DSC_0221This weekend is a busy time for me.  I am helping with a Superhero party on Saturday, and going to a Halloween party fundraiser at our local Country Club Saturday night. So, my weekend fashion is “worker bee” casual. I will be climbing ladders, crawling in the floor, and carrying load and load from the car.I bought this cute sweater while I was in Nashville last weekend. Talbots is one of my favorite stores, I could easily spend a years worth of salary in there. I prefer to shop at their outlet stores, but this store was in the Mall. Instead I hit the clearance racks, and I picked up two tops. This dachshund sweater was still a little expensive, even on sale, to me. I paid $54.00 for it, but I just fell in love with it’s cuteness. I know it is well made, and I will be able to wear it for years to come. You can get an even better deal online, it is marked down to $41.99 at Talbots.com.DSC_0220I didn’t wear a necklace with the sweater. I knew I would be moving around a lot, and I didn’t want to worry about a necklace getting hung on things and breaking. But, I did throw on a couple of bakelite red bangles and a silver boyfriend watch. The bangles are a vintage fashion show find, and the watch was a gift from my best friend.DSC_0216I also added these cute earrings. They are Anne Klein and I picked them up at Belk when I returned a puffer vest that was the wrong size. They are two size pearls, a smaller one in the front, and a large pearl that hangs down from the back.DSC_0217The jeans are my favorite distressed jeans and are from Cato’s. They are on sale right now for $17.99. I will completely understand if you quit reading right now and go straight to Cato’s. Who could pass up a deal like that?

I put on my Rocket dog casual linen shoes for comfort. I bought them last year, but these Tom’s are similar.

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  1. Love this look! I am considering buying the jeans, but when I went to the website, the ones on the model don’t look as good as they do on you! Do they run true to size?

    • Tania Reply

      Thank you, Lisa. And, yes, they do run true to size.

  2. I love Talbots and most of my clothes come from there because their clothes fit me right off the rack. My other favorite store is The Limited. Great clothes, great prices, great sales and deals. I worked at my church this weekend cleaning and I wore jeans, a knit top, and my jean jacket because I knew it would be chilly. I cleaned in the kitchen so I also brought my own rubber gloves and thank goodness I did. I have never heard you mention the Limited. Do they have one in your area?

    • Tania Reply

      I wish there was a Limited close by, Sharon. There is a Limited about 2 hours away, but I hardly ever get out there.

  3. Love the Anne Klein earrings… pearls look great with everything. Especially, the ones that you have on.

  4. Too bad you don’t have a closer Limited. I know you would like their clothes and their prices. You look classy even when you volunteer for grunge work!

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