DSC_0058_3What is the first thing that popped in your mind when you read Ooh La La? I bet it wasn’t a shirt. Haha  I hope everyone has got a good start on their Christmas shopping. I love to shop, so buying gifts is not a problem for me. My issue is wrapping the gifts after I buy them. I want to wrap a beautiful package, but let’s just say that does not usually happen. More and more often I have resorted to buying gift bags. Gone are the days of using only one color of wrapping paper, and making beautiful bows out of ribbon. Is this an age thing? DSC_0066My Ooh La La sweater is from Old Navy, and was purchased last year. It of course is no longer available at Old Navy. There has been a lot of different version of this shirt, but everywhere I checked, they were sold out. I hate putting a link to ebay, just because that means there is only one that can be purchased, but here is the sweater. DSC_0058_2For those of us who need glasses, I am wearing a LARGE houndstooth print. The print on my pants yesterday was so small, I knew if might have been hard for some to see. So, problem solved. Lol  Just kidding, I bought this last year, I think, but I am not sure where. Here is a similar one.
DSC_0065I’m still wearing my By the Book bracelets. I can’t say enough about these bracelets, I really love them. In fact, I am going to order one for my daughter, and both of my daughter-in-laws. I don’t think any of them read my blog, so they won’t know they are getting one. DSC_0058 A cute pair of black flats from Fergalicious were added, and a black purse called The Sak.  I’ve had my purse for years, and I carry it often. I’m sure most of you already have a black purse, and if not, then you need to go buy one.DSC_0061What happens when your son calls while your taking your pictures? You answer it of course. Duh! I might have been getting a call about baby sitting my granddaughter. HahaDSC_0057While I am always proclaiming that 50 is not old, I have to admit that my choice in television programs might be a little on the old fashion side. My husband and I watched a series called The West Wing when it was on TV many, many years ago. A couple years ago, we decided to watch the entire series on Netflix again. And I will tell you, we thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Fast forward, and guess what we just started watching again? It is hard to believe that we pay for every channel that Dish offers, including all the movie channels, and here we are watching an old series for at least the third time. Sad, very sad.

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  1. Love, love, love!! I need that vest and the shirt. You are too cute, love the pic of you on the phone, lol. Your nail color is so pretty!

  2. Melanie W. Reply

    Very fun outfit again!!! I have subscribed to your blog and I’m getting my notices in my email. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. And it’s been a great start to every day. Thank you for doing this!

  3. I always get a kick out of your posts! The outfit is adorable, and I know many of my U of A college football fan friends would go berserk for that exaggerated houndstooth! (But I must say War Eagle :))

    I can really relate to the TV reference. We loved watching West Wing on Netflix not too long ago. We often joke that we have nice modern 1080p Digital televisions to watch old Andy Griffith reruns on! 🙂

    Enjoy your shopping!

  4. Hi Tania! I signed up yesterday & it must work, I got your email today! So glad I found your blog!

    • Tania Reply

      YAH!!! I am so glad the subscription button is working! Thanks everyone for signing up:)

  5. Casual but chic! I bought some By the Book Bracelets and I love them as well. I purchased the Galatians 5 bracelet to remind me about the fruit of the Spirit especially when I am getting impatient. I am trying to avoid shopping at any peak times, but I had to do some shopping after Bible study and the parking lots are crazy. I hope we all remember to keep our focus on the Lord as we celebrate this season.

  6. Love the vest !!!
    Thanks again for sharing links on similar if not the same items.

  7. Love the shirt. I usually start my holiday shopping by looking for giftwrap as soon as it starts to show up in the stores. My big thing is gift tags. I prefer them to be an actual tag (not a sticker) and that they be somewhat holiday neutral so that they can work with anyone’s gift.

  8. Lanae Bond Reply

    The first thing came into my mind about the shirt is that it is sold out and hard to find. I love how you styled it.

  9. As a woman over 50, I am really enjoying your blogs. Do you know of any others that show more of a business wardrobe? I have to dress up for work every day…not necessarily in suits but dress slacks or dresses. By the way, where did you find your skinny jeans? I feel like my inner thighs are too big to wear anything that’s tight fitting. I like the fact that you shop at affordable stores, too!

    • Tania Reply

      Lori, I don’t know of many bloggers that wear dresses, etc. I will look around today and see if I find one that you would like.

    • Tania Reply

      Sorry, Lori, I forgo that you asked about the skinny jeans. I buy most of my jeans from Old Navy and Maurices. Occasionally from Cato’s, but not that often.

  10. Don’t feel bad about watching “The West Wing.” It was and still is one of the finest shows ever shown on TV!

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