50 Is Not Old | How To Wear Stripes Have you heard that if you wear stripes, especially horizontal ones, that you will look bigger? Well, I have heard that, and because of that I always stayed clear of stripes. However, I have since read that maybe that thinking was incorrect. Stripes can actually make you look thinner. That is a good thing, since stripes are one of the new trends for 2016.50 Is Not Old | How To Wear Stripes 1There are different types of stripes. Horizontal, vertical, thin, and thick. Stay away from vertical stripes on your top half. They will show even the tiniest of a tummy. I know I don’t want any extra bulges. Pinstripes, however look very classic and business like. Thick stripes tend to be the most dramatic, and flashy. Navy and white, black and brown, or black and white, are classic combinations that always look great together. Wearing a neutral pant or skirt will highlight the top. If you choose to wear a blazer or jacket, like I have, it can help to define the waist.50 Is Not Old | How To Wear Stripes 2My Kelly green jacket is a few years old. I like that it can add a pop-of-color and energize a boring outfit. Here is a similar one, and here is a short sleeve version that I really like. The wide strip sweater is by Old Navy . I have had it for a long time, also. Remember, I am a clothes hoarder. Hahaha  Here is a similar v-neck version that comes in a variety of colors.50 Is Not Old | How To Wear Stripes 3OMG! I really need to take pictures of my necklaces without them being on my body. What woman over 50, who has not had cosmetic surgery, wants a close-up of their waddle and wrinkles?  Just adjust your view on your computer to screen to only show the necklaces. The long necklace is the Atlas 3-Row Convertible necklace from Chloe & Isabel. And the shorter bling initial necklace is by Monarch Inspirations. I picked it up in Atlanta at a tea shop, but Amazon carries a lot of their items. I couldn’t find the initial necklace, but here is a blessed bling necklace.50 Is Not Old | How To Wear Stripes 4I am wearing Earl Grey stretch skinny jeans that I bought from T J Maxx.  Here is a similar pair. I am wearing my OTK boots from Tommy Hilfiger. You would have thought since it was gong to snow that I would have worn my Hunter rain boots like I did Here and Here. You would have been incorrect! That would have been way to smart for me. I instead chose to wear a nice pair of leather boots that I could ruin. Lol! We only had about an inch of snow on the ground by the time I came home, so the boots were safe. Hahaha50 Is Not Old | How To Wear Stripes 5I haven’t mentioned the small red purse. It is a Coach purse that I can’t even begin to guess its age. I don’t usually carry small purses, mine have to carry enough crap necessities, to weigh down a small pack mule. But, I liked the color of the purse and I usually carry it for small periods of time every year. I’m sure I bought mine at a Coach outlet, because I refuse to pay full price. Those suckers are expensive!
50 Is Not Old | How To Wear Stripes 6I look forward to seeing lots of stripes in the stores this Spring. I try to keep my stripes on the top half of my body, and away from the hip area. I need all the help I can get in the boobie department. You will endowed ladies might have to re-think that look. Everything comes at a cost. Lol! Keep warm gurls, and I hope to see you tomorrow:)

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  1. I love stripes!! Looks so pretty with the kelly green jacket. I just purchased a purse in that color, love it. What a deal on those jeans and they are super cute!! Stay warm and be safe in all that snow. Won’t tell you what the temp is here today in AZ.

    • Tania Reply

      Enjoy the temps for now, Amy, because come summer I’ll be rubbing it in then. Hahaha

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks Pam. If my sister didn’t help, I would be clueless.

  2. Good Morning Tania, we are up early in Georgia cause you know they are predicting SnowJam 2016 today! Schools closed etc so good day for reading blogs?! yes!!
    I like the way you have incorporated stripes only on the top portion. I too have the same shape and must remember that tip. Really cute outfit and I LOVE your boots. I have a gray suede OTK pair, but they limit you. Your nautical look makes me dream of the warm weather. Hope it arrives early this year!!
    Have a terrific day : )

    • Tania Reply

      The ice has already started falling today. I am going to take a shower early just in case the power goes off. I don’t mind snow, but the ice is a different story.

  3. Good Morning – I love your outfit, as usual. My favorite colors and you look great in it. Since I am snowed in today, I am gonna work in my closet. Hard telling what I might find! We already have about 4-in. of the white stuff in Wise. Stay warm!

    • Tania Reply

      WOW, Henrietta, that is a lot of snow already. It has just started here, and it is baby fine. Stay warm and have fun in the closet.

  4. I am loving the stripes as well! The blazer really pulls it all together. I have been a fan of stripes for years but prefer the thinner ones. Now I know I can wear a bolder stripe if I pair it with a jacket- thanks for that great tip! Stay safe there- in central Pennsylvania we may only get 1-3 inches of snow. I think I will do some shopping in my closet today!

  5. Melanie W. Reply

    Super cute outfit!!! I have always been afraid to go the stripes route but I think I might change on that this season. I really like this look. And I have decided I need more blazer/jackets. They really look nice and definitely help to define the waist. I’ve always just stuck with cardigans but I feel like since they don’t cinch in at the waist I just look the same size from top to bottom. 🙂
    And you stop being so hard on yourself!!! I think you’re beautiful! (And I’m not going to add for your age…lol) You have absolutely gorgeous blue eyes, great hair and a perfect smile. So go ahead and rock those close ups!

    • Tania Reply

      Melanie, from you I will take “for your age”, just not from the hubby. Haha

  6. Pretty outfit, Tania! Recently I purchased a wide striped sweater, unsure if I could wears stripes, but turned out to be pleasantly surprised by the look on me. You look fab! Your colors have brightened my day. Stay warm & safe everyone.❄️❄️❄️
    I do like your new format (very user friendly & attractive), but I really enjoyed those little creature faces.????lol

    • Tania Reply

      Thats funny Betty! Some had found them distracting. I only found out how to change them because I was messing with the website yesterday. Haha

  7. I love stripes especially because my upper body is small so they work well on me. I have so many striped tops and even a striped sweater in navy and white. You have been showing really classic looks this week. Love that green blazer with those stripes. Well, if they don’t salt where you are, your boots will be okay. Here in Michigan we have salt even on the sidewalks and in parking lots and that stuff will eat at your leather. Is it snowing there yet?

    • Tania Reply

      Sharon, we have been getting ice for the last couple of hours, and the snow is just starting to fall. Snow on top of ice, what could possible go wrong?

  8. I am new to the blog, but can’t wait to see more. I will be looking for my own green jacket that’s for sure!

  9. Posted to your blog and then looked down and realized, “Hey I’m wearing stripes today!” Navy and blue green stripes. Wearing my navy blazer and necklaces to complete the look. We are on the same page Tania!

  10. Wow,So cute. I really like the kelly green blazer! I cannot wear stripes on top too well endowed. I don’t know how you come up with these adorable outfits. How long does it really take you to put these together? It is hard to do. I know because I have tried planning and trying on and thinking it looks dumb and put it all back in the closet and going with the old standbys. I think I might be too critical of my body and the way it looks in certain things. I really admire your creativity. I think I am more creative with my home and am pretty eclectic there, I just need to channel that creativity to myself….Stay warm!

    • Tania Reply

      Debbie, when I walk in the closet I look for a top I want to wear. Then I decide if I am going to wear a cardigan, blazer, or scarf. Pants are mostly neutrals, so any of them will work. Sometimes that works, and other times I change out an item, and change again, and again. But generally I take about 5 minutes. Haha

  11. Soo cute! I really enjoy your blog! How about some tips on posing for pictures? You always look so natural in front of the camera and your poses are so flattering!

    • Tania Reply

      Thank Janice!!! You have no idea how horrible I am at having my picture taken by others. I think it is the standing and waiting for the picture to be snapped. I end up feeling foolish and it shows. When I started putting the camera on a tripod with the timer, it made a word of difference.

  12. I bought a green jacket a few years ago and always think it looks too bright when I wear it. I’m going to get it back out today! Thanks for the inspiration! You are adorable.

  13. Another great outfit! I tend to stay away from stripes unless I wear a cardigan or jacket over the striped top. You do look very comfortable in front of the camera. Must be your “photographer”…ha!

  14. Love the new website design! You’ve also helped me decide to give stripes another chance.

  15. Tania you are so funny. I love your outfits. You look great and I love that you are so honest and down to earth. Look forward to your post everyday. You have great ideas!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks so much, Margie. That is my mother’s name, but she doesn’t think I’m funny. Lol!

  16. Love your classic with a twist looks –I just subscribed. I certainly appreciate the time and effort you put into posting so often….I always look forward to a smile at your witty comments! Stay warm my friend — we’re looking at 15 inches here in Richmond. You’ll probably get more!

    • Tania Reply

      Martha, it has pretty much missed us. It looks like 2-3 inches is all we are getting. It is the ice that is under the snow that is giving everyone a hard time. Stay safe and warm!

  17. Tania, I would love to chat with you. We have SOOO much in common. Thanks for all of your posts, I enjoy reading them.

  18. This is a fabulous outfit. I love the blazer over the striped top – the way it defines your waist and allows just enough stripes to show, creating that vertical column that is slimming – it’s all very flattering. AND THOSE BOOTS! And I had to LOL about your waddle. My mom always calls her neck her waddle. I am glad you put it all out there. The way you keep it real is what makes your blog so fun to read! xo

  19. I love the bag, Forget the rules about stripes, if something fits well, it looks good 🙂

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