In the 1970’s, a London boutique owner named Susie Faux, coined the term Capsule Wardrobe. She thought that a few essential pieces (skirts, pants, and coats) that would not go out of style, could be supplemented with seasonal pieces. It is a wonderful idea!!! But, is a capsule wardrobe for YOU?50 Is Not Old | Bat-Wing Cape Capsule WardrobeSome of the essential items of a capsule wardrobe are:

A little black dress. Every woman should own one. Buy one that  can be worn for work or evening.

A day-dress. Something very casual. Perfect for a lunch date or attending church.

Three plain t-shirts. Buy t-shirts made of quality material, and buy all three in different colors of different shades.

A dress top.

A fitted white shirt. An item that works equally for work, or a casual weekend.

A neutral cardigan. Navy, off-white, or camel, colors that can work with almost anything.

A classic black blazer. 

A trench coat/rain coat. This is a classic piece, one that will never go out of style. It can be worn in almost any season.

A skirt.

A pair of sweat pants/yoga pants. The perfect thing to wear when you’re exercising or lounging.

A pair of jeans. If you are going to have only a pair or two of jeans, pick a dark pair free of embellishments or rips. (trendy)

A pair of dress pants. Choose a pair that can be worn for work or for an evening.

A pair of dress shoes.

A pair of flats.

A pair of tennis shoes50 Is Not Old | Bat-Wing Cape Capsule WardrobeIf you decide to try a capsule wardrobe, I would like to hear about your experience. There is no way that I would even attempt to try. It never fails that every time I give away clothing, I end up wanting to wear that one item. Plus, I have already bought every thing in my closet, and it seems wasteful to get rid of clothing, even if I give it to a good cause. I would probably just end up going out and eventually buying more. So in an attempt to keep my closet organized, I have everything color-coordinated. Could it be pared down? In the word of Sarah Palin, “You betcha”. 50 Is Not Old | Bat-Wing Cape 3Capsule WardrobeIt is frigid cold outside! I was spoiled by our warm winter, and am really feeling the chill. It was 11 degrees outside this morning, and they are calling for 3 to 8 inches of snow over the next few days. I felt like layering to stay warm. I have on a silky turtleneck and an off-white sweater, both from Old Navy. I know the sweater was purchased last year and I think I bought the turtleneck this year, but I can’t be sure. Here is a similar sweater, and here is a similar turtleneck. The scarf is one that I bought from Target, and as I have said before, I love buying scarves there. They have a fantastic selection. I decided to wear the scarf, instead of a necklace, for added warmth around my neck.50 Is Not Old | Bat-Wing Cape 4 Capsule WardrobeThe dark gray leggings are another Old Navy purchase, but my mind is blank as to when I bought them. When it is really cold I like to wear thick, or flannel lined, leggings since they are right up against the skin. I don’t want any cold air going up my legs. I am taking every opportunity to wear my Hunter boots, so you may see them often,50 Is Not Old | Bat-Wing Cape 5 Capsule WardrobeI hope you noticed my gorgeous plaid bat-wing cape. It is reversible from the large check, to the small check. Can you believe this was my grandmothers, the one that is 102? I told you she was a fashionista! When I was in Tennessee, my mother asked me if this was something I might like, since it was my grandmothers. I of course grabbed it quickly before she changed her mind. This is so on fleek.50 Is Not Old | Bat-Wing Cape 6 Capsule WardrobeI just wanted to show you our skiff of snow we had this morning. Does any one else say skiff?

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  1. Thank you for making my day! I love the red boots, and of course the bat wing cape! What a treasure.

  2. Wow! That cape is a treasure!!

    We don’t say “skiff”, we barely say “snow”! I’m jealous of yours!!

    Take care!!

  3. Love, love, love this look! I could never do a capsule wardrobe, it would stress me out, lol. Stay warm! It was nearly 70 degrees here in AZ yesterday….I have Spring on my mind.

  4. The cape is Awesome, with a capital A! No skiff here in Michigan! We say a dusting of snow!

  5. Swooning and dying here over that cape! You are so right about your grandmother being a fashionista! My grandmothers were certainly NOT fashionable. xo

  6. Melanie W. Reply

    I love that cape!!! And how awesome it came from your Gram. Very sweet and will always be special to you no doubt. We had a HIGH of -5° on Sunday…that was super fun. I never got out of my pajamas lol. I typically don’t mind the cold as I’d much rather have that than the heat but when it gets below zero I start to complain. 😉
    I love that scarf too btw!
    P.S. I haven’t heard the word “skiff” before but being from WI/MN….there’s a lot of “you betcha’s” flying around!

    • Tania Reply

      Melanie, I sure hope we don’t get that cold. Brrrr. ❄️❄️❄️

  7. Love this whole outfit, especially the leggings…they look substantial, which is a very good thing to me. Also, if I ever did a capsule wardrobe, I would add these nice looking neutral ones!

  8. What a lovely keepsake. I’m glad to see you wearing the cape! Wrapped up in love. You’re looking warm, cozy & very fashionable. ????. – Nope, I could never do a capsule wardrobe. Doesn’t sound like much fun to me. ????????????

  9. I would be so excited to get a cape like that from my Grandmama! It is awesome! And every time I try to thin out my closet I look high and low for a piece that I need months later. That’s how I lost my fave denim shirt! Never again!

  10. Wonderful outfit. What a gorgeous cape! Thank you for showing me that you can wear plaid and animal print together! I’ve been wondering about pairing those two patterns together.
    I’m actually doing a capsule wardrobe right now and I really like it. My closet has never been so neat and organized. I find I enjoy having a smaller selection of clothes I truly love. I used to have a lot more stuff, but so much of it was never worn and just taking up space. I don’t count accessories like scarves and jewellery in my count so that gives me lots of variety to change things up. It’s not for everyone, but it seems to work well for me and my mostly casual lifestyle.
    I use the word “skiff” and have also used the word “tinch” (which means tiny inch according to me anyway). We were -40 up here in Canada with extreme cold warnings this past weekend, but thankfully we’re back to more seasonable temps now!

    • Tania Reply

      I’m glad a capsule wardrobe is working for you Melinda. I know I could get rid of some items, but I have worn things this year, that I thought I would never wear again. So, for now, I’m going to stay a clothes hoarder. Lol!

  11. The cape is fabulous! Even better since it was your grandma’s. We say “skiff”…we got about 3” of snow last night…ugh… Being busty and short-waisted, a tailored white blouse is just a myth…ha!

  12. Great cape, I want one but I guess not unless I go back in time! Like you I can’t do a capsule wardrobe. I am very limited in clothing space so I do go through my wardrobe twice a year. I only get rid of stuff because it just looks too worn out or I really don’t like it. If it is questionable I keep it for now.

    • Tania Reply

      I’m not sure , Ana. Because it is reversible, there are no labels. Since it is vintage, there is a high probability that it is made in the USA.

  13. I’m obsessed with the cape! Gorgeous!

    I think a capsule wardrobe is a great idea, and a place to start. However, that is NOT me. I have all of those basic pieces, plus….oh, goodness, I can’t tell you! People would judge me! I grew up in a small town, much like you describe yours. It was an hour’s drive into Houston. Mother and Mimi would send me to school, then pick me up around 9:30. Probably about once every 5 or 6 weeks. LOL I learned a lot from those trips, and not just about fashion. I treasure those memories. Mimi would be 103. Mother is 83 and still dresses better than most women 1/2 her age.

    Stay warm and safe. That dusting of snow would put Houston in a gridlock! LOL

  14. Last time I visited Granny she told me I could have all her capes. True story ???? Sister

    • Tania Reply

      Nice try, Sis. That’s what you said about the watches that Granny Lewis left me too.

  15. I love the cape but I wouldn’t mix it with plaid—stripes yes, not the plaid. I bought a cape when I was pregnant with my first son and he is now 46! I gave it to my mom and I think she still has it. Capsule dressing is great especially for travel. Here’s a good formula: 2 blazers OR cardigans; 4 bottoms (slacks or skirts); 6 tops. Each blazer (or cardigan) must work with all the tops and bottoms, the tops must work with all the bottoms. You choose a neutral for your base color (black, navy, taupe etc.) because people remember color NOT neutrals. And then just choose a variety in style and change it up with accessories. You can make 20-30 outfits from 12 pieces. This is a fun way to challenge your creativity and stay on your “financial diet.”

  16. Red looks great on you! I have tried for several years to pare down and do the capsule wardrobe thing, but have finally come to the conclusion that I like variety too much. I have also given away stuff(because I was determined to go minimal), only to wish a couple months later that I still had some of that stuff. My husband just laughs at me. I think he knows me too well!
    Stay warm!

  17. I meant I would mix the cheetah with stripes and not plaid. Must be the cold here today affecting my brain. But we are NOT getting any snow. You are the lucky ones who will get dumped on. Well, you can wear all your boots!

    • Tania Reply

      I wore the animal print scarf because I was not going to be wearing the cape all day. Since it is in the same color hues it still “works”. It would be a little busy for me if I was going to be wearing the entire outfit all day. If that was the case, I would have probably have chosen a couple of necklaces. I like a fashion risk, but even that would be a little much for me. Lol!

  18. Love the outfit – and you look great in it! I would love to have the cape. It’s gorgeous! Lots of snow in Wise – stay safe!

  19. I love the cape! I thought about a capsule wardrobe but decided it was best to zero in on only what I love. I had a lot of “going to wear” but never did, so I gave those to charity. Other than basics, hopefully all future purchase will be items that I love. I’ll keep you posted on how that works out.

  20. I enjoy your blog soooo much! You are so much fun and your outfits are so adorable! Keep it up!!

  21. I think I still have the hat that granny wore all winter, I will have to give it to you or Lisa.

  22. My Nanny Pepi was a fashionista as well. She drove a pink Cadillac that matched her hair! I wore one of her coats for years – it was a gray stadium coat she bought in Austria. When I got rid of it, it was thread bare but I still long for it once in awhile. I can’t do capsule; I have too many things I love and some are many years old. In New York we say a light coating or a real dumping (which is what we are expecting this weekend!)

    • Tania Reply

      I hope you are safe and warm Linda, and don’t get dumped on. Lol!

  23. Tania,
    I just subscribed to your blog – even though I read your posts each and every day since I discovered you through Jo-Lynne Shane a few months back. Each evening, I go to My Favorites and click on your blog to see what you’re styling. You continue to keep me captivated, not only by your style but with your honesty in your writing. I love it. Keep up the great work!

    • Tania Reply

      Thanks Michele! I don’t know if being honest is a good thing in the blogging war. Maybe I don’t know how to just keep my big mouth shut. Haha

  24. I love the cape! I have a red one with a leopard collar, but it doesn’t have a hood. I am really wanting a pair of the Hunter boots…red of course! I have red Ariat cowboy boots. So glad you show how much variety you can have in a wardrobe but still look age appropriate.

    • Tania Reply

      That sounds very nice, Stacia. I am picturing it in my head????

  25. So glad I found your blog! It is wonderful. I’m 58 and just lost 90 pounds so trying new styles. Such fun!

    • Tania Reply

      Audrey, I am so glad you found my little blog. WOW!!! 90 pounds is fantastic! Congratulations????

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