January 2016


Tips For Taking A Good Picture

50 Is Not Old | Good Pictures My friends and family probably just spit out their coffee when they read this headline. Have you ever wondered how the celebrities always seem to take a good picture? I don’t know about you, but I have always hated having my picture taken. I was always the person behind the camera doing all the picture taking. At one point, I even wondered if there would be any pictures of me to remember me by, if something should ever happen to me. I think it is safe to say, there will now be plenty of pictures. Lol!

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Body Types That Aren’t Fruit – Heart

50 Is Not Old | Body Types | Heart In keeping with the theme that a woman’s body is a gem, and should be referred to as a diamond shape, not a fruit, todays body type is a heart. Who wouldn’t want to be called a heart? Words that come to mind when I think of heart is warm, loving, and beautiful. I know these are not the description of body types, but I was thinking of you, the woman.

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Body Types That Aren’t Fruit

50 Is Not Old | Body TypesWhy are women’s body types always fruit? I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of having my body compared to pieces of fruit. The favorite examples are Apple, Strawberry, Banana, and Pear. I know I don’t have a well defined waist, but do you really have to compare me to food for a Monkey? Lol!!!

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How To Pick Out An Outfit

I occasionally have readers ask me how I pick out an outfit. I could tell you that I pick out the outfit the night before, try on all the pieces, and lay out the accessories, but I would be lying. Lol

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How Do You Dress on Saturdays?

50 Is Not Old | Dress on Saturdays I have had several readers ask me, “How do you dress on Saturdays”? I usually dress pretty casually on Saturday. I don’t go into to work on Saturday, so it is more a errand and catch-up day. I want to be dressed nice enough that I can run to the grocery store or answer the door should someone come see us.

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How To Wear Stripes

50 Is Not Old | How To Wear Stripes Have you heard that if you wear stripes, especially horizontal ones, that you will look bigger? Well, I have heard that, and because of that I always stayed clear of stripes. However, I have since read that maybe that thinking was incorrect. Stripes can actually make you look thinner. That is a good thing, since stripes are one of the new trends for 2016.

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Is It True Life Begins At Fifty

Does life really begin at fifty?50 Is Not Old | Life Begins At Fifty Are you aware that life begins at fifty? Most of us are settled down, our children are raised (hopefully), and our careers are already on track. I know the age that is considered old keeps moving forward. I think that the age to be considered elderly is now 70 and above. However, depending on who you ask, that age varies. Have you ever noticed the words used to describe women after the age of 40?

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Is A Capsule Wardrobe For You

In the 1970’s, a London boutique owner named Susie Faux, coined the term Capsule Wardrobe. She thought that a few essential pieces (skirts, pants, and coats) that would not go out of style, could be supplemented with seasonal pieces. It is a wonderful idea!!! But, is a capsule wardrobe for YOU?

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