Puffer Vest Styling

DSC_0022You might have noticed a different setup to my pictures today. I was so lucky to have a talented photographer take my photo’s this morning. My niece, who is 13, came in for my grand babies birthday party and agreed to take my pictures. She is so talented, I think she might have a future in photography. DSC_0024

This outfit is very colorful. I love the hot pink, and as my mother said, “it matches your hair”. The shirt is dark blue with white chihuahuas, and the occasional fuchsia one. I originally bought a fuchsia puffer vest with contrasting navy trim, but it didn’t fit. I returned the vest, but they didn’t have my size, so I bought this one instead. And, I ended up liking the print shirt with the print vest.DSC_0032The jeans came from Maurice’s and are Vigoss. I’m not positive that the link goes to  the exact one’s I bought, I know that these are the skinny version. The skinnies makes it easier to tuck the legs into boots. The boots are Isaac Mizrahi and I purchased them from the QVC outlet for $25.00. They are navy leather bottoms with stretch fabric uppers, I found them on ebay for $50.00.DSC_0028Can you see me? We were having a little fun, I envy all you bloggers who have a photographer, even if it is your husband. It is way more fun than setting up a tripod.DSC_0019Meet my beautiful photographer! I think she might have a future in fashion as well!

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    • Thanks Stacey! My grand daughters are beauties, but this is my niece. She is a very sweet young lady, as well as pretty.

  1. Love the outfit! Just ordered the shirt and vest. We have casual Friday at work and I can’t wait to wear. Your blog has become my favorite!

  2. Love your outfit, especially the boots! Your niece definitely has a good “eye” for composition. Maybe she should be put on a retainer…

  3. Hi: Just found my way to your site via Pinterest. I am being inspired by all your lovely photos. My wardrobe suffers from too many “hanging around the house” clothes and I am trying to purchase some items that I can wear and feel good about myself again. Your choices are really beautiful and attainable. Thanks for a great site.

  4. I LOVE all of your outfits!!! Everything looks amazing on you! I’m using your pictures to shop for similar styles. I hope I look as fantastic as you do. Fingers crossed 😁