NOT wear any clothing from the Dynasty TV show. Hahaha
50 Is Not Old | Body Types | Heart I chose a dark jacket from J. C. Penny and buttoned the “Girls” in. I remember watching Stacey & Clinton and hearing them preach about “keep those girls contained.” That advice never applied to me, so I skipped right over that section. My daughter has always loved dainty jewelry and I never understood why. I like the big and bold look, but for those who are top heavy, the dainty look is better. Here is a similar jacket.50 Is Not Old | Body Types | Heart Before I left for work, I unbuttoned the jacket and I added a longer necklace. I didn’t get a picture with the necklace, but I added the rebel necklace from Stella & Dot. I have on a pair of palazzo pants that I bought last year at a street festival from a little boutique called Envy & Lace. Here is how I wore these pants earlier. This style pants look great on a heart body type. They widen the bottom half and help balance out the top. Bright colors and prints on the bottom will help draw the eye down. cn10168964cn10599548cn9494639
These are three choices that I liked from Old Navy. The pants are wide legged and the skirt flows out from the hip. I would wear a form fitting v- neck shirt and a shorter jacket with any of the three.50 Is Not Old | Body Types | Heart This series has really kicked my but. I had no idea how hard this was going to be. But, dressing for a different body type is not easy. I now really appreciate those who do this for a living, like style consultants and personal shoppers. Well, one more diamond shape to go. Tomorrow is the brilliant round cut, and I am totally at a loss. I think that is going to be my hardest challenge so far.

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  1. SSuch positivity for all body types! Anxious to see tomorrow post for I feel like I might fall into that category. Large busted and more in the middle although I have small legs. So confusing! I like to dress pants closer to body. Pixie pants, skinny jeans and leggings. But is that the best look for me? You look great in wide leg but I feel lost in them. Bottom line no pun intended is we should wear what you feel most comfortable and powerful in. Love your post. Always first thing I read in email.

      • You will get there . Just understand we know you do the best you can for us. No stressing out! Promise blogs are meant to be fun and yours are.

  2. Pretty outfit! For my particular gem shape, I’d probably be better off wearing my print on the top, solid jacket, and dark pants. But I DO love those pants! I daren’t draw more attention to my thigh area. ha! – but, not to say I’d never! Print pants are so pretty. – Your daughter is very pretty too! – What?! Say “no” to Dynasty clothes? Yes, you’re right. That was another era! lol

  3. Love this series, even though it is challenging to find outfits for the various gems! Regarding the brilliant round shape….should it be a monotone outfit with bright pops of color on accessories and shoes to slim the round shape and accent the face and feet? Just a thought!

  4. I recall my younger years and barely having any ‘girls’ to button in. LOL What on earth happened to me? Jackets are generally a good piece of clothing for hiding stuff. This is a great outfit on you.

  5. Love your articles. I really like the non fruit body types. Thank you! However I have read that wearing bold jewelry helps balance the big bust. I find this works for me as I’m a heart.